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Rome, Italy

It’s hard to walk down the streets of Rome from your vacation rental in Rome without being swept up in the history, architecture, and religion of the region.   Dubbed the Eternal City for the long and often bloody history, Rome vacation rentals exist in the spiritual center for the Western World.  Vacation rentals in Rome gain access to a private world caught between the old and the new…the spiritual and the earthly…the expressive and the restrictive.  Hosting the widely noted Vatican, the vacation homes in Rome are an insight into the intertwined bloody history of Rome and the spiritual evolution of the Catholic Church. 

A short distance by cab or scooter from your vacation rental home Rome leads to the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano.  From many vacation rentals Rome, you can visit Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, the first Christian Basilica inside the city of Rome, where much of the architecture is a mixture of many periods and styles due to the constant rebuilding and obvious upkeep.  Of course, the largest attractions to visitors to vacation rental homes in Rome are not to Christian religious structures or in observance of the hordes of religious loot “collected” in the chapels of today.

Must see sights by your Rome vacation Rental:

  • Trevi Fountain:  Stroll by the Trevi Fountain, either alone or with the one you love, to see the largest Italian fountain immortalized in movies and art throughout the world.  A symbol of the romance of Italy, the Trevi Fountain has stood strong for over two hundred years as individuals pitch coins over their shoulder into the fountain to show their love of Rome and participate in the Roman tradition of love. 
  • Pantheon:  A celebration of dedication to the Gods, this Temple of the Gods is a glorious realization of the vitality of the city of Rome.  As the memorial burial place of several Italian Kings and the famed Italian artist Raphael, the Pantheon serves as a stunning intersection of history, religion, architecture, and art.
  • Coliseum:  Standing tall and proud as the very essence Roman history, visiting Rome without seeing the Coliseum is missing the point of the trip.  Steeped in the history of gladiators fighting exotic animals of all types, standing in the Coliseum is to hear the cheer of the crowds, feel the thrill of the massive battles, and visualize the emperor Nero standing high above the games. Considered one of the spectacular wonders of the historical world, Rome exists and thrives around this slice of a bygone day.

Most people to Rome vacation rental homes find their footsteps quickly drawn to one of two places.  On the trip from the airport to their vacation rental home Rome, the opposing views of the Coliseum and the Pantheon rise over the city.  Standing in the Coliseum, the ground literally vibrates with the ghostly cheers of the crowd as gladiators battled fierce animals.  

With so much to do and see, you might need to plan a few extra days in your Rome holiday home.

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Barbados, Caribbean

The mixture of cultures from around the Caribbean makes Barbados the contrast of Barbados vacation rentals.  With little doubt about its native heritage, Barbados cottages are sprinkled side by side with beach homes calling you to a beach vacation filled with the music of steel drums, the flavors of several nations, and the a fascination with the slow life.  A British colony since discovery, beach rentals in Barbados are colored with a smattering of cultural influences from Dutch to French to Spanish due to their long history with the surrounding West Indies islands. 

With picturesque sugar plantation houses and architecture that practically changes style at every block, the walk from holiday villas through town is a treat for every visitor.  A mired of celebrations year round make vacation rentals in Barbados a taste of international interaction. Festivities close to your vacation home in Barbados include the Crop-Over festival celebrating the sugar cane harvest, the Holetown Festival commemorating the founding of Barbados by English settlers, and Calypso Festival dancing through the streets in colorful costumes to the sounds of local music.  Beach houses and vacation rentals Barbados will quickly convenience you that the ownership might be British, but the culture is unique to the Barbados inhabitants. 

Fun things in Barbados near your vacation rental:

  • Harrison’s Cave:  Accentuated by a spectacular 40 foot waterfall that flows into a hidden lagoon worthy of a movie, Harrison’s Cave brings a whole new meaning to paradise.  With a network of underground streams creating a beautiful limestone canvas of natural formations carved by time and nature.  Left undiscovered until the early 1970s, much of the fabulous landscape is still undisturbed by human hands.
  • Taste of Barbados:  This festival of fine wines and foods has all the flavor of paradise with a splash of the steel drums against the backdrop of a Barbados sunset!  Although it only occurs once a year, Taste of Barbados Festival invites all to indulge in the mixture of incredible food prepared by top level chefs, attend once-in-a-lifetime cooking seminars, or site back with a cold rum drink to enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Sunbury Plantation House & Museum:  Set in the middle of a dazzling array of gardens and flowers, the Sunbury Plantation House & Museum provide an intimate look into the everyday workings of a Barbados plantation.  Although parts of the house have been rebuilt to do fire damage at different times in history, the house has been painfully restored for visitors.
  • St. John’s Parish Church:  Built in the early 1800s, St. John’s Parish Church has an unparallel view from the church yard of the oceans surrounding Barbados.  A notable burial in the St. John’s Parish Churchyard is Ferdinando Paleologus, a descendent of Emperor Constantine the Great.  St. John’s Parish Church is an amazing piece of history standing strong in the middle of paradise.

Vacation Rental homes in Barbados brings you into an inner world of people and flavors not experienced anywhere else in the Caribbean. The shining blue ocean greets you with smiles of sunlight dancing off of the water as the sunsets and invites you to start the night with a cool drink in your beach front rental before moving on to dinner.  Barbados welcomes you with music, fun, and laughter to your vacation rental home in Barbados today!

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Palm Springs, CA

Often referred to the center of opulence and luxury, vacation rentals in Palm Springs are considered the height of fashion and pampering for people of all ages.  Separated from the Joshua Tree National Park by the Little San Bernardino Mountains, Palm Springs hosts beautiful suites of luxury vacation rentals.  Situated within driving distance from your vacation rental, the incredible scenery of Big Bear Lake combined with the flavorful slash of the food and wine of San Bernardino makes Palm Springs vacation rentals the perfect retreat to rejuvenate your mind. 

Whether relaxing during a therapeutic massage in a local spa or enjoying a local tour of the mountain scenery close to your Palm Springs vacation rental, your vacation is sure to be filled with spectacular pictures to share with family and friends.  Your luxury vacation rental centrally located to the finest restaurants, cultural events like playhouses or museums, and celebrity homes. Each luxury vacation rental in Palm Springs exudes the pleasures of pampered life with the pleasures of play in all activities from shopping the day away to dancing the night away after a 5 star dinner.

Our favorite Palm Springs Attractions near your vacation rental:

  • Indian Canyons:  With over 50 miles of natural, rustic beauty, Indian Canyons is a canvas of history painted against a background of the mountains.  From quiet streams calling out for summer play picnics, and discovery, the breath of past inhabitants whispers into your ears as they appear before your eyes.  Indian Canyons allows visitors to step back into history and experience a land that existed before the invention of a cars and the internet.
  • Palm Springs Aerial Tram:  The fantastic view from the Palm Springs Aerial Tram is just the beginning of the ride!  The various attractions surrounding the Palm Springs Aerial Tram include nature walks, hiking, fishing, and skiing (in the wintertime of course!).  Truly set into a natural paradise of the mountains, taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to a retreat of nature brings relaxation and the opportunity to create adventure for people of all ages.
  • Moorten Botanical Gardens:  For the minor price of $3 per adult and $1.50 for children, the Moorten Botanical Gardens contain a plethora of dazzling array over 3,000 of cactus species from all over the world.  Many times the backdrop for parties and weddings, the Moorten Botanical Gardens exhibits the wide away of flowering cactus that are displayed throughout the deserts homes and plains.  Most noted for their landscaped of famous celebrity homes, Moorten Botanical Gardens breath soul and beauty into a desert setting and bring the fun of discovery to the whole family.

Nestled in the comfortable grand scale mixture of historical districts, cultural events, and panoramic scenes, your vacation rental in Palm Springs is sure to exceed your standards and open your senses to the experiences of luxury.  While surrounded by the freedom to partake in the desert hot springs or simply relax by the pool of the vacation rentals, the most difficult decision you will make every day is to leave your luxury vacation rental in Palm Springs for the fun of the city or stay home to enjoy the quiet life! 

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Myrtle Beach, SC

When you hit Myrtle Beach for the first time and see your beach vacation rental, you will be awed by the dynamic mixture of food, coastline, and shopping.  Myrtle Beach, with over 60 miles of beaches and vacation rentals, is home to the very essence of South Carolina hospitality and coastal charm.  From early mornings of watching dolphins plan in the surf and sunrise just beyond the breakpoint of the waves to late night of wonderful seafood, your vacation rental in Myrtle Beach will be a montage of flavors and sights to build memories upon.  Spending all day building castles in the sand or lounging around in your beach chair reading your “beach book” outside of your vacation rental may sound like paradise to you.  But, should you choose to go exploring, there is plenty more to do!

If you are ready for some outdoor sports, then your Myrtle Beach vacation rental offers you a central location to partake of the Grand Strand Fishing Rodeo in fresh or salt water and play the pro golf courses that line the inside of the city.  If beach music and a lively party are more your scene, a short trip from any vacation rental in Myrtle Beach will lead you to the Beach, Boogie, and BBQ festival.  With crafts fairs, flea markets, outlet stores, and boutiques abounding around every corner, you will need room in your vacation rental to store all of your shopping booty. Vacapedia Vacation Homes

Things to see close to your Myrtle Beach vacation rental:

  • Myrtle Beach Speedway:  For the race car sports fans at heart, the thrill of NASCAR awaits at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.  With the biggest names in NASCAR racing under the lights on Saturday nights, the combination of beach vacation and NASCAR draws thousands to Myrtle Beach.  With famed racing companies using the Myrtle Beach Speedway as a testing ground for new cars or new drivers, the excitement is always electric at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.
  • South Carolina Hall of Fame:  If history is your topic of choice, you can learn all about the great state of South Carolina at the South Carolina Hall of Fame.  From the early days of the civil war to the role of Andrew Jackson in South Carolina history, the colorful past of South Carolina from the mountains to the seaport of Charleston and every point in between is available at this official home of South Carolina history.
  • Huntington Beach State Park:  A true natural lover’s paradise, the Huntington Beach State Park is a treasure trove of wildlife and natural habitats indigenous to South Carolina.  With warm salt marshlands, natural trails, and the historic castle Atalaya, once the home of noted sculptor Anna Hyatt, the setting resonates with the beautiful tranquility of South Carolina.

Mrytle Beach Vacapedia vacation rentalsWith pride, Myrtle Beach gives visitors a taste of coastal living by supply fresh seafood caught by local fishermen living around their beach vacation rentals.  The very best seasonal events combined with treasurers of things to discover make Myrtle Beach rentals the right place for fun and play.

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San Diego, CA

While visiting your San Diego vacation rental, you will find a city of diverse events and attractions.  From the dazzling coastline of beaches edging off into the Pacific Ocean to the world famous San Diego Zoo, your vacation rental will become your hub of activities as you decide what you want to do in the second largest city in California.  Whether planning a few days or a few weeks at your vacation rental in San Diego, there will never be enough time to tackle all the city offers travelers.  The lively, bustling street parties welcoming visitors to revel in the people and atmosphere of San Diego and to the majestic beauty of the far away Laguna Mountain rising over the horizon of vacation rentals across the city, San Diego throws open its doors to welcome all.

The dining near San Diego vacation rentals is a varied and exquisitely tempting treat for the tongue.  From the hybrid creations, such as fish tacos, of the eateries local to vacation rentals in San Diego to the lively Spanish cuisine (and many flavors in between!), the food in San Diego is as varied as its activities.  From outdoor pubs near popular locations to upscale fine dining, your luxury vacation rental in San Diego is sure to please.

Three of our favorites within a short distance from your San Diego vacation rental:

  • La Jolla:  Bathing in sunshine, culture, and activities, La Jolla boasts a beautiful coastline of palm trees standing in dark relief against the orange skyline of the setting sun.  From the sparkling water washing against the sandy beaches to the pristine shopping areas filled with opportunities to buy the perfect souvenirs, La Jolla is the perfect place to spend a few hours or a few days.
  • San Diego Zoo:  From the thousands of plant species to the exotic animals seldom seen outside of television programs, visitors are treated the updated facilities reflecting the natural habitats of the animals.  In thus adding to the visual and educational interaction of the visitor, the San Diego Zoo is expansive in its facilities and its exhibits of the well recognized creatures as well as the unfamiliar species.
  • San Diego Wild Animal Park:  Known for their collection of animals facing extinction, the visions of the San Diego Wild Animal Park started off as a wild life preserve.  In their ability to breed species near-extinction and return them to the wild has helped preserve many whole generations of animals.  With habitats split apart into smaller areas representing origins like the Heart of Africa and the Nairobi Village, San Diego Wild Animal Park boasts a petting zoo and an animal nursery.

In a city given to the vibe and thrive of its people, luxury vacation rentals in San Diego provide every opportunity to relax at the local spa or golf on famed courses of pro golfers.   No matter what your reason for visiting San Diego, you won’t be disappointed in either the city or your luxury vacation rental.

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Maui, HI

While vacationing in beautiful Maui vacation rentals, the majestic beauty of warm summer beaches surrounded by tropical lush green mountains makes vacation rentals in Maui the perfect choice for relaxation and ease.  If you feel like taking one of the many guided tours easily accessible from your Maui vacation home rental, the people await you with all the charm and hospitality of the rich Polynesian culture.  From the lazy activities of relaxing on the beach with a good book to enjoying one of the most spectacular surfing locations in the world, your vacation rental home in Maui will quickly become your home away from home.

Embraced at every turn by the gorgeous foliage of rare tropical flowers welcoming you upon arrival at your Maui self catering vacation home, the ambitious visitor can take in mornings of shopping for souvenirs, afternoons of color drenched sunsets on the beach, and nights of tasty Polynesian food.   Your Maui vacation rental in the “Little Valley” carefully hidden behind the dancing palm trees will make your Maui vacation one to remember again and again.

Don’t want to miss sights close to your vacation rental in Maui:

  • HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK:  Located over 10,000 ft above sea level and visible from every point on the island of Maui, Haleakala Crater (translated as “House of the Sun” in Hawaiian) is visited by thousands every year.  As the ultimate place to view spectacular sunrises and inspirational sunsets, Haleakala Crater still remains the largest dormant volcano on earth.  Steeped in the cultural mythology of Hawaiian legends, the postcard views are an incredible way to begin or end any day in paradise.
  • HANA:  If getting there is half the fun for you, then the trip to Hana will be your perfect day.  The scenic drive along the coastline of Maui swirling through the trees revealing spectacular views hidden again in seconds that pass by like a beautiful slideshow of hundreds of curves.  Once in Hana, the prized Red Cinder Beach, an incredible sight in itself, allows of the experience of relaxation in the sun.
  • IAO VALLEY STATE PARK:  In IOA Valley, the history and beauty of Maui melt into one sun drenched local.  The climb to the top of the 12,000 ft. above sea level IOA Needle provides a breath taking view of the Maui landscape.  Historically marked as the place where King Kamehameha defeated the Maui army during the Battle of Kepaniwai in an effort to unify Hawaii.

Although activities abound within the shortest distance from your Maui vacation holiday home, the choice of how you spend your time is completely up to you!  There is a beach chair waiting for you right outside of your Maui vacation rental!  The sun drenched Maui climate makes Maui vacation rentals a perfect postcard of fun in the sun no matter what you choose to do.  So, don’t wait…bring your bathing suit, sunglasses, and tanning oil to Maui vacation rentals and have the vacation of a lifetime.

Aloha…and welcome to Maui vacation rentals!   Find a Maui vacation rental for your next holiday.


Austria holiday villas are buzzing year round with the glories of nature set against the strands of Mozart, their native son.  Seeing Austria while staying in a cottage near the Alps gives every travel insight into the inspiration Mozart turned into music so many years ago.   Vacation rentals in Austria supply the best of winter sports, natural beauty, and cultural enlightenment all in one snow capped location. 

Within an accessible distance from your vacation rental in Austria is the Eisriesenwelt Caves.  The Eisriesenwelt Caves, at an elevation of over 5300 feet, are a primary attraction for visitors to Austria vacation rentals due to the shimmering ice palace like formations of these enchanting ice caves.  If something more structured is your idea of interesting, then Salzburg’s Baroque style architecture is worth the trip from Austria vacation homes.  Surrounding your vacation home in Austria, within a short walk down the lane, a plethora of plazas and buildings reflecting baroque flavor rise above the walkway to greet you.  As a history buff, your Austria vacation home in Vienna reflects the victorious power of the Habsburg Dynasty.  See history come alive in around your Austria vacation holiday home as you walk through the home of the Habsburgs.

Things to see near your vacation home in Austria:

  • Krimml Falls:  Three beautiful layers of cascading falls flow gentle down through the small town below.  During the winter, the falls provide a winter wonderland of sports and sights of a crystal palace.  In the warmer months, the climb up the pathways to over 1246ft to enjoy the views from the plateaus of the falls against the sunny lands below.
  • Schloss Hellbrunn:  This 17th century castle built by Markus Sittikus is dazzling with its amazing tricky fountains and water powered figures.  In every way that the water can be fun on land, Hellbrunn sends droplets of enjoyment spinning past elated visitors.  With a beautifully preserved baroque style castle with fabulously manicured grounds and gardens are experiences in history.
  • Kuenringerburg:  These incredible ruins of the famed castle which once imprisoned Richard the Lion Hearted (Richard I) stands as an important reminder of a cost of insulting a King.  Imprisoned by King Leopold V of Austria for over a year, Kuenringerburg stands apart in history with a spectacular view of the Danube River through the valley below.

The home of tempting chocolates, sensational food, and mouth watering liqueurs, your Austria vacation rental will become the place to find anything that pleasures your palette.  Whether your Austria vacation rental home is your base for is the base for your days of fun or nights out in town, you will be sure to enjoy the activities and events throughout Austria.   Austria vacation rental homes welcome you to the home of culture, music, food, and exploration!

Find a Austria vacation rental for your next holiday.


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