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Mixing It Up in Morocco

vacation rentals, morocco rental homes, africa rentalsWith a thriving culture echoed in the vacation rental homes in Morocco, every moment in your holiday villas will be a step into the succulent world of folklore and fantasy.  Whether wandering down the streets lined with Morocco vacation rental homes with incredible flavors of the local restaurants and the luxurious colors throughout vacation holiday homes in Morocco.

Attractions near vacation rental homes Morocco: vacation rentals, morocco rental homes, africa rentals

  • El Badi Palace: This beautiful 16th century palace near your Morocco vacation home is well worth the effort to see the Moroccan version of the Storks Club.  Is it a nightclub in an old palace?  Not quite.  What makes this a truly unique place to visit while at your vacation home in Morocco is that this 16th century palace is now the estuary to hundreds of storks who migrate there every year to build their home.
  • Koutoubia Mosque and Minaret:  This fabulous old world style mosque is noted for its view from every point in the city, including from the balcony of your vacation rental home Morocco, and legendary for awe inspiring brilliance in the night sky.  With many visitors choosing to pray or take pictures in this reverent place of worship, vacation homes in Morocco bring peace and serenity to a bustling vacation teeming with activity. 

vacation rentals, morocco rental homes, africa rentalsGet ready to see the best vacation rental home in Morocco.  Whether you’re seeking opulent accommodations fit for the king of Morocco or a quaint cottage mirroring the spicy flair of the region, Morocco vacation homes are calling your name! Indulge in your zest for life at your vacation holiday home in Morocco by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.

Fosdinovo – Love Without War in the Appennines

Travel writer Eric Newby had a house, called “I Castagni” near the castle town of Fosdinovo described in his book A Small Place in Italy. You’ll know Newby from his Love and War in the Appennines, an autobiographical book made into a very popular movie about Newby as a prisoner in the Lunigiana who escapes with the help of his eventual wife, Wanda.

Fosdinovo vacation rental tuscanyYou can enjoy this area too. I sure do. The vistas are incredible at any time of the year. This year there is still snow on the mountaintops.

Rent a house like the Fosdinovo hideaway shown on the right, and you’ll get the benefit of these mountain views. It’s an easy ride into the town of Fosdinovo, you’ll see the castle from far away as you approach. The Cinque Terre is but 45 minutes away by car, or you can take the train.

The area around Fosdinovo, mainly to the north, is the Lunigiana. There are around 160 small castles to visit here. To the south are the Apuane Alps, where the famous marble used by Michelangelo and other sculptors is quarried. You’ll find many museums telling you about the process of marble’s creation, its many uses, and the art that’s come out of the marble.

Be sure to take a drive up to little Colonnata, where the famous Lardo di Colonnata is produced. Yes, thinly cut strips of spiced and cured fat kept the marble guys going, especially in winter. Yum. Really. Melted over a piece of toasted bread, lardo makes a bruschetta into a sublime experience.

Now don’t turn up your noses, all you folks who slather butter over warm bread. The Italians think that’s nuts.

Exotic Tango in Tangier, Africa

vacation rentals, tangier rental homes, africa rentalsFrom the exotic flavors wafting through the air surrounding vacation rentals in Tangier, Africa to the beach rentals bathing in the warm surf, a visit to Tangier is an exciting adventure into another world.  Most commonly seen with the help of a seasoned guide trained to navigate the crowded streets and markets, most visitors to Tangier vacation rentals find a higher comfort level as well as a better experience in expressing their interests to a local guide for a safer, more effective tour during their stay at their vacation rental home Tangier.

Attractions near vacation rental homes in Tangier, Africa:

  • Tangier Casbah:  Get your shopping shoes on as you leave your vacation home in Tangier for the souvenir experience of a lifetime.  From each stand at the souk to the little side shops on the alley streets off of the main street, bargain hunters will proclaim this paradise for rugs, tapestries, pottery, and décor.  Each place better than the next for haggling over the prices of the perfect piece of pottery (haggling is expected and part of the fun!), your Tangier holiday home will soon fill with splendid treasures to keep or share as mementoes of your trip.
  • Hercules Cave (Grottes d’Hercules):  As a favorite destination for the mythology minded, the legend of Hercules vacation rentals, tangier rental homes, africa rentalslives strong in this caves as the “Washington Slept Here” version of folklore and legend.  Worth the slight travel from your vacation rental in Tangiers, the scenery is very beautiful and the opportunity to venture away from the city can be welcoming.
  • St. Andrews Church:  If architecture or religious journeys excite your sense of adventure, then a visit while at Tangier holiday homes to St. Andrews church, a religious center for Anglican worship in the area of Tangiers, will contrast the traditional architecture of Tangiers with notable Anglican architecture.  With land donated by Hassan l in 1880, St. Andrews church has lasted over 100 years in a primarily non-Christian setting.  Renowned for the burial of several semi-famous people, St. Andrews currently houses the remains of Emily Kean, the woman who introduced the concept of vaccination to Morocco. 

vacation rentals, tangier rental homes, africa rentalsAs the historical and cultural crossroads of many different societies, your stay in your Tangier holiday villa or beach house rental is sure to make for an exciting tour with a mixed opportunity to relax on a beach vacation, tour the city while at your luxurious Tangier vacation rental home, or simply enjoy the best restaurants in the area of your Tangier vacation holiday home

No matter which type of activity you pick to make your trip to Tangiers perfect, you can find the erotic spice of Tangier in your vacation holiday home in Tangier by booking your Tangiers vacation today with Vacapedia.

Sicily and Beyond

You’ve probably never heard of Porto Empedocle. It’s a port town on Sicily’s southern coast near Agrigento. Boats to the tiny island of Pantelleria embark from here. The 8 hour overnight trip takes you to the southernmost property of Sicily, closer to Africa than Sicily.

I’ve recently been to Porto Empedocle. There’s lots to see around there, including the Greek temples and excavations outside of modern Agrigento, the “Turkish Steps”, a chalky outcrop on the sea that is eroded in steps, and the Villa Romana, an evocative ruin of a large Roman villa right on the sea.

There are also beaches, of course.

il pero vacation rental sicilyI stayed just three days in the area, but it wasn’t enough. You might wish to look into a week’s stay. Il Pero, the balcony of which is shown on the left, might fit the bill.

I like port cities. You get great seafood. You meet people embarking for exotic locales, and they’re not all gussied up for the tourists. Real life is reflected in the hustle and bustle of port cities.

Sicily isn’t an expensive place, at least considering that it’s in Europe. Huge meals for two have been running around 30 Euro for us, including tax, tip and wine. Sicily is pretty much a bargain destination, especially in the off season.

Wine and Dine in Napa Valley

napa valley, napa, vacation rentals, rental homesOnce welcomed by the rolling hills tempting all to partake of the best California grapes have to offer, vacation rental homes in Napa Valley California give family and friends the chance to bask in the warm California.

Attractions near vacation rental homes Napa Valley, California:

  • Winery / Vineyards:  No visit to the official wine country of the United States famous the world over for producing award winning wines.  From the beautiful rows of vines pull of pump grapes reaching toward the warm California sun to the taste bud tempting flavors of finely produced wines, the infamous wineries and vineyards of Napa Valley have made the region one of the most visited to Napa Valley vacation rental homes.napa valley, napa, vacation rentals, rental homes
  • Spas:  Mingling the luxurious relaxation of special treatments pampering from head to toe with the natural landscape of rolling hills of grape filled vines dancing in the breeze of the sunset, the spa rich community of Napa Valley is ready to cater to your every whim to make your vacation at holiday villas in Napa Valley, California.
  • Antiquing:  Finding the perfect accessories for every room in vacation holiday home is easy in Napa Valley, California due to the combination of traditional cultures of a western California community and a welcoming invitation to a rustic old world Italian vineyard.  With every sight and sound covered in the old world tradition mingled with the modern way to bottle wine, your cottage in Napa Valley California will showcase the style of Napa.
  • Adventures:  Whether you would like to balloon high above your Napa Valley California vacation home, bike your way through the vineyards surrounding vacation holiday homes in Napa Valley, or beach house rentals on the coast, fun awaits at for every spirit in the heart of wine country in vacation rental homes in Napa Valley California.
  • Restaurants:  The perfect compliment to any incredibly flavorful wine is gourmet foods sizzling with the flare of Napa.  Close to Napa vacation rentals, restaurants fill the areas with the opportunity for visitors to sample the finest foods and wines the world has to offer.

napa valley, napa, vacation rentals, rental homesIndulge in your vacation holiday home in Napa Valley, California by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.

Casablanca: More Than a Movie!

casablanca, rental homes, vacation homesSet against the backdrop of one of the most famous American movies of all times, Casablanca, deep in the heart of Morocco Africa, serves as a magnificent flavor of the region with architectural and cultural mystery around every corner surrounding your visit to vacation homes in Casablanca.  The cottages that line the streets make holiday villas a quaint step back into the pre-war historical streets that speak of beautiful architecture and expressive memories echoing with the strains of music through every archway of your Casablanca vacation rental home.

Known for the relish of spicy foods and fanciful tales of mythology, your Casablanca vacation holiday home will mix the art of relaxation with the zest of new adventures.  At the crossroads of several major religions and a variety of cultural styles as the gateway of post-war occupation, vacation rentals in Casablanca are amidst the soft billowing breezes of the hillsides. The thriving city markets full of chatter and delicious aromas capture your attention and your fancy as you scout the area calling to you around your vacation home in Casablanca

Attractions near vacation rental homes Casablanca:casablanca, rental homes, vacation homes

  • Hassan II Mosque:  This mosque is open to the Muslim and non-Muslim alike (the only one in the city) in a shining example of the stunning architecture that is sprinkled throughout the city.  As site worthy of visitation for those of any faith due to the awe inspiring reflection of the beauty of faith, The Hassan ll Mosque is an incredible breath taking homage.
  • Square of Mohammed V:  At the center of the city and a popular meeting place for locals, the Square of Mohammed V claims a large fountain of beautiful waterworks set against the background of the Royal Palace of Casablanca.
  • Notre Dame de Lourdes:  As a Christian example representing the mixture of style between the religious doctrines, the Notre Dame de Lourdes is a sparkling display of stain glass creations of artwork.
  • Royal Palace of Casablanca:  In a place where opulence and architecture meet to breath the very life into a city, the Royal Palace of Casablanca is a rare jewel glittering against the sunset.
  • Parc de la Ligue Arabe: A relaxing stroll through the flora and fauna of the Casablanca region will bring an enjoyable change of pace that gives a peaceful massage of the soul.

casablanca, rental homes, vacation homesAs you stroll through the classic white, square shaped buildings with rounded doorways and luxurious Casablanca vacation holiday homes, you will feel the pull to explorer out of your being and the historical curiousity from your person. 

Indulge the adventure of your vacation holiday home in Casablanca by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.

Calabria in Winter

Ok, so it’s rained a bit here in northern Tuscany. But I’m in a house, not a hotel, so there’s lots to do, including curling up on the sofa and reading a book, or talking to my neighbors, who tell me wi-fi is finally coming to our little village. The pictures I’ve been taking are fabulous, with those incredible Ansel Adams “clearling storm” clouds.

Tomorrow we head the car south, to Campania, then Calabria, in search of warmer climes. We hope to visit the seaside city of Scilla, near Italy’s toe. While these places are popular with Italian tourists, they haven’t caught up with Americans and their shorter vacations, where you don’t want to waste all that travel time heading out to the very end of a long peninsula.

Calabria Seaside Vacation RentalBut look what you can get in Calabria starting at 40€ a night or so–a 19th century apartment just 20 meters from the sea. It’s the scintillating Scilla holiday get away.

Yes, Italians do paint their houses pink quite often. Odd, isn’t it?

I’ve always had fun in the south. Life is hard there, but the landscape that makes farming impossible and herding difficult is beautiful to look at.

Look into Calabria. You might be surprised. And Sicily is just a short ferry ride away.


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