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London to Paris Travel Time to be Slashed

Starting on November 14th, Eurostar trains will depart London from one of Europe’s railway cathedrals called St Pancras International. St Pancras and the neighborhood around it has been spit polished for the opening–and now there is high-speed track all the way to the chunnel.

St. Pancras is one of the finest examples of Victorian Gothic architecture in the world. When they gutted it to make the new, improved Eurostar station, they didn’t skimp on the finery. It now features the longest champagne bar in Europe, for one thing. Are you having romantic fantasies yet?

If you’ve ever seen any of those old, romantic movies where the leading lady smokes a thin cigarette through a long, white cigarette holder while waiting for her beau in the elegant restaurant inside a train station from whence the smoldering love-duo will depart to romantic Paris to escape the difficult husband, then you know the scene. And just think, you can replicate that experience all by yourself. Well, maybe without the cigarette. That you’ll probably have to smoke outside the station these days.

London vacation rentalIn any case, you can start by renting a flat in London, say in Hyde Park. Everyone’s heard of that.

Here’s what I suggest you do next: Dally about London a bit, perhaps on the first day finding the best bubble and squeak joint, enjoying some fried Mars bars after. Then you’ll partake of a plethora of fine and free museums. After a week you let loose a bored yawn and decide to spend the next week in Paris. Pretending your bags are huge steamer trunks of the size you know it would take a linebacker to lift into the “boot,” you then slide into one of London’s cool taxis to rumble over to St. Pancras where you’ll embark on your journey to Paris via the sleek Eurostar train. But first immerse yourself in the splendor of the Victorian gothic. Quaff some champagne while you wait. Pretend you can afford it.

It’s doable, as they say.

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Miramar Beach, FL

Beach houses in Miramar Beach are the epitome of relaxation and the easy life found throughout the Gulf Coast Region of the Emerald Coast.  With plenty of activities for your beach vacation, you can spend days at your beach front rental basking in the sun or enjoy the town filled with events for every age.  No matter which of the beach house rentals you pick, the perfect white sand beach with glittering emerald waters await you.

While driving down the Gulf Coast highway on your way to vacation rentals in Miramar Beach, the scenic view calls to mind the snapshots on postcards proclaiming “wish you were here” in script across the top.  Vacation homes Miramar Beach meets you with the singing of seagulls wafting on the wind as they call words of welcome to your ears.  When you are ready to break out the bathing suits, sun tan oil, and beach chairs to leave the beach rentals, Miramar Beach spreads for miles with prime beaches. 

Fun around your Miramar Beach rental home:

  • Fun in the Sun:  If you are ready for the fun building sandcastles, swimming in the surf, dolphin watching off of the coast, diving for new views of underwater worlds, or deep sea fishing for the biggest catch of a lifetime, then Miramar Beach is the right place for you.  For all activities that combine the beach and summertime fun, Miramar Beach is waiting to welcome visitors to Florida.
  • Shop til You Drop:  Want to find the perfect souvenir or the right reminder of your vacation trip?  Then you are ready to shop in Miramar Beach Florida.  From the greatest of beach wear to the best gifts to bring home to family or friends to show off your Miramar Beach Florida trip, shopping here brings you the best of both worlds: shopping and sun.
  • Unwind and Relax:  Bring your favorite book to the beach and spread out a towel.  Miramar Beach is the ideal place to get some summer rays and enjoy the sound of the waves.  Whether basking in the glow of the warm sunlight or reading the latest dime store novel, Miramar Beach Florida is calling your name.

Vacation rental homes Miramar Beach is also a popular location as a home base to store all of your treasures found in the antique shops and gift shops.  Not far from beach homes in Miramar Beach, many water sports like kayaking, fishing, and boating are available for the active people in your group.  After a long day of relaxing or play, you can return to your Miramar Beach vacation rental to clean off the suntan oil and change clothes before going to any of the exceptional restaurants in the area. Whatever beach event will make your stay perfect at your Miramar Beach holiday home, you are sure to find it here!
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Beating the Euro – From Bohemia to Babylon

I wish I hadn’t looked: the value of the Euro has just about crested at $1.44. That can make a vacation expensive.

What would I do to get some real value out of my vacation? I’d think Eastern Europe, and I’d stay a long time.

Yeah, I know, staying a long time costs more in the long run, but less per day. A two week vacation, considering air fare, is expensive because the airfare is a major expense split over only a couple of weeks. Instead of going each year, go one year for a longer period. And go to eastern Europe if your budget is really stretched.

Babylon holiday rentalTake the Czech Republic. It’s a popular place to go. I’ll name two places which catch my attention–because of their names. First off, there is a vacation cottage in a little place by a lake in Babylon. You probably don’t speak the language, so telling your friends you went to Babylon should be a kick.

And here’s the thing: two of you can share this little gem for a mere 180 Euro per week.  And, if you’re into it, you can fish for dinner! That’s right, the lake is only 500 meters away. Tell me that won’t save money. And the beer (the stuff we know as Pilsener was invented here in Plzeň, you know) is cheap.

You can also buck the current trend toward puritanism and head off for Bohemia. Being a Bohemian for a week costs you darn little when you rent a vacation home there. I mean, you can sleep six for around 40 Euro a night in Bohemia, and probably meet other characters who like the free and easy lifestyle too.

Just a few ideas for saving money by traveling to eastern Europe. Start that vacation planning now, before all the best places are reserved.

South Walton, FL

If Florida had a home of beaches, the Emerald Coast of South Walton would be the vacation rental paradise.  With miles of beaches that stretch over 10 different locations, vacation rentals in South Walton have beaches caressing their front doors.  From the first moment you wiggle your toes in the sand and dip your feet in the surf, your South Walton vacation rental will feel like home.  Children building sandcastles in the warmth of the sun while adults sunbath or read among the calling sounds of seagulls make your beach vacation rental a welcome escape for your busy life.

From family oriented events close to beach vacation rentals in South Walton to lively couple events to add a little spice to your vacation, South Walton serves sun and fun for everyone.  With movies at the beach, a short walk from your beach vacation rental in South Walton, to nature exploration trips to engage the mind of children of all ages, South Walton is a slash of new experiences for families.  Events like wine tasting and open mic night at the local pub draw social groups from their beach vacation rentals to savor the beach music and atmosphere of a the South Walton Emerald coast. 

A few of the many attractions of rental homes in South Walton Florida:

  • Holiday Activities:  From unexpected holiday festivities to celebrate Halloween and the Fall to the Christmas fun of carnivals enjoying to the onset of Winter, South Walton Florida is the place to have the best of both worlds.  Make this holiday season special and memorable by experiencing your choice of holidays in the perfect beach front setting.
  • Beach Fun:  Among all of the opportunities to visit the perfect beaches of South Walton Florida, visitors find the relaxation of soaking up the sun near the gently rolling tide.  If you want to play in the water, swim, or build castles from the sand, then South Walton Florida is the right place for fun.
  • At Your Leisure:  The best of leisure activities exist at South Walton Florida.  With the thrill of seeking the gift or souvenir from your trip and the best places for seafood, you can shop all day and find incredible places for dinner while you listen the waves fall against the shore as a soundtrack to the magnificence of the setting sun over the Emerald coast.

Within short distances from your vacation rental are the restaurants serving savory coast seafood dishes amidst the sands and sunsets most noted in South Walton.  Each delectable offering better than the last, the food of South Walton serves as an excellent way to refuel and shift into the next gear while visiting beach vacation rentals.  Which gear….high or low…what will be next is completely up to you!

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Corolla, NC

Bringing the natural flavor of the beach into your luxury vacation rental, the scenery so plentiful in lazy beach communities is reflected in the decorations.  From the moment you enter your beach vacation rental, the mixture of sun and sand ease you into relaxing atmosphere of Corolla.  Abounding with activities for all vacation seekers, your Corolla vacation rental has the ideal location for access to every highlight to make your vacation complete.

Outdoor adventures include fishing, golf, tennis, boating, and biking from areas around Corolla vacation rentals.  Also the best area for historic touring, the Currituck Lighthouse and historic homes are within walking distance of vacation rentals in Corolla.  The food near your vacation rental ranges from everyday fare such as sandwiches to seasonal cuisine prepared with a coastal flare.  Whether you are interested in exploring the area or shopping for antiques in the nearby village of Corolla, these vacation rentals are your place to plan your trip or unwind from a day of excitement.

Fun on the coast of Corolla North Carolina at your rental home:

  • Fort Raleigh National Historic Site:  A wonderfully preserved national historic site marking the first attempt of England to create a colony in the United States.  Stepping back into the history to explore the beginnings of the colonization of England in the New World, visitors are treated to a rare piece of Americana.
  • Laura Barnes Shipwreck:  Running onto the coastline during 1921, the Laura Barnes Shipwreck is marked by an incredible memorial with a gorgeous view of the Cape Hatteras shoreline and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse:  As the tallest national brick lighthouse in the United States, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse offers spectacular views of the Cape Hatteras coast.  With the sparkling waters against the warm shores, the bird’s eye view of Cape Hatteras is both relaxing and inspiring.
  • The Lost Colony:  The story of legends and plays, The Lost Colony has been the focus of many movies and local folklore.  Detailing the story of a the first unofficial group of people to settle off the coast Cape Hatteras on Roanoke Island, the mysterious disappearance of the whole colony has baffled scholars, historians, and visitors alike.

Each luxury vacation rental in Corolla is suited to meet your needs and provide an enchanting backdrop to the relaxed living apparent in the special coastal village.  Of course, Corolla beach vacation rentals always have one activity close at hand.  The surf and sand near your Corolla luxury vacation rentals is always perfect for quiet sunbathing with a good book.  Bring your book and beach chair to the perfect place on Corolla…your luxury Corolla vacation rental.

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Sardinia, Italy

The hidden vacation rentals in Sardinia off the coast of Italy are protected by distance.  As a vastly undiscovered land, Sardinia is half way between Italy and Africa lending a great deal of peace and tranquility to its holiday villas.  In the way that most islands lay undisturbed by society, the cottages in Sardinia have been touched by history and connect visitors to a bygone era of culture.  Just now starting to excavate the island of Sardinia, vacationers to Sardinia holiday homes are greeted with Nora Archeological site revealing Roman baths, a theater, and several mosaics.
In comparison, a short distance from your Sardinia vacation rental, Cagliani, the Roman capital of Sardinia, stands as a welcoming reminder of day long past through small roadways leading to and from the port.  Completing the Roman influences that time can not erase, your Sardinia vacation home is near a Roman amphitheatre, a cathedral, and an archeological museum chronicling the heritage of Sardinia.  Even more impressive than the Roman flavors exhibited in the excavations and the architecture, vacation rentals Sardinia are privileged to connect with the past through the Nuraghi, prehistoric cone-shaped mystery shelters that cover the landscape.

Things to see around your vacation home in Sardinia Italy:

  • Citadel of Castelsardo:  This lovely little picturesque old town is centered between a beautiful bay staring at Corsica and an incredible hillside view down into the town.  Passed from century to century to prominent Italian families, Citadel of Castelsardo has been altered and added over history to an opportunity to walk through Sardinia Italy as it existed for years.
  • Nuraghe:  As majestic set of cylindrical center pieces standing in the middle of Sardina Italy, Nuraghe is believed to be the meeting place of wisemen of the times.  Thousands of years old, Nuraghe is remarkable well preserved as a historical, military, and government landmarks.  With a phenomenal reach into history of all types, visitors are treated to the power ways of Sardinia Italy.
  • Isola di San Pietro:  The postcard island of Isola di San Pietro has a falling coastline of rocks that gently cascade into the water with the amazing gracefulness of silently quiet waves whispering against the island.  With amazing tuna fishing in the chilly coast waters, Isola di San Pietro is perfect for leisurely strolls or focused fishing.

Sardinia vacation homes steep in the history and tradition that quickly becomes prohibited or protected once it falls into private hands.  With so many historical facets of Sardinia to explore, your Sardinia vacation rental is close to every piece of history located on the island.  If regional history is one of your fascinations, then your Sardinia vacation rental home is waiting for you to come and discover the magic of yesterday with the accommodations of today!

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Kissimmee, FL.

Kissimmee vacation rentals are located centrally to all activities that happen in Orlando.  Short steps from Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, your vacation rental in Kissimmee will give you options that you did not know you had!  When you don’t have to consider travel time across town from your vacation rental, you can take your family to all of the locations that make Orlando popular and exciting to children. 

With a few lively events for older children, such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training camp, the Friday night beach parties, and Jazz at Old Towne, luxury vacation rentals in Kissimmee are the hub all activity every day. Vacation rentals in Kissimmee are central to fabulous outdoor activities like fishing, boating, golfing, and nature tours.  Abounding with restaurants and niche shops within a short drive of vacation rentals, you can take in the nightlife and dance or go for ice cream on the boardwalk.

Things to do near your Kissimmee Florida vacation rental:

  • Golf and Games:  Kissimmee Florida is the home of golf courses for the skilled and novice visitors.  The beautiful fairways inspire serenity in each stroke of a club with the mastery of skills needed to perfect your game.  Under the warm Kissimmee Florida sun, you could have the best golf game of your life!  With several stadiums and sports teams that practice and train in the postcard setting of Kissimmee Florida, you can catch a game in the off season among some of the biggest names in sports.
  • Shopping and Specialties:  Whether looking for bargains in flea markets or seeking fun souvenirs to bring home to remind you of your fun in Kissimmee Florida, this is the right place to shop for the day and have a big coastal dinner while watching the sunset.  If choosing to shop or treat yourself to the taste of the coast, you will be glad that you visited Kissimmee Florida.
  • Parks and Adventures:  Surrounded by some of the most famous water and amusement parks in the United States, Kissimmee Florida is just waiting for you to pick from the long list of fun parks from zoos to aquariums to water parks to adventure parks.  Kissimmee Florida provides the most choice within a short drive while maintaining its hometown feel.

There will be two difficult parts of staying in a Kissimmee vacation rental.  First, as your vacation rental is so close to everything, you will have to decide what to do.  Second, when it is time to leave vacation rentals in Kissimmee, it will be hard to wait until your next trip to Kissimmee, but you will have the mounds of wonderful memories to keep you company. 

With everything so close to your luxury vacation rental in Kissimmee, where will you start your vacation?  Find your perfect Kissimmee vacation rental in Florida with Vacapedia.


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