Stay in the Azure Alps of France

Not so far from Italy is Vence, France. I like Vence and its medieval offshoot St. Paul de Vence. Expensive, but this is where the beautiful people come. If you want some wine, you can duck into Italy to buy it. It’s much cheaper there.

Vence has literary and artistic roots. D. H. Lawrence died in Vence, unfortunately. Chagall did a mosaic on the outside wall of a chapel in Vence. Matisse did some stained glass at Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence. You should visit.

Yes, you should get a little place of your own and discover Vence. Spend a day in St. Paul de Vence. Hold on to your wallet. No, not because of the pickpockets. People make expensive things you probably want in St. Paul. Oh, the temptation of it!

St Jeannet - Vence Vacation Rental

St Jeannet - Vence Vacation Rental

Here’s where I’d stay. It’s called 152 Ch La Fontonne for some reason.
It’s just east of Vence. Doesn’t the picture on the left say “south of France” to you? Don’t you want to put a big bowl of olives on that table and one of those square bottles of water you use to pour over the ice and pastis to turn the whole deal all cloudy-white?

Then you rest. You maybe hear some cicadas in the summer, crying away.

Italy is just a hop, skip and a jump from here. The sea is not so far, either. You’ve always wanted to butter up your body on the Cote d’Azure, haven’t you? Well, now’s the time.

Here is what Provence Beyond says about St. Jeannet: “The village of St. Jeannet sits on a ledge beneath the towering Baou de St. Jeannet, with the Baou de la Gaude just to the right (east), and the Baou des Noirs and Baou des Blancs lined up to the west towards Vence. The village is beautiful, picturesque, authentic, and not overrun with tourists.”

That’s a lot of Baous. Don’t you want to be in the midst of them?

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  4. 4 Phillip Defreitas | Fun Things to do in DC November 18, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    Chapelle du Rosaire,Built between 1947 and 1951, this stunning little chapel lies just north of Vence, nestled on the hillside. Matisse created this masterpiece after staying in Vence to recover from an illness after the war. Nursed by the Dominican nuns, he devoted many years to this chapel as repayment for their kindness.

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