If it is September, it Must be Maritime Festival!

This year in Great Yarmouth, England, the annual Maritime Festival will take place on September 6th to the 7th. Scores of fishing boats arrive in the harbour for this year’s colourful 2 day weekend festival.

The Maritime Festival has become a tradition is dedicated to the sea; the Great Yarmouth´s staple, which visitors will be astounded at the number of different ways fish can be served up. The Maritime Festival Feast of Fish Recipes is something to look forward to with demonstrations being held throughout the festival. So bring a pad and pen and discover a recipe to delight your guests back home. The top chefs from the region will be cooking up feasts.

The Port, which is divided into two parts by the River Yare as it goes out into the North Sea, was famous as a major player in the herring industry in medieval times. Herring was an essential part of this area of England’s economy, and it is still fished in great quantities Yarmouth was also an important maritime base because of its strategic location on the eastern shores.

Besides food, there will be theatre performances, arts & crafts, group singing and of course, Maritime Heritage,

The highlight of this festival will be the numerous vessels scheduled to visit, dating back to the early 20th century consisting of tall ships, shrimp boats, steamers and lifeboats. One to check out is the Wherry Hathor built in 1905 with her interior with inlaid Lotus flowers and hieroglyphics.

The festival will appeal to all with performances of Punch and Judy shows, the Jolly Roger and Horatio Herring.

Even if you are not a beer drinker; that wonderful malt rye bread baked fresh is a must to try.

Your cottage home in Great Yarmouth

Your cottage home in Great Yarmouth

Bells Cottage, as seen here, is a perfect 3 bedroom beach cottage to reside in during the festival. Having a rental home gives you the flexibility to be so close to enjoying each day’s activities and a private retreat to return to and unwind.

With all the amenities at hand in your comfy cottage, bring back some fish and try some of the new methods you picked up at the Maritime Festival Feast of Fish Recipes.

Even without a festival, Greater Yarmouth offers many historical museums, lush green terrain and modern day amusements that you will never run out of ideas on how to spend your time. The only problem you may run into is not enough time to do it all.

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