Living “Mi Vida Loca” in Barcelona, Spain

rental homes, vacation homes, barcelona spainWhile wandering through the streets of Barcelona Spain during your visit to your Barcelona vacation rental, if you hear the faint sounds of Spanish music combined with the slow welcoming smile of the people, then you are in the right place!


Attractions near vacation rental homes Barcelona, Spain:

  • Sagrada Familia:  An incredible temple close to your vacation home Barcelona, Spain, the Sagrada Familia started building in 1882 without finishing.  As a living example of neo-gothic architecture, Barcelona has watched the development of this symbolic temple.  With columns built on sculptures of turtles (symbolic of order in chaos in Chinese mythology), Sagrada Familia is a crossroads of religious and structural importance.
    Ramblas:  Now as a beautiful cobble lines street with shops and quaint cottages in Barcelona, the rental homes, vacation homes, barcelona spainRamblas was the home of convents and religious orders surrounding the waterway of the Ramblas riverbed.  Minus the water running through the center, the lovely cobblestone streets offer eateries and vacation rentals in Barcelona, Spain for the visitors that meander through the history.
  • Tibidabo:  A fabulous mixture of scenery, entertainment, and history, the Tibidabo is the worlds oldest amusement park.  With many rides from modern day theme parks mixed with the older amusement rides, the view from many of the rides is breathtaking, so have your camera ready!  You might even be able to see your vacation holiday home Barcelona, Spain.
  • Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia:  Not only because the Catedral stands as the alter to the patron saint of Barcelona, Eulàlia, this Cathedral started in the first century is a standing work of art.  New portions started throughout history, as late as the 16th century, the spectacular combination of artwork and architecture will inspire you with the Crucifix of the Christ Lepanto and the crypt of Santa Eulàlia will make leaving vacation holiday homes Barcelona Spain worth the trip.

rental homes, vacation homes, barcelona spainBarcelona Spain holiday homes offer the best of old world escape and new world experiences for the adventurous traveler.  If you leave Barcelona vacation rentals to seek some fun shopping along the cobblestone streets for souvenirs, taking in some of the culture around vacation  holiday homes in Barcelona Spain, or stopping for a moment to enjoy the local food of the region of your vacation rental in Barcelona Spain, Barcelona will steal your heart with the warmth and exploration of an ancient land.

Enjoy your quest for rest or play at your vacation holiday home in Barcelona, Spain by booking your vacation today with iStopOver.


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