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Biking and Trekking Chianti in Tuscany

Chianti makes a fine base from which to explore central Tuscany. As a wine region, it’s different than Burgundy or Piemonte’s Langhe in that the entire countryside isn’t entirely devoted to grapes. There are forested hills, castles and olive trees all around. Historic centers of Siena and Florence are a day’s pedal away. A vacation rental around Greve in Chianti allows you to have a great place to store your ride (or your hiking boots).

Chianti vacation rentalThroughout Italy there are places where people congregate to start their hikes and biking tours.  Refie is one of those places. You can rent a ground floor apartment there. It’s on  top of Chianti’s highest hill, so it’s an easy place to start off from.

Chianti is enjoying a renaissance in wine quality, and merchants are proud to pour their latest offerings.

And of course, fine food goes with fine wine, and you won’t be disappointed in the Cucina Toscana in these parts.

Try an active  vacation in Tuscany. If nothing else, all that exercise you get from traversing the rolling Chianti hills will allow you to eat more. And in these parts, that’s not a bad thing at all.

Lago Maggiore – Vacation on Fishermen’s Island

If you’re taking a vacation to get away from it all, and are looking for the ultimate isolation, with water gently lapping the shore beneath your terrace, perhaps an island vacation is for you.

I’m not talking about those big islands like Sicily or Corsica, big rocky things plunked down in the middle of a vast sea. No, I’m talking about a small island in Lago Maggiore in northern Italy. Isola Superiore Pescatori is the island I’m talking about. I like the name. Upper fishermen’s island.

And just in case you think you might be too isolated, let me tell you that the island is near Stresa, a tourist city with lots of stuff to buy. You can hop a boat that takes you all the way to Switzerland. And you’re near Milan’s Malpensa airport, so getting there isn’t much of a hassle.

Stresa vacation rental lago maggioreIf you rent a little cottage on the cute little island you see over there to the left, you’ll save lots of vacation money over staying at a hotel.

Pescatori – Sopra, the upper apartment, and Pescatori – Terra, the ground floor apartment, can be had for just over 300 Euros in the off season.

There are even restaurants on the little island.

I personally prefer Lago Maggiore to the more popular Lago di Como. The countryside is piu bella, and if you like to see fine automobiles, just take a seat at a bar along the main coastal road near Stresa and watch the rich industrialists roll in from Milano on a Friday night in their Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Now there’s a sight.

Christmas Traditions in Tamarack Resort, Idaho

idaho vacation rentalsIf you are asking yourself what is around the cottages and holiday villas of Tamarack Resort Idaho, then the answer is a complete winter wonderland of activities bringing thousands of visitors to Tamarack Resort every year! For those who want to sit back and relax with a cup of cider or roast chestnuts next to a cozy blazing fire in the truest spirit of the Christmas holiday season, vacation rentals in Tamarack Resort Idaho are waiting to welcome guests into a Norman Rockwell picturesque setting of wholesome vacation holiday homes in Tamarack Resort Idaho tucked away in the trees with a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.

Upon arrival, your vacation rental home in Tamarack Resort Idaho is set in the rustic cabin style with antiques and hand crafted goods to provide a quaint reminder of the homespun experience of your vacation stay in your accommodations in Tamarack Resort Idaho.

Every vacation holiday home in Tamarack Resort Idaho practically inspires the visualization of Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” while watching children innocently building snowmen and making snow angels in the freshly powdered snow. However, if swishing down a ski slope with the ice and cold wind against your face is the adventure that you are seeking from your vacation in Idaho while visiting your Tamarack Resort vacation holiday home, you are in the right place to find the best slopes for every age group and skill level.idaho vacation rental homes

Fun things to do while at your vacation rental in Tamarack Resort, Idaho:

  • Skiing and Snowboarding: The powder is on the ground and you can be flying down one of the thousands of acres of slopes to provide a challenge to even the most experienced skiers and snowboarders. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to hone your skills or a fast paced rush of skiing down the wide open slopes, Tamarack Resort is ready with 25 slopes for you.
  • Antiquing or Shopping: From shopping for hand crafting goods made by local artists of the Tamarack Resort region to finding that perfect antique for your home, you will find the best shopping available in the charming streets lined with places to dine and quaint shops.
  • Relaxing and Rejuvenating: Want to relax with a massage or be pampered with a manicure? Tamarack Resort Idaho is the right place for you to relax and unwind with luxury day spas created for those who want to enjoy the holidays at a more leisurely pace.

idaho rental homesNot a moment to be missed in this paradise for winter lovers across the United States, the cozy welcoming atmospheres associated with vacation rental homes Tamarack Resort Idaho start new traditions every year from families gathering to celebrate the holiday season in vacation homes Tamarack Resort Idaho. Bring your family and start a new tradition of the old time country goodness of Christmas in your vacation home in Tamarack Resort Idaho!

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Enjoying Whistler Canada Naturally!

canada vacation homesAlthough a wonderful place to visit for year round activities centered on the great outdoors, vacation holiday homes Whistler Canada are a rugged paradise for adventure seekers and eco-friendly vacations at quiet cottages snuggled away in the arms of Mother Nature. Perfect for an escape to the Christmas postcard setting around holiday villas, you can almost hear the proverbial sleigh bells ringing during your stay at vacation holiday homes in Whistler Canada.

If something with more speed is your style, then a vacation rental home in Whistler Canada gives you access to all possible exploration of the wilderness and outdoor spirit of Canada. The sweeping beauty of the mountains and lakes as the backdrop of vacation rental homes Whistler Canada provides a glorious connection to fresh air and nature sure to refresh every tired soul. During the summer and spring months, Mother Nature welcomes visitors with spectacular displays of flowers and foliage found only in western Canada around Whistler vacation holiday homes.vacation homes canada

Attractions near vacation rental home in Whistler Canada:

  • Whistler Mountain: As the most prestigious mountain in the British Columbia area, Whistler Mountain is the home of every form of outdoor activity available in the region. From snowboarding to mountain hiking, Whistler Mountain offers outings perfect for camera snapshots and country picnic baskets among the natural wildlife.
  • Garibaldi Provincial Park: From the lovely dammed lakes built by the forces of nature to the stopping of wildlife for a cool drink of water on a soft nature day, the welcoming peaks of Garibaldi Mountain and ridges in Garibaldi Provincial Park are the right place for ecologist and naturalist alike. A variety of peaks formed by volcanic eruptions of long past make an interesting place to stop and enjoy the force mixed with peacefulness of nature.
  • Ziptrek Tours: Eco Adventures: This is the adventure at 200 ft above the forest floor that zips by as you whiz down the zip lines at speeds reaching up to 80 miles an hour. Not for the faint of heart, the education includes phenomenal views of Whistler Mountain including the ancient rainforests. No matter which tour you choose, it is sure to be the adventure you will be chattering about long after your return home.

canada rental homesMany times, vacationers look at a vacation rental in Whistler Canada as a winter only retreat for snow skiing and the fabulous adventures of the winter holidays at vacation rentals Whistler Canada. Vacation homes in Whistler Canada is a fun filled, year round expectation of panoramic scenery and unique activities while at your Whistler Canada holiday home.

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Finding Paradise Year Round in Whitefish Montana

montana vacation rentalsIt is a common misconception that Whitefish Montana holiday villas and cottages are at their best during the winter time. However, this is indeed a misconception as vacation rentals in Whitefish Montana sparkle with the finery of Spring, Summer, and Fall the rest of the year! Bringing visitors year round to the spectacular natural views of panoramic scenery of beautiful mountain scapes around vacation rental homes in Whitefish Montana, those interested in the opportunity to get in some skiing or snowboarding in this winter wonderland around vacation holiday homes in Whitefish Montana means you are in the right place! If your Winter time activities are more the snow bunny speed of building snowmen or sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, then you will enjoy the cozy comfort of Whitefish Montana vacation rental homes.

During the Summer, Spring, and Fall, the best non-winter activities call from your vacation holiday homes in Whitefish Montana to the explorer and the naturalist in every group. From an excellent opportunity to hunt for antiques to the ever clean, clear mountain air wafting through vacation homes Whitefish Montana, there is always something to do….unless…you choose to do nothing…sit back…and relax on the deck of your Whitefish Montana vacation home.montana rental homes

Attractions near Whitefish, Montana vacation homes:

  • Danny On Trail: For a day of adventure, put on your hiking shoes and walk the beautiful trails filled with wildflowers and wildlife. From outstanding peak views of the valley below to the artistic landscapes perfect for photographing from Flower Point to the East Rim, Danny On Trail never disappoints.
  • Farmers Market: Steeped in the traditional feel of an open air farmers market, the Whitefish Montana farmers market offer the freshest local grown foods and beautiful hand-made crafts of the region. For a taste of the local flavor, there is no place better than the Farmers Market.
  • Big Mountain: Whether you are into hiking or shopping, Big Mountain offers an amazing aerial view of the town of Whitefish and the picturesque parks in lifts to the top of Big Mountain.
  • Glacier National Park: Ideal for a day trip to picnic or enjoy the pristine atmosphere of lakes, the backdrop of Glacier National Park is ready for visitors seeking the awe inspiring works of Mother Nature.

montana rental homesNo matter what time of year you want to book Whitefish Montana vacation holiday homes for your vacation accommodations, you will be pleasantly surprised to find many quaint, festive locations ready to provide you with that lovely yet lush vacation home in Whitefish Montana. With camera in hand as you venture from your Whitefish Montana vacation rental, be ready to fill up your photo album with the most incredible scenery you will find.

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Summer in Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca, Spain is one of my favorite places to go in the summer. Yes, it’s rather hot. But what I like is that after your (late) siesta you can wait for the searing, Spanish sun to set, then stroll over to the Plaza Major, sit down at a cafe and order something, anything–a drink, a plate of Jamon Iberico, some squid on a stick. Then you slowly sip and nibble as you watch the polished paving stones of the plaza start filling with people. Soon a band will come, and there will be glorious noise, then students will sit on the stones and play chess amidst the masses. It’s a togetherness thing.

For the best results (this is, after all, a university town with lots of night life) be sure you’ve rested well. This wild raucous togetherizing goes on all night. Food, music, conversation, noise.

salamanca vacation rentalYou won’t be able to handle it well if you’ve just come from France. You need to spend some time to get acclimated. Why not rent Casa de la Luz ? It’s an apartment 10 minutes away.

With a vacation rental apartment, you can sleep any time. You don’t have to worry about the maid barging in. You can make something to eat from the kitchen if Spain’s legendary late dinner time bothers you.

And go to the Salamanca public library. It’s decorated with conch shells, and is very, very cool inside and out–architecturally speaking I mean.

Friends of abstinence might wish to go during lent and leave before the Monday after Easter, the day Salmantinos call Lunes de Agua, when folks chow down on hornazo–a pie stuffed with local jamón and pork loin and chorizo–while awaiting the return of the prostitutes that have been led out of Salamanca in the charge of a priest given the title “El Padre Putas.” All this was started in the 16th century by Filippe II to ensure the villagers’ abstinence during lent. It worked…for a short time.

Fly Away to the Canary Islands, Spain

canary islands vacation rentalsThe incredible promise of Canary Islands, Spain vacation homes is the unique charm of the mixture of tourist attractions, great places to eat, quaint charm of fishing villages, and beach front rentals surrounding your cottage.  With the spicy flavor of the unbelievable ingrained with lovely beach house rentals and Canary Islands holiday homes, the eclectic atmosphere of many cultures and activities are perfect for the traveler wanting to be amused and entertained.  If you are seeking to kick your feet up and watch the sun melt into the ocean from the deck of beach houses, then you are in the right spot.  The hardest thing about visiting your Canary Islands vacation rental is the vast possibilities to do many things or do nothing as your heart desires.

As a beach vacation attraction, the pristine sand is a marvel considering the long forgotten volcanic activity of the area.  The warm, sunny climate is a natural friend to sunbathers and swimmers as each day the sun rises with a magnificence almost heralding a choir and sets with reluctance to leave another day of fun at your beach rentals.  For the explorers in your group, the Canary Islands, Spain are a smorgasbord of things to see and experience while away from your vacation homes in Canary Islands, Spainspain vacation rentals

Fun attractions around your vacation rental home in Canary Islands, Spain:

  • Timanfaya National Park:  This place marking the raw power of Mother Nature speaks to the long past eruptions of the volcanoes of the Canary Islands, Spain.  With the enormous sense of desolation and destruction of these volcanic eruptions, the beautiful and engaging sense of the Timanfaya National Park is startling to every visitor.
  • Parque Nacional Las Canadas del Teide:  As the home of Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain and an active volcano, Parque Nacional Las Canadas del Teide has spectacular views and wonderful history.
  • Piramides de Guimar:  For history and archeology buffs, Piramides de Guimar is the location of the 1991 archeological find of step pyramids in Spain.  Similar to the step pyramids in Peru and ancient Mesopotamia, Piramides de Guimar stands as an important turn in history.
  • Jameos del Agua:  Truly a site to behold just for the structure, the Jameos del Agua is amazing in the location…deep inside of a huge rock formation!  As the American equivalent of a small set of strip malls packed with great eateries and fabulous places to buy souvenirs, it is easy to loose track of the reality that you are really deep within the sheet of volcanic rock where the artist César Manrique first built his home and then a thriving mini-city.

spain vacation rental homesVacation holiday homes in Canary Islands, Spain is centrally located for easy access to the best attractions and fun of the area.  No matter what your interest or activities level, a beach cottage or a holiday villa nearer to the cities of the Canary Islands is waiting for your visit.  Steeped in history and the natural design of a creative hand, your Canary Islands holiday home will leave you looking for ways to extend your stay! 

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