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A Hometown Welcome from Michigan City, Indiana

michigan city vacation rentalsIf you have missed Michigan City Indiana, then the holiday villas and vacation holiday homes in Michigan City are calling to you!  Your vacation rental home in Michigan City, Indiana will become the hub of activities as you create the memorable vacation of a lifetime.  From the best attractions to entertain your mind near your Michigan City holiday home to the dazzling scenery of a city based on Lake Michigan (Ah Ha! That explains the name right?) with an incredible view surrounding vacation holiday homes Michigan City, your vacation home in Michigan City, Indiana draws visitors with quaint style and down home charm.

With tree lined streets around your vacation home in Michigan City Indiana, a nightly stroll down the street of your hometown away from home will leave you with a warm feeling of homespun fun perfect for families.  Your ideal vacation holiday home in Michigan City offers you a welcoming setting of picturesque streets with a culture of family acceptance and events to celebrate the wholesome atmosphere of your Michigan City vacation rental home.indiana vacation rentals

Fun attractions around your vacation rental in Michigan City, Indiana:

  • Indiana Dunes:  As phenomenal place of discovery and exploration of natural beauty, the Indiana Dunes consist of a sand dune of over 125 feet with a breath taking view of Mount Baldy.  With the sunny atmospheres and park like setting, this is an incredible place for a leisurely stroll, an afternoon of picnicking, or an impromptu tag football game that is ranked #1 in the top 10 things to do in Michigan City, Indiana.
  • Washington Park Zoo:  With close to 100 exhibits set against the backdrop of Lake Michigan, this special location inspires the imagination of children as they interact with the animals that call the Washington Park Zoo home.
  • Barker Mansion & Civic Center:  If you love old houses with history and mystery, then this mansion built by millionaire railroad magnet John Barker is especially spectacular during the Christmas season with decorations as dazzling as the house and grounds.
  • International Friendship Gardens:  A representation of the magical gardens of many different nations gathered in one place for the enjoyment of all who visit.  Unlike any other place on the planet, this is the greatest collection of all of the places on the planet that are beautiful and naturally grown.

indiana rental homesWith the opportunity to explore the town of Michigan City around vacation rentals in Michigan City, the society has so much to offer visitors due to a long history of evolution due to industrialization of the Indiana area.  Get ready to bring the family to your vacation holiday home Michigan City for the ultimate vacation for relaxation, exploration, and education.

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Palm Springs Days of Wine and Roses

Yeah, I usually write about Europe. But today we’re in Palm Springs. The weather is fabulous; we ate lunch outside and were perfectly comfortable in shirt sleeves (and pants, of course, and the uber-obligatory shoes…)

We’re not staying in a hotel; we’re in a vacation rental condo. There’s lots of ’em here in Palm Springs. You can’t launch a golf ball into the air without hitting a condo complex or a palm tree.

Staying at a vacation rental condo means I can get a cup of coffee as soon as I get up. I can reach into the stocked refrigerator and take out an egg or a bottle of champagne and do whatever I want with either. I can call anywhere I want on the phone without incurring additional charges. I can type into this blog using the supplied wireless broadband signal and I don’t have to worry about the maid looking longingly at my computer when I go out for lunch. Life is good.

Tonight we’ll stroll the downtown streets, which will be closed off to traffic for the legendary Palm Springs weekly market. The museum is free this evening as well.

It’s not so expensive as you might think to enjoy the winter good life in a place where the sun is out a healthy percentage of the year. Scuttlebutt over lunch included golf instead of snow shoveling, a good enough reason to come here and experience the winter sun for yourself.

I just wish the rat pack were still around. It would be nice to see Dean Martin sing “Tangerine, you stained my gabardine…” once again.

The Mesa Estate Palm Springs vacation rentalBut did you know you could rent the house that Henry Mancini used as his Palm Springs playground?

Yeah, your living room in The Mesa Estate is right over there to the left. Be sure you hire someone in a tux to throw another log on the fire. You wouldn’t want to do that yourself. How degrading! (Thinking like you think the rich think is fun, I can tell you! You should try it!)

Kidding aside, why not do something out of the ordinary on your vacation? Live like Henry Mancini. He wouldn’t have stayed at the Motel 6. (If he did, he’d probably have registered as Enrico Nicola Mancini, his real name, so he could be incognito.)

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Are you humming “Moon River” yet?

The Secrets of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Wyoming vacation rentalsStep back into this spectacular place of history and delight in holiday villas that sink into the gorgeous backdrop of crystal blue mountains practically sparkling with the purity of fresh mountain air that is a trademark of Wyoming.  Jackson Hole vacation rentals show visitors a glimpse of the welcome atmosphere of nature that beckons to the nature lover in all of us with enticing fresh streams, the startling plains of land the first settlers, and the picturesque flowing Rocky Mountains embracing the scenery around your Jackson Hole vacation holiday home in Wyoming.  Although a quick stroll through the history books will show you the historical significance of Jackson Hole Wyoming, the combination dynamic landscape that calls to you and the activities within a short distance from your Jackson Hole vacation rental home will make Jackson Hole, Wyoming an unforgettable experience.

From the window of your quaint cottage filled with the warmth of a crackling fireplace, you can the reflection of the Teton Mountain Range in the waters of the lake brings a whole meaning to the world breath taking while staying at vacation holiday homes Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The pleasures of enjoying a fresh cup of coffee or hot chocolate each morning during your stay at Jackson Hole vacation rental homes will remain with you long after you leave.Wyoming rental homes

Attractions near your Jackson Hole vacation home:

  • Hot Springs:  Loose yourself in the luxurious hot spring water proclaimed as natures spa.  Relax as the hot spring bubbles to the top of the water and soak in the display of beauty that nature is rolling out before you.
  • Hoback Canyon:  This is where heaven on earth begins for visitors to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Joining the Hoback River to bring extra magnificence to Hoback Canyon, the Snake River spiraling through northwest Wyoming is the ideal place for fishing, white water rafting, and hiking with a camera.
  • Gros Ventre Mountains:  Rumored by the locals to have the most impressive sunset of the region, this smaller range of mountains offers an incredible view of the “Sleeping Indian” to bring the day to a close and fill the night sky with an array of dancing stars.

Jackson hole wyoming rental homesWhen you are ready to add a little spice Wyoming style, pick your activity from the warm comfort of vacation holiday homes Jackson Hole Wyoming.  From the fast paced race of dog sledding over crisp fallen snow to wagon trail trips reenacting the route of the first settlers to the West, your vacation holiday home Jackson Hole is never short explorations and adventures.  From the first moment to the last in your vacation rental homes in Jackson Hole, you will feel the thrill of a vacation like no other.

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Escape Over the Border to Rocky Point, Mexico

mexico vacation rentalsBarely over the border between the United States and Mexico, beach homes in Rocky Point Mexico is the place for singles on Spring Break, family seeking to enjoy fun in the sun of spectacular beach house rentals, and newlyweds ready to start their romantic life together with a beach vacation.  As short drive from Tucson Arizona, vacation homes Rocky Point Mexico bring visitors year round to enjoy the crystal blue waters lapping against the warm sunlight sand.  Enticing visitors from all over the United States with a variety of activities around vacation rentals in Rocky Point Mexico, the charm of this once small fishing village still retains the allure of the culture and the people surrounding vacation rental homes in Rocky Point Mexico.

For partiers, the nightlife close to your vacation rental home in Rocky Point Mexico will provide the ultimate taste of Mexico.  With a variety of authentic cantinas and festivals ready for quiet interaction or all night partying with the locals, Rocky Point Mexico vacation rental homes will be waiting to welcome you home to rest.  Sunbathers will worship their time at Rocky Point Mexico beach front rentals.  If you want to relax and read a book or play in the surf, vacation holiday homes in Rocky Point Mexico offer the best beaches with convenient access from your beach cottage. mexico vacation rental homes

Attractions near your Rocky Point, Mexico vacation home:

  • Rocky Point Beaches:  The amazing beaches of Rocky Point Mexico draw people year round with pristine sand caressed by beautiful sparkling waters and the rush of ocean waves.  Whether you are ready swim, sun, or jog on the beach, the Rocky Point beaches in Mexico are calling your name!
  • El Pinacate:  Reminiscent of the craters seen on the moon, a tour of El Pinacate offers a beautiful, once in a lifetime view of the volcanic hills.  Bring your camera on this adventure because, although El Pinacate can be seen from outer space, a trip to the moon might not be on the itinerary any time soon.
  • The Islands of San Jorge:  If you are a naturalist or just ready to interact with nature, then you don’t want to miss the Islands of San Jorge.  As nationally protected land, the Islands of San Jorge is home to the largest herds of sea lions in North America. 

mexico rental homesExplorers and historians alike will love their trip to vacation holiday homes Rocky Point Mexico.  With a long history of evolution from a mixture of American influences and a struggle to remain true to their Mexican heritage, the best of both cultures present a dynamic flavor of Rocky Point to experience while at your vacation home in Rocky Point Mexico.  Explorers will be dazzled by the incredible landscape of natural grottos and caves that dot the coastline close to vacation rentals Rocky Point Mexico.
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The Perfect Vacation in Branson, Missouri

branson vacation rentalsEvery variety of family fun awaits your trip to Branson Missouri in vacation rentals in Branson.  From quaint cottages along tree lined roads leading to your retreat accommodations.  The variety of museums and natural attractions around vacation homes in Branson Missouri bring thousands of visitors every year to Middle America.  Vacation home Branson Missouri offers a list of activities to families that want to explore the city for knowledge or experience the beauty of the country side near your vacation holiday home in Branson Missouri.

Centrally located to all area attractions, your vacation home Branson Missouri is ready to be the hub of all of your activities.  Branson vacation rental homes have the most amazing views of a winding river embracing the history and natural lush forestry of Missouri.  Strolling through the city around Branson vacation holiday homes, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds with every moment of family fun.missouri vacation rentals

Fun attractions around your vacation rental in Branson, Missouri:

  • Branson Scenic Railway:  Get ready to see the beautiful slideshow through the window as it passes in glorious colors of the show of Mother Nature.  Whether traveling in the middle of Spring when nature is coming alive again or the Fall when the leaves are abounding into spectacular colors, you can sit back with your family and enjoy the flashes of beauty.
  • Stone Hill Winery:  The Stone Hill Winery welcomes guests with tours of the wine making process through grape vineyards and to the finished product.  As Missouri’s largest winery making the finest wine in the area, don’t forget to sample Stone Hill wines before departing.
  • The Butterfly Place:  This garden paradise steeped in the music of nature is home to thousands of butterflies flapping their wings in greeting.  A delight for every magical princess waits at the Butterfly Place.
  • Dogwood Canyon:  Dogwood canyon is an exquisite mixture of waterfalls and mountain vegetation add fresh air to your lungs while hiking in the great outdoors.  With history and beauty of the natural landscape reaching out to you, the small natural alcove of picture perfect scenery against the background soundtrack of crickets and rushing water dazzled with sparkles of sunlight.
  • World’s Largest Toy Museum:  Nothing better for children than a visit to the world’s largest toy museum.  Chronicling the history of toys from the smallest toy cars to the largest models, the World’s Largest Toy Museum gives children the opportunity to see and experience the evolution of toys.

branson rental homesYour Branson vacation rental home is waiting to welcome you to the small town vacation with big town fun.  No matter which Branson vacation holiday home you pick the pictures and the memories will combine to make an enjoyable time for everyone in the family while visiting holiday villas in Branson Missouri.

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Charming Crest Butte, Colorado

Colorado vacation homesFrom the moment you arrive in the dynamic, energizing natural beauty surrounding your Crest Butte vacation rental, the crisp mountain air will fill your lungs and heart with the welcome of holiday villas.  Whether you imagine the scent of holiday trees or fresh cookies baking in the warm country kitchen settings of your vacation home in Crest Butte, memories of old black and white movies of families gathered around a wood fireplace will set up residence in your mind as quickly as you take up your vacation rental home in Crest Butte, Colorado.

With the quaint streets perfect for shopping for souvenirs or antiques, your Crest Butte vacation rental home is ready to hold all of your treasurers upon your return.  Crest Butte vacation holiday homes offer outstanding views of picturesque views of gorgeous mountains scenery that will have you reaching for your camera and hesitating to capture the moment in your mind. colorado rental homes

Fun attractions around your vacation rental in Crest Butte, Colorado:

  • Horse Drawn Sleigh-Rides:  Nothing says relaxation and old fashioned enjoyment during a holiday season like the perfect horse drawn sleigh ride with your family snuggled comfortably into the back of a sleigh while listening to the jingling of merry bells.
  • Ice Rink:  Winter might not be complete without an attempt at ice skating.
  • Snowshoe Tours:  If you are up for a tour of the great outdoors, then you can ride the ski lift for an outstanding aerial view of Crest Butte.  When you are ready for a little stomping in the snow, a guide will give you a snowshoe tour of the views of Crest Butte.
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides:  Mixing the dynamic floating of hot air ballooning and the majestic aerial view of Crest Butte, gives a new meaning to the big picture.  Bring your camera and get ready to take pictures with a bird’s eyes view of Crest Butte.
  • Dog-Sled Tours:  As rare opportunity to experience authentic dog sled tours, Crest Butte gives visitors the chance to see the beauty of Crest Butte with the wind in your face with Alaskan Huskies as your guide. 

colorado rental homes crest butteNo matter what your flavor of adventure is at your vacation holiday home in Crest Butte, Colorado, you have come to the right place for the enticing postcard settings of skiers swooping down snow covered slopes or children making snow angels in the pristine freshly fallen snow.  Vacation holiday homes in Crest Butte, Colorado bring the best of both worlds into vacation homes in Crest Butte.  Play in the snow until your heart is content and then come into your Crest Butte vacation rental to enjoy warm soup or hot chocolate by a roaring fire.  Vacation rentals Crest Butte Colorado are waiting to welcome you home!

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Magnificent Madrid

I first visited Madrid a year or so after Franco. It was cheap. The streets seemed deserted. The Prado, the world’s largest paintings museum, was a rather dark and dusty place.

But oh, the art! The exhibition that captured my fancy was about the symbolism in the court paintings of Spanish artists like Goya. It showed how Spain’s best painters made the sad, ignorant rulers look even worse (without, evidently, offending them) and added little touches to the pictures that told the careful observer what the painter really felt about the dingbats in office.

We ate in restaurants serving the most fantastic food I ever tasted in Europe. Elegance was cheap. The dollar was strong.

I remember fondly the “drunken chicken” happily doused in sherry and left to simmer for hours before becoming my dinner.

Across from us sat two prominent and elegantly dressed gentlemen richer than dirt who argued the whole time. Each time the waiter came over with his pad at the ready they shoved aside the menus and the first described a fantastic dish he wanted prepared especially for himself. Then the other had his go at describing an even more fantastic dish. As soon as the waiter turned to leave, the dynamic duo went at each other like dogs. They didn’t eat a thing, but did make the effort to order three extravagant courses before dessert.

When the waiter came to clear away the last of the final, uneaten food, man number one started to describe a fantastic dessert. It gets me hungry just thinking of it. Suddenly the waiter, the veins in his temples visibly throbbing, his cheeks warm with color, halted proceedings and lashed out at the dynamic duo. The food was valuable these lean days! There were people more deserving of it than them!

And thus, he announced, he would not be serving them desert. The two men looked at each other as if they had lost their dog and had no idea of where to look for it. As the waiter turned smartly to leave, I wanted to yell, “Bravo!” but stopped myself just in time. Who knew then what the political implications might have been?

Today, Madrid is a thriving city of people who have come to know the value of good food and good living. Madrid never sleeps. And these days you can get into the renovated Prado free in the evenings–from 6pm until 8pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 5pm until 8pm on Sundays. Thus you can go each night for a tapa-sized helping of art, so you don’t contract the dreaded Art Overload Disease.

And remember, because Madrid never sleeps it’s a great place to go when you’ve just gotten off the plane and your internal clock is all discombobulated anyway. You can party until the sun comes up. Or not.

Madrid vacation rental apartmentWhat you need, then, is a place to stay where you can sleep any time without suffering the embarrassment of having the maid waltz in to change the sheets while you’re sawing logs under them in the altogether. I suggest this charming city center apartment in Madrid.

You’ll have your own bed to sleep in when you want, without interruption. And you’ll have a washing machine to erase the evidence acquired from those long nights out on the town when you’re not in any shape to pay attention to the sherry dripping down your chin in a brown stream that drunkenly stripes the front of the white shirt you unfortunately chose to wear.

And for you women out there–this vacation rental has an independent shoe cupboard! You can go crazy shoe shopping in Madrid! (In the interest of journalistic gender neutrality I suppose I have to admit that men might also acquire an inordinate desire for obscene multiples of cow-based foot coverings for which there is no known treatment. I should know, my mother has this disease and is untreatable.)

Anyway, travel on. Shoeless or not.


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