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On and Off the Slopes of Tyrol, Austria

Tryol, Austria Vacation Rentals, austria vacation rental homes, austria rental homesIf you are a snow bunny looking for the perfect vacation holiday home Tyrol Austria to hit the slopes, then the skiing of Tyrol Austria is legendary for fresh powder and downhill thrills.  For those a little less adventurous, the quaint cottages and holiday villas are the right place to celebrate a few quiet moments bundled up next to a crackling fireplace with some hot chocolate.
Here are my top recommendations for visiting your Tyrol, Austria vacation holiday home:
  • Swarovski Crystal:  If there is one thing that Austria is famous for…it has to be crystal.  The highly prized Swarovski Crystal is the perfect place to pick up a special wedding or anniversary gift for yourself or someone else.  At the very heart of Tyrol Austria in the marketplace, the Swarovski Crystal factory near your vacation home in Tyrol Austria has been the benchmark for excellence in crystal for over 100 years.Tryol, Austria Vacation Rentals, austria vacation rental homes, austria rental homes
  • The Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl): Although this is one of the most interesting places to visit in Tyrol, it is only really a small balcony in Innsbrucks marketplace in the historic district.  This is the balcony especially decorated with gold plated copper to honor the marriage of Maximilian I and his wife. Worth seeing on your way by, but the adventures of the marketplace are much more exciting and give you the perfect opportunity from some souvenir shopping while at  your vacation holiday home in Tyrol Austria.
  • Triumphal Arch (Triumphpforte):  Visible from almost every point around your vacation rental home in Tyrol Austria, this incredible Triumphal Arch is a celebration of life and death!  Built to commemorate the marriage of Leopold to Maria Ludovica, the scrollwork on one side is in beautiful stone work with happy images.  However, on the other side, the images are of sadness due to the death of Francis I in Austria.
  • Bruck Castle (Schloss Bruck) and Museum of East Tyrol (Osttiroler Heimatmuseum):  This beautiful castle stands close to vacation rental homes in Tyrol Austria as a testament of the lovely Austrian architecture set in the countryside.  Looking over the sprawling quaint town of Tyrol, Bruck Castle and Museum marks the history and evolution of Tyrol through times of peace and war.
  • St. Andra (Church of St. Andrew): Only a short trip from vacations rental in Tyrol, the peaceful serenity of Tyrol Austria is reflected in St. Andra.  A stroll through the old cemetery gives a historical perspective and timeline of existence visible in the old graveyard and stone church.

Tryol, Austria Vacation Rentals, austria vacation rental homes, austria rental homesWhether you want to take in the sights around you Tyrol vacation rental or do some shopping in the marketplace for some of the finest crystal across the continent, the vacation homes Tyrol provide the ideal location all throughout the city.  Your vacation home Tyrol Austria is waiting for you to pick your activities and plan your vacation.


To experience the best of Tyrol holiday home for your spectacular trip to Austria, book your vacation home in Tyrol, Austria today with Vacapedia and get ready to be greeted by the beauty of the thriving culture of Austria.


Austria holiday villas are buzzing year round with the glories of nature set against the strands of Mozart, their native son.  Seeing Austria while staying in a cottage near the Alps gives every travel insight into the inspiration Mozart turned into music so many years ago.   Vacation rentals in Austria supply the best of winter sports, natural beauty, and cultural enlightenment all in one snow capped location. 

Within an accessible distance from your vacation rental in Austria is the Eisriesenwelt Caves.  The Eisriesenwelt Caves, at an elevation of over 5300 feet, are a primary attraction for visitors to Austria vacation rentals due to the shimmering ice palace like formations of these enchanting ice caves.  If something more structured is your idea of interesting, then Salzburg’s Baroque style architecture is worth the trip from Austria vacation homes.  Surrounding your vacation home in Austria, within a short walk down the lane, a plethora of plazas and buildings reflecting baroque flavor rise above the walkway to greet you.  As a history buff, your Austria vacation home in Vienna reflects the victorious power of the Habsburg Dynasty.  See history come alive in around your Austria vacation holiday home as you walk through the home of the Habsburgs.

Things to see near your vacation home in Austria:

  • Krimml Falls:  Three beautiful layers of cascading falls flow gentle down through the small town below.  During the winter, the falls provide a winter wonderland of sports and sights of a crystal palace.  In the warmer months, the climb up the pathways to over 1246ft to enjoy the views from the plateaus of the falls against the sunny lands below.
  • Schloss Hellbrunn:  This 17th century castle built by Markus Sittikus is dazzling with its amazing tricky fountains and water powered figures.  In every way that the water can be fun on land, Hellbrunn sends droplets of enjoyment spinning past elated visitors.  With a beautifully preserved baroque style castle with fabulously manicured grounds and gardens are experiences in history.
  • Kuenringerburg:  These incredible ruins of the famed castle which once imprisoned Richard the Lion Hearted (Richard I) stands as an important reminder of a cost of insulting a King.  Imprisoned by King Leopold V of Austria for over a year, Kuenringerburg stands apart in history with a spectacular view of the Danube River through the valley below.

The home of tempting chocolates, sensational food, and mouth watering liqueurs, your Austria vacation rental will become the place to find anything that pleasures your palette.  Whether your Austria vacation rental home is your base for is the base for your days of fun or nights out in town, you will be sure to enjoy the activities and events throughout Austria.   Austria vacation rental homes welcome you to the home of culture, music, food, and exploration!

Find a Austria vacation rental for your next holiday.


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