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Bossa Nova along the Pearl of the Atlantic – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wake up to view like this one. It will only enhance your vacation.

Wake up to view like this one. It will only enhance your vacation.

Everything in Sao Paulo seems larger than life and rightfully so. Known as the Latin American powerhouse by being the business capitol of South America; it has the busiest port and houses a population of at least 11 million inhabitants just within its urban confines. But Sao Paulo is more than a cosmopolitan city; it is actually a state within Brazil that is culturally diverse, vivacious, and full of unparalleled beauty. A visit to the State of Sao Paulo will give you the best of urban, suburban and rural enviroments.

Enjoy the sun between the mountains and the sea and have the advantage of the close proximity to the capitol, Sao Paulo City. Besides the best beaches south of the Equator along the Atlantic Ocean are in the towns of Sao Sebastiao, Guaruja, Riviera De Sao Lourenco and Ubatuba. This area is known for its excellent waves and it is the place for many International surfing championships.

Obtain the finest holiday along the seaside in the State of Sao Paulo with a vacation rental. Get away to a private sanctuary and rent a one bedroom that sleeps five, such as in this one at the Hotel Wembley Inn located on Toninhas Beach. Make it easy on yourself to obtain great accommodations at a low price in a sought after world class beach resort. You will have the comforts of home in unsurpassed surroundings and access to both natural and manmade wonders.

Head to the city, where you will find numerous art museums and historic buildings. If you don’t take your camera, you’ll regret it. The best collection of colonial art and artifacts found in South America is in The Museo de Arte Sacra & Jardim da Luz. Deemed by many as an opportunity not to be missed, look towards the Sao Paulo Museum of Art (MASP).  The collection consists of both European and Brazilian art dating from antiquity to the present.

The coastal towns offer an abundance of interest too. Guaruja is a popular beach resort near to Sao Paulo City. This beach resort has remains of its former past such as the 16th century Barra Grande Fortress and Armacao das Baleras.  The former was the first industrial plant set up in the State of Sao Paulo for the extraction of whale oil.

The natural wonders are free to see in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The natural wonders are free to see in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The largest aquarium in South America,  Acqua Mundo Theme Park is located along the coast. This aquarium claims to have more than 700 species of aquatic animals and is a place to certainly entertain the smallest member of your party.

The pinnacle of a trip to the State of Sao Paulo is walking through a jungle near the coast among water falls and a portion of nature where the fauna and flora flourish. Become a budget eco-tourist with an outing into the jungles among the increasingly mountainous and heavily forested Serra do Mar. Several operators can arrange day tours to the different jungles within and near the State of Sao Paulo.  Just think how difficult to it will be to decide between the green or the urban jungle as you Bossa Nova the night away. The only solution is just do both on your vacation.


The Night is White Until Daybreak in Madrid, Spain

For the past two years, Madrid, observed the Uno Noche en Blanco (one night in white) and due its amazing success it looks it though it has become a yearly tradition.

This year’s occasion will be celebrated on September 13th and can be defined as “the greatest expression of public art that has ever been organised” according to city officials. The influence of this interactive, artistic and alternative event is based upon the last full moon prior to autumn. A similar version is celebrated in many other European cities. What makes this happening even more exciting in Madrid is its inhabitants spend more time outdoors naturally even without an event of this magnitude. The mellow evening temperatures do not hurt either to walk around the many exhibits.

The best way to know a city like Madrid; with your own place in the center of it all.

The best way to know a city like Madrid; with your own place in the center of it all.

The event of the year begins at 9PM until 7AM the following morning. That gives you hours to discover some of the 150 great cultural activities planned throughout the city. There can be an opera concert on one street, a modern art exhibit on the next and even an acrobatic performance in the park. It is all there for you to discover with many surprises throughout. Just remember to take a nap during the day of the 13th, so you can enjoy the 10 full hours of a once in a lifetime memory.

Obtain a vacation rental to hang your hat, get some sleep and place on your walking shoes for this wonderful night or any other time in Madrid. With a loft 2 bedroom apartment, you have all the comforts of home for less than the price of a hotel room.

Be thrilled to know and experience that this lively metropolis and capitol of Spain is anything but boring even without Uno Noche en Blanco. Between theatres offering touring Broadway shows, an Opera house, great monuments, a Royal Palace  and multitude of renowned museums consisting of art, archaeology and history, Madrid proposes something for all. While the museums contribute both worldwide permanent and visiting collections; a visit to the green oasis, Retiro Park, affords some quality time with nature adjacent to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Take some time to explore the stylish architectural fine points along the Grand Via. These details will convince you that Madrid is a grand city not to be missed.

Holiday home in Madrid.

More room than a hotel can offer for less in price.

There are plenty of fine cafes and restaurants in Madrid that cater to all kinds of tastes or head to the Mercado (market) and obtain the fresh goodies and whip up something in your holiday home like this 2 bedroom duplex loft.

When should you visit Madrid? This is a city that is contemporary and on the go with a vibrant feel that draws you to her; so the perfect time is anytime.


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