Nazaré for Seafarers, Legends and More

One event that takes place yearly, in this quaint fishing port along the Atlantic Ocean located in Nazaré, Portugal, is the Our Lady of Nazaré Festival (Nossa Senhora da Nazre Romaria). The festival begins on September 8 and is the biggest celebration in Nazaré to include great food, wine, singing, bullfights and folk dancing.

The town derives its name from Nazareth, Palestine, where the origins of a statue of the Virgin Mary came from. It was brought back to this fishing village by a monk in the 4th century, according to legend. Because of her presence, the villagers felt the Virgin Mary bestowed good fortune for them with the sea. The main attraction on the 8th is the religious procession commencing from the 17th century Nossa Senhora da Nazare Church and carrying the image of Our Lady of Nazaré down to the sea for blessings.

What nicer way is there to witness this festival by its townspeople firsthand than staying at your own 2 bedroom holiday home overlooking the sea. Within walking distant to the town center you will be assured you will not miss a thing.

Overlook the sea in Nazaré in your 2 bedroom vacation home.

Overlook the sea in Nazaré in your 2 bedroom vacation home.

Being discovered to become a resort for those in the know; the area professes long sandy shorelines, considered to be among the best beaches of Portugal. 

It is possible to see the town’s traditional ways of daily life still in existence. It is here that the fishermen still sport the area’s traditional garb as their great grandfathers did and sail their brightly painted fishing boats moored right on the beach. Where else can you see the local women carrying immense loads on their heads or sitting with each other, sewing up fishing nets for their men wearing the traditional black? The narrow streets of the fishing area remind the visitor the daily lives of its inhabitant have gone unobstructed to the rigors of modern life.
You may notice woman wearing seven layers of brightly colored petticoats under their skirts, which are known as the “Seven Skirts of Nazare.” There are different theories, pertaining to this custom, as some are convinced that the petticoats relate to the seven days of the week; while others state it is the rainbow, matching their husband’s boats, thus, signifying good fortune and harvest at sea. Most likely it actually came about as way for fishermen’s wives to stay warm against the elements.

Needless to say, the waterfront is lined with some excellent seafood restaurants serving the fresh catch of the day and anytime is wonderful for a visit. Get an amazing panoramic view of Nazaré and the sea by taking a funicular that climbs 360ft above in the town of Sitio.


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