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St Thomas, Caribbean

From home to pirates to beach homes for visitors from across the globe, St Thomas teams with excitement and energy.  The “must see” island of the Caribbean, beach houses in St Thomas spot the shores now where once Bluebeard, Blackbeard, and Captain Kidd onces dropped anchor.  Still standing in Charlotte Amalie, not far from vacation rentals in St Thomas, is the famed home of the notorious pirate Blackbeard.

With the unbelievable coastline of St Thomas, each vacation rental in St Thomas is treated to a spectacular view of crystal blue waters drinking up the pristine white sandy beaches.  A short trip from your vacation home in St Thomas to Magens Bay on the North Coast yields an unsurpassable view found only movies and on postcards.  Such an amazing view from above the waterline surrounding vacation homes in St Thomas that it is hard to believe that anything as beautiful could exist underwater as well.  A snorkeling or scuba diving trip quickly yields a treasure of underwater jewels swimming by leaving you with a new respect for the paradise that is your St Thomas holiday villa

Things to see around your St. Thomas vacation home:

  • Drake’s Seat:  Known as the point of watch for the famous British Officer Sir Francis Drake, the view of the island from this vantage point is breath taking.  Tourists in cars and buses have the ability to pull off to the side of the road for snapshots and the opportunity to enjoy one of the most incredible views in the Caribbean.  The sparkling blue Caribbean waters shine in the sunlight that enhances the view of the whole island and port below.
  • Magens Bay Beach:  Noted by National Geographic as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet, Magens Bay Beach does not disappoint.  With a long history of uses by the military, rum runners, and sugar plantations, the picturesque playground in the sand is now the best place to relax and enjoy sun filled activities.
  • Fort Christian:  As the oldest building still withstanding time and the tropical weather, Fort Christian stands in bright relief of red and green against the tropical atmosphere of St. Thomas.  Originally built to protect the island against invaders, the excellent condition of Fort Christian is due to its constant use as a military installation, a prison, and, most currently, a museum.  Don’t miss the fabulous port views from the roof of Fort Christian.
  • Blackbeard’s Castle:  Whether due to the statues of Blackbeard, Edward Teach, around the tower or the impressive view of the town of Charlotte Amalie, the legends and lore surrounding the pirates are built into the culture of St. Thomas.  A visit to Blackbeard’s Castle with a walk up the 99 steps (ok…there are 103…I counted…its true!) makes for a perfect way to put a little energy into a lazy day!

With over 44 beaches throughout the island, your beach vacation is sure to be a huge success.  But, if you are interested in some shopping adventures while you are at St Thomas vacation rental homes, then you are in luck!  With the largest duty free port in the world, St Thomas stands with open arms to welcome shoppers visiting from St Thomas vacation rentals.  Topped off with incredible dining experiences in each of the restaurants across the island, a vacation rental home in St Thomas is the only place to get your beach rental.

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Vacation Home Rentals – It’s Not Just for Europe

Sure, with a dollar sinking ever lower against the Euro, those of us who travel often need to shave our costs considerably. One of the ways we do it is to rent a vacation house. It’s often cheaper than a hotel room, and even cheaper if you have a family or a few friends in tow. You can make your own coffee, and even meals if you wish. Most of the time you have a washing machine, which allows you to travel much lighter.

And you have neighbors; you aren’t cordoned off from the society you’re visiting.

But this doesn’t just work in Europe. At the moment I’m typing away at a vacation rental condo in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. There are four of us. The cost of the condo, with two baths, both with whirlpool tubs, is the same as the pair of dreary hotel rooms we stayed in last night.

Right now Martha is preparing the lunch we bought at the local deli. It’s a feast of foods we can eat on our patio, or take out to the lake shore. We didn’t need to cook at all (a huge majority of people who stay in rental properties don’t cook a single meal–but that doesn’t mean they don’t use the fridge for chilling wine and juice, or the stove for making tea or coffee). The meal saved us big bucks over eating out, and we did it without a hovering waiter named Maurice who wants to be our friend for tips.

So, think about all the fun you can have in a rental house or condo. It’s great to have one right on the lake. Tomorrow there’s a jazz brunch, and today there’s the pontoon boat tour of the lake and the fall colors which are just starting to fringe the blue waters.

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Pigeon Forge, TN

Snuggled in the comfort of the Great Smoky Mountains, vacation rentals bring the majestic beauty and simplicity of mountain living to every visitor.  With the mixture of the welcoming, down-home flavor of quaint mountain restaurants, shopping, and amusements, Pigeon Forge offers magical vacation rentals in Pigeon Forge for both family and couples.  Each visitor feels the invitation to fun and relaxation from the moment of arrival at one of the many luxury vacation rentals with spectacular mountain views and breathtaking charm available only in the Smoky Mountains.

A great destination year round, the fabulous, savory food is ready around the corner from your Pigeon Forge vacation rental only adds to the famed mountain air to increase your appetite and tempt your taste buds.  From the morning meal to the delectable dinner treats ending in homemade cobbler deserts, your vacation rental in Pigeon Forge is never short on food to keep you energized for days of activities.  After leaving your luxury vacation rental in Pigeon Forge to the time you decide to return to your home, the specialized dishes and deserts will remain with you as a memorable part of your trip.

Fun near your Pigeon Forge vacation rental:

  • Dollywood:  With every visit offering a different flavor of the Great Smokey Mountains, Dollywood seems to be the center of all that happens in Pigeon Forge.  Hitting all of the excitement of a great water park for swimming, shows of talented bluegrass performers, and shops along the boardwalk in each dedicated area, Dollywood makes sure that there is something of interest for every visitor.  From fascinating artisans crafting leather and hand spun glass products before your very eyes, the flavor of the Smokey Mountain is reflected in the many facets of Dollywood.
  • Dixie Stampede:  Welcome to the hoedown…the party starts here.   With acrobatic horse riding stunts celebrating the best of Dixie and southern belle dancing around in their spectacular gala, visitors are swept back into a mixture of comedy, dancing, singing, and acrobatics that glorify the best of Dixie.
  • The Comedy Barn:  Fun for the whole family, the Comedy Barn steps into the shoes of great live comedy legends like Hee Haw and the Grand Ole Opry.  From lively skits involving the audience with laughs that make your face ache from smiling so much to magicians and ventriloquists, the Comedy Barn strives to produce family oriented programming highlighted with patriotic and gospel music.  With a high-class theater full of entertainment in a clean atmosphere, it is sure to be the highlight of any vacation.

Whether choosing to go to Dollywood amusement park for the day or set out on a shopping trip for antiques, treasures abound all around your mountain dream vacation in a Pigeon Forge vacation rental.  Either starting an early morning of entertainment at Dollywood with exciting rides and enticing stage acts or strolling down the quaint streets looking for the ideal antique piece to add that extra charm to your home, the sights and sounds of Pigeon Forge are reflected in the furnishings of your Great Smoky Mountain vacation rental.

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San Francisco, CA

From the memorial, widely photographed Golden Gate Bridge to the looming foreboding of Alcatraz, the flavor of San Francisco vacation rentals speaks of the charm and eclectic vibe of the city.  With rolling streets graced by the famed red street cars, the well traveled path of luxury vacation rentals in San Francisco grant visitors access to the charm of an old world city mixed with the contemporary atmosphere of the center of pop culture.  Overflowing with sights and sounds of a vibrant, thriving city, vacation rentals in San Francisco offer an exciting mixture of places to eat, shop, and visit when away from their luxury vacation rental

The diversity of the San Francisco is evident in the streets of food ranging from everyday delights ranging from sushi to basic pizza to Thai food located a short distance from your luxury vacation rental in San Francisco.  Specializing in foods from across American and around the world, San Francisco invites visitors to leave their vacation rentals to sample the flavors of the world.  Topped only by the highlights of entertainment from talented street performers to festivals of arts and music available only in San Francisco, your San Francisco vacation rental will give you a pleasant place to rest from the fabulous energy of the town.

Fun around San Francisco close to your vacation home:

  • Winchester Mystery House:  This house of doors built into floors and windows that open into walls baffles the mind while the Winchester legend challenges the creative juices to imagine the suspicious foundation.   The Winchester Mystery House stands as the result of Sarah Winchester, after loosing both her husband and child, struggling with sanity and mysticism.  Either way, it is a fun place to indulge in the life of the Wild West legend of Winchester.
  • Alcatraz:  As the past home of famed criminals like Al Capone and the “Birdman of Alcatraz,” the Rock served as a prison off the coast of San Francisco for almost 30 years.  During its existence, Alcatraz has been an island enigma over the centuries as a nature preserve, a military fort for the defense of San Francisco, and a top penitentiary for the most violent criminals in America.
  • San Francisco Zoo:  As a world renowned zoo famous for its mixture of its animals representing the wildlife of the world, from lemurs to grizzly bears, visitors to the San Francisco Zoo are treated to an exceptional array of animals to welcome you to the area. 

As you walk through the streets of San Francisco from luxury vacation rentals on your way to eat, shop, or indulge in a few minutes of cultural fun, you will be infected by the beauty of the sloping streets, fascinated by the freedom of the community, and charmed by the acceptance of the people.  The luxury vacation rental in the heart of San Francisco is calling to you.  Indulge today!

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Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Fun awaits your every breath at this tropical island paradise for beach houses.  But, the secret that surprises every traveler to the fabulous white shores of the Cayman Islands are the connect, bustling cities around the beach homes cut out of a travel guide surrounded by clear “Caribbean blue” waters that dazzle the eyes with tricks of color never imagined.  The take it easy atmosphere induces travelers to relax on a beach chair by their beach front rental, but the steel drum so native to the ambiance of the Cayman Islands lures you from the comfort of your Cayman Islands vacation rental to sway in the warm breeze with the lush foliage. 

Welcoming you to Hell in the Cayman Islands, the black jagged rocks referred to so lovingly as “Hell” by the locals inciting the United States Post Office to put a branch in Hell, Cayman Islands shows the light, airy nature of humor so common in these holiday villas.  Passing through the Cayman Island is like passing through a piece of Fantasy Island to the beach vacation of a lifetime.  Whether swimming with the sting rays off the coast of beach rentals in the Cayman Islands or exploring the shops on the shore for trinkets to take home, Cayman Islands vacation homes wait to welcome you to the wonders of your private island of pleasure.

What to see near your Cayman Islands rental home:

  • Pedro St. James Castle:  From the moment of construction in the early 1780s until the 1830s when the acceptance of democratic representation in the Cayman Island government was voted into existence, Pedro St. James Castle has been the hub of government decisions and growth in the Cayman Islands for centuries.  From incarnations as a prominent house to a prison, the history of Pedro St. James Castle is steeped in the freedom of the peoples of the Cayman Islands.
  • Cayman Brac:  Whether looking for buried treasures or seeking out the wildlife of the National Trust Parrot Reserves, Cayman Brac is the place to go.  With warm, sandy beaches for sunbathers, the opportunity to take an adventurous walk exploring the caves below the reefs or the awesome ability to enjoy the natural bird sanctuary of the green parrot calls out to every visitor.
  • Wreck of the Ten Sails Park:  The Wreck of the Ten Sails Park reaches out to enjoy the history of tragedy and heroism of the Cayman Islands.  After a tragic set of 10 shipwrecks that ran aground off the coast of the Cayman Island, the inhabitants acted to save every sailor onboard.  Though the beauty of the park reaches out to the causal viewer, the legendry salvation of life during the Wreck of the Ten Sails has added to the culture and flavor of the Cayman Islands.

Seaside beach front rentals are waiting to give you the ideal view of the sun as it sets over the horizon on a day of relaxation or adventure.  Cayman Islands vacation rentals provide the right place to plan the vacation house rental that will stay with you long after your tan has faded.  Your invitation to your Cayman Islands cottage is here…are you ready?

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Oahu, HI

Ever visited a vacation rental and been whale watching?  How about vacation rentals that are close to turtle encounters and dolphin dives?  With Oahu vacation rentals, that is exactly what you get and much more!  The magical scenery of Oahu enchants from the moment you arrive at your vacation rental in Oahu with its lush foliage composed of the greenest landscapes painted with tropical flowers waving words of greeting into the warm breeze.  Far away from home, the Polynesian culture reflected in the décor and furnishings of your luxury Oahu vacation rental.
With attractions to entice participation from every visitor including people with families and couples of all ages celebrating romance, vacation rentals in Oahu build postcard memories of events and adventures.  From spas that coax relaxation from every muscle to golf courses built against beautiful backdrops of blue ocean, your Oahu vacation rental will provide the perfect place to soak up the sun and energy of the atmosphere.  Luxury vacation rentals in Oahu pamper you with every amenity you could wish for while caressing your soul with the charm of the Oahu, “the Heart of Hawaii.”   The sunsets around your beach vacation rental in Oahu will arrest your sense while you learn to dance and eat in traditional Polynesian style.

Things to see near your Oahu vacation home:

  • Pearl Harbor Memorial:  Commemorating the loss of military and civilian during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Pearl Harbor Memorial is visited by thousands every year to lay flowers, attend ceremonies, and honor the loss of lives.  Many markers of the tragic event the Pearl Harbor stand as a reminder of the costs of war.
  • Iolani Palace:  The famed palace of King Kalakaua and later Queen Lili‘uokalani sets a new level from decadence from the lush setting of the tropical grounds to the ornate decorative, style.  A mixture of Hawaiian culture and history sparkling with the legends of royalty that built a powerful dynasty later to become the only detached American state.
  • Waikiki Beach:  Legendary beach of movies and television, Waikiki beach is the place to swim, surf, and sunbath on Oahu.  From the royalty of Hawaii to the royalty of surfing, Waikiki beach is a sight seer’s paradise.  With strong cultural ties to the history of Hawaii, visiting Waikiki beach is an educational and exciting place to relax, shop, eat, or enjoy an incredible sunset over the tropical island home away from home.

Whether bathing in the sun or exploring the tropical surroundings of Oahu, your luxury vacation rental will reach out to offer you a home among the Polynesian people.  When the sunsets on your last day in Oahu and you start to bid your vacation rental goodbye, your suitcase will be packed with souvenirs, pictures of fabulous scenery, and warm tropical memories of adventures in the sun.

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Pondering Provence: Finding a Vacation Home in France

There are Places that just beg for the slow mode of travel. Provence is one of them.

Long the corner of France known for its light; a place that attracted artists and drunkards, wanderers and dreamers, Provence has thousands of houses to rent.

provence houseWhy? If you’ve been there the reasons are obvious. Besides the soft and endearing luminance, there are landscapes that beg you to dwell in them. This is picnic territory, big time.

The houses of Provence speak their own language. Shutters are a steely blue. Roof tiles are a range of light earth tones instead of the normal orange.

So lets say you’d like to be near Arles. It’s Van Gogh territory. You can walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps near the hospital where he spent time after threatening painter Paul Gauguin with a knife then later cutting off his ear in remorse. Much of the landscape he painted remains.

Provence guardian houseNature lovers might look directly to the south of Arles, where one of France’s premier wildlife area thrives: the Camargue, Europe’s largest river delta and home to more than 400 species of birds. It’s a photographer’s paradise. Bring your camera and a long lens (and your mosquito repellent), The Carmargue is home to a special type of house, the “guardian house.” You can rent a copy, newly constructed, like the one on the right (click the picture to see it).

Why rent a house in Provence? Well, with the value of the dollar these days, you’ll probably save money, you’ll have a place to prepare that picnic you need to take in the delightful countryside, and you’ll need a car to fully explore the area anyway, you might as well have a place to park it.

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