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Amazing Sites of Salzburg, Austria

vacation rentals, Salzburg, austria home rentals, vacation rentals homesFrom the purest of air crackling crisply around the spires reaching into the air toward the mountainous peaks with cottages and holiday villas dotting the Austrian landscape, the vacation rentals in Salzburg, Austria are filled with the warmest charm of religion mixed with culture and history.  From breweries owned by monks to breath-taking scenery of mountain views second to none, the Salzburg vacation rental home you rent will provide you a surreal place to relax and rejuvenate in the center of paradise.

Attractions near vacation rental homes Salzburg, Austria:

  • Salzburg Fortress (Festung Hohensalzburg):  The home of the first castle built on the southern side of the Mönchsberg Mountain was merely a wooden structure made to garrison Imperial Roman troops during the early 10th century.  No far from you Salzburg vacation rental home, Salzburg Fortress is worth the trip for the surrounding scenery as the historical aspect of modernization during the Thirty Years war.
  • Augustiner Braustubl:  If you love beer, this is the beer garden for you.  A once in a lifetime experience to enjoy the beers of the regions around your Salzburg vacation holiday homes bringsvacation homes salzburg, vacation rentals, austria, rental homes the ambiance of old world charm as the best beer is served in stone mugs harkening back to the bygone days when the monks of 16th century Salzburg ran the brewery as part of their monastery. 
  • Mozart Residence (Mozart Wohnhaus):  Without objection, a visit to the Mozart residence is a necessity for any music lover.  Surrounded by the culture and atmosphere that inspired one of the great classical composers of all time, the opportunity to see Mozarts residence while at your vacation rental in Salzburg cannot be missed.
  • Mirabell Palace and Gardens:  Want a piece of film history?  Get out of the comfy chair in your vacation home in Salzburg Austria and take the short walk to Mirabell Palace and Gardens.  Now the home of government offices, Mirabell Palace is most know for its appearance in the movie “The Sound of Music.”  With lovely fountains and ornate gardens, this stroll through the magnificent splendor of the gardens and palace are a contained example of the beauty that Hallmarks Salzburg.

vacation rentals salzburg, rental homes, vacation rental homes, austriaAgainst the spectacular backdrop of mountainous views on every side climbing surrounded by awesome spires so notable in Salzburg, the ornate beauty of Austria is reflected in every turn throughout the city set on the panoramic view sweeping across the horizon as far as you can see.

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Elkhart Lake – Your Staycation in the Heartland

Ok, if I couldn’t afford to go to Europe in these troubled times, know where I’d go? Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Elkhart Lake vacation rentalLast fall I had the opportunity to stay in a vacation apartment at the Osthoff Resort with my family. It’s right on the lake. They’ll take you around the lake and even point out Paul Newman’s house.

How is Paul Newman connected to all this? You see Elkhart Lake is legendary in sports car racing circles. They used to run races on the streets around the lake. They still have signs on the more famous curves, telling you about the thrilling action that occurred there during historic street races.

These days folks don’t like cars zipping down “their” streets on Sunday mornings, so they built a race track outside of town. It’s still famous, but different.

I like the fact that the town is serene, the resort is well-manicured, and the lake is placid. Going to Elkhart lake is like stepping back in time in a very good way–enormous cars still pull up at elegant lakeside restaurants–and the resort has wireless internet, so everything’s cool. And summers see a fair amount of art festivals right in front of the Osthoff on the beach. You can’t beat that for convenience.

Need to stay home in the US this year? Elkhart lake isn’t a bad choice.

Jutland for Kids: There’s More Than Just Legoland

The bit of land that pokes the sea north of Germany is called “Jutland.” Most of Jutland is part of Denmark.

While Jutland’s claim to fame is certainly the centrally located Legoland in Billund, the “real” Legoland, there’s lots to see and do here. You’re never far from the sea, or green, open space. Jutland would be great for family vacations.

Once your kids have experienced Legoland, they’d probably want to see Museet Danmarks Brandbiler. They won’t ask for it by name, of course, but what kid wouldn’t be interested in “the worlds biggest collection of Triangel fire engines and horse-drawn and hand-drawn fire-fighting vehicles dating back to about 1800.” Yep, the collection is so big that it’s included in the Guinness Book of Records.

And just to get things down to their size, why not visit Minibyen? You see, “certain townspeople” set some disastrous fires in the old town of Varde during the 19th century and Varde is no more. But craftsmen are using the same techniques used then to build Varde back up, but 1/10 the size! The town appears the same as it was around 1860.

Jutland Vacation RentalOf course, the kids will be yearning for some physical activity after a while, and you can make Vikings of them for a day in Jutland. Yes, they can dress like vikings, talk to viking-like people, and use a bow and arrow (maybe bagging a bison for dinner, ya never know). All this can be had at the Viking Center in Ribe, Denmark.

To save money, you’ll want to house your clan in a Jutland vacation rental. Forget hotels–they’re expensive. There are lots of vacation rentals available in Jutland. The one to the right sleeps 9, for example. Smaller places sleeping 4 can be quite inexpensive for Denmark.

Rent a car, spend a week discovering nature, vikings, and fire engines at a reasonable price. How can you go wrong?

Basking in the Paradise of Acapulco, Mexico

vacation rental homes in acapulco, mexicoUnlike any other beach front rentals, the beach homes in Acapulco make vacation holiday homes in Mexico the crème of the crop.  With perfect white sand beaches stretching for miles around holiday villas set against the shining crystal waters of Acapulco, get your suntan lotion and your favorite beach towel for days of sunshine and nights of spicy parties.  With an equal flavor of local color of the marketplace, outstanding food to tempt the taste buds, and the slow life of the Mexico festivities surrounding your vacation rental in Acapulco, the choice of activities ready to meet the fun of Acapulco vacation holiday homes or sit to relax outside of vacation rentals in Acapulco is completely up to you!

Attractions near vacation rental homes Acapulco, Mexico: vacation homes, rental homes, vacation rental homes, acapulco, mexico

  • Palladium:  If you like the nightlife and love to dance with rhythm pumping music, you will get caught up in the need to dance until dawn with throngs of people celebrating their once in a lifetime visit to Acapulco.
  • Disco Beach:  Clean up at the notorious foam party full of people soaking up the suds of sun, soap, and adult beverages.  Good clean fun brings a highlight of incredible fun for every beach vacation.
  • Laguna de Tres Palos:  This fresh water lagoon straight out of an island utopia is amazing for its delightful interaction with wildlife while swimming, boating, or just relaxing by the scenic view.
  • Capilla de la Paz (Chapel of Peace):  The gorgeous chapel elevated 1200 feet above sea level brings peace in both the panoramic view and the large cross rising up into the heavens.
  • El Fuerte de San Diego:  When you are ready for a festival in the quaint Mexican style, be sure to check out this 18th century fortress converted into a public gathering place filled with food, drinks, and authentic Mexican music.
  • Zocalo:  The soul of Acapulco lies in this undisturbed market square full of restaurants, locals, and shopping opportunities.  Don’t miss your chance to take home souvenirs for the family and experience a little of the real side of Acapulco.

vacation rentals, vacation homes, rental homes, acapulco, mexico

You’re seeking upscale accommodations fit for the first time visitor or a quaint cottage mirroring the relaxed welcoming of the region, Acapulco, Mexico vacation rental homes are calling you to visit the sun drenched shores of infamous Acapulco!

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Braga, Portugal and Bom Jesus

Tourists looking for a budget destination should consider Portugal. Not only is it a place where the traveler can still find value for his dwindling dollar, money is flowing into Portugal from the EU to improve infrastructure. That means that roads and railroads have been getting modernized to further increase the ease of travel.

And don’t forget the north of Portugal. In some ways, the north is the most “Portuguese” part of Portugal. Even though Braga is Portugal’s fifth largest city, when you’re in the historic center you don’t get the feeling that Braga is large at all. Sitting in the main square in the cool of a summer’s eve, sipping a glass of wine while watching the fountains illuminated by changing colored lights will make you wonder why your town doesn’t have such facilities.

But there’s more. On a hill just 5 kilometers out of Braga is the Bom Jesus Sanctuary. It’s the most photographed church in Portugal. You can take Portugal’s oldest funicular (a water-counterbalanced funicular!) up to the top. It has some of the most interesting stairs you’ll ever see. Penitents climb them on their knees.

If you’re not one for staying in the city, Portugal’s rural north is lush with greenery which cools it, even in the summer. You cold do worse than renting an apartment between Braga and Bom Jesus like Aparthotel Mae D’Agua Studio. It’s a decent compromise between a hotel and vacation rental. You get your linens changed daily and your bed made. It’s in a quiet resort where you can even lose some money at the casino or boat in the lake.

Give the north of Portugal a try some day, especially if you like ancient monuments, long walks on deserted beaches and interesting small towns that seemed stopped in time–places where people haven’t even heard of Starbucks and McDonalds.


I have never wanted to live near a roaring ocean. Instead, I live near a lake, on the banks of a creek. The calm and glassy waters are soothing.

Zürich is built around the point where the river Limmat joins Lake Zürich, and for all its big-business swagger, the lake makes the city seem serene, as if it were a resort in the off season.

Zürich has always been on lists of the best places to live. It’s hip and trendy. There’s lots for the tourist to do. I like it a lot.

Zurich apartment rentalZürich would be ideal if only it weren’t so darned expensive.

You can offset this by renting an apartment, say one called the Seefeld that’s a mere 400 meters from the lake. Then you could go to one of the many swimming pool bars (Zurich has the highest concentration of swimming pools on the earth, according to Sarah Johnstone.

In the spring you could also go and see the Burning of the Böögg. Yes, you did want to see that bogeyman get his due, eh? It’s the grand finale of the traditional spring festival of Sechseläuten, where you say “bye” to winter.

Perhaps you’d like to stay a week in Zurich. I certainly do.

Ravenna: Dante, Mosaics and More

I often wonder why more folks don’t visit Ravenna. Oh, yeah, it’s in Italy, for those of you who’ve never heard of it.

Ravenna’s Christian and Byzantine religious buildings have been acknowledged as a world heritage site by UNESCO, and those walls are covered with the world’s richest heritage of mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries. The mosaics are truly spectacular, and during the summer you can see them at night. According to the tourist bureau:

During the season of Mosaics by night, from 20 June to 5 September, the Basilica of San Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra and the exhibition Otium at San Nicolò, open their doors to the public from 9.00 to 11.30 pm so that they can be seen in a new light.

If that isn’t enough, Dante is buried here. You can make a pilgrimage to his tomb. And if that wasn’t enough to establish Ravenna as a literary stronghold, Lord Byron lived in Ravenna and got married there.

So the fact is, Ravenna is a darn nice city in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region, known first and foremost for the extraordinarily high quality of its cuisine. It’s near the sea, for you bathers. You could spend a whole lotta time in Ravenna. So why not stay at this central Ravenna holiday get away.

Yeah, it’s an apartment on three levels. Not much to look at, but it’s got one of those hidden-in-the-back terraces you can eat on–plus a full and spacious kitchen.

Get thee to Ravenna, soon. It’s on the train line to Bologna, for you food lovers, and you can get to Venice pretty easily. Rimini, Italy’s hot new destination, is 45 minutes to an hour away by train.


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