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Bossa Nova along the Pearl of the Atlantic – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wake up to view like this one. It will only enhance your vacation.

Wake up to view like this one. It will only enhance your vacation.

Everything in Sao Paulo seems larger than life and rightfully so. Known as the Latin American powerhouse by being the business capitol of South America; it has the busiest port and houses a population of at least 11 million inhabitants just within its urban confines. But Sao Paulo is more than a cosmopolitan city; it is actually a state within Brazil that is culturally diverse, vivacious, and full of unparalleled beauty. A visit to the State of Sao Paulo will give you the best of urban, suburban and rural enviroments.

Enjoy the sun between the mountains and the sea and have the advantage of the close proximity to the capitol, Sao Paulo City. Besides the best beaches south of the Equator along the Atlantic Ocean are in the towns of Sao Sebastiao, Guaruja, Riviera De Sao Lourenco and Ubatuba. This area is known for its excellent waves and it is the place for many International surfing championships.

Obtain the finest holiday along the seaside in the State of Sao Paulo with a vacation rental. Get away to a private sanctuary and rent a one bedroom that sleeps five, such as in this one at the Hotel Wembley Inn located on Toninhas Beach. Make it easy on yourself to obtain great accommodations at a low price in a sought after world class beach resort. You will have the comforts of home in unsurpassed surroundings and access to both natural and manmade wonders.

Head to the city, where you will find numerous art museums and historic buildings. If you don’t take your camera, you’ll regret it. The best collection of colonial art and artifacts found in South America is in The Museo de Arte Sacra & Jardim da Luz. Deemed by many as an opportunity not to be missed, look towards the Sao Paulo Museum of Art (MASP).  The collection consists of both European and Brazilian art dating from antiquity to the present.

The coastal towns offer an abundance of interest too. Guaruja is a popular beach resort near to Sao Paulo City. This beach resort has remains of its former past such as the 16th century Barra Grande Fortress and Armacao das Baleras.  The former was the first industrial plant set up in the State of Sao Paulo for the extraction of whale oil.

The natural wonders are free to see in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The natural wonders are free to see in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The largest aquarium in South America,  Acqua Mundo Theme Park is located along the coast. This aquarium claims to have more than 700 species of aquatic animals and is a place to certainly entertain the smallest member of your party.

The pinnacle of a trip to the State of Sao Paulo is walking through a jungle near the coast among water falls and a portion of nature where the fauna and flora flourish. Become a budget eco-tourist with an outing into the jungles among the increasingly mountainous and heavily forested Serra do Mar. Several operators can arrange day tours to the different jungles within and near the State of Sao Paulo.  Just think how difficult to it will be to decide between the green or the urban jungle as you Bossa Nova the night away. The only solution is just do both on your vacation.

Lagos, Portugal is the Land of Discoveries.

The Algarve region in Portugal is dotted with many villages along its rugged and sandy coasts. One of the most striking is an attractive waterfront town on the Algarve, Lagos. Here you are in the middle of the cliffs of the most South-westerly point of Europe jutting into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors all settled here. Henry the Navigator launched the age of discovery and arranged Vasco de Gama to set sail for what was to be his discovery of Brazil. There are several interesting statues erected to Vasco de Gama and other famous figures of the past that are associated with the history of this town and their past sea adventurers. The old town of Lagos is still surrounded by the medieval wall. Today visitors and the artists who remain only have found something special about Lagos beside the delightful beaches.

The family will be right at home in their vacation home.

The family will be right at home in their vacation home.

Lagos is popular with visitors for several reasons. The first being it is relatively diminutive in area. This makes it large enough to nurture activities yet small enough to feel quaint. Known for its miles of sandy beaches, Lagos is the ideal place on the Algarve in a holiday home such as this 3 bedroom with unlimited views facing the Atlantic.

It is easy to do nothing at all by lounging on the beach or venture into the numerous hidden gems of the area.  Lagos is a perfect escape for the entire family.

Everyday there is probably a festival of some sort going on in Portugal with its rich cultural heritage and religious roots. The windows of Lagos look towards the Americas, where at one time the view was considered to be the End of the World. That was of course until the discovery and European colonization of the Americas.

That is just what the upcoming Festa dos Descobrimentos (Festival of Two Discoveries) celebrates. It is the pinnacle for both locals and tourists looking forward to each year in Lagos. This year’s event begins near the end of October, running into the first weeks of November. What a wonderful way for any visitor to absorb Lagos’s culture celebrating the discovery period. You have chance to witness the bands, floats and costumes of this popular festival. 

The striking long park-like cobblestone and mosaic-patterned promenade runs along a section of the old city’s stonewall. The promenade stretches directly to the new Marina, totally pedestrian-friendly.

In the Marina visitors will find different boat tours, deep sea-fishing outings that can be arranged in advance. One of the best outing is to take is the grotto tour by signing-up with one of the vendors near the front of town. Observe from the water, the distinctive and magnificent cliffs that surround the Lagos and remember your camera.

A favorite among children and adults is Zoo Marine featuring dolphin interaction in an aquarium setting of over 8 acres. The theater presents One World – One Future a 4D animation concentrating on global warming.

Walk for miles along the coast.

Walk for miles along the coast.

If you are looking to get away for a quiet area within Lagos, consider taking a hike up the coast. There are trails that run along the coast for a couple miles and leads to a nice lighthouse and eventually to some of the “grottos”. It is a great walk and even if you don’t go the whole way you can still get great views of the cliffs and rocky islands.

From Spiritual to Sensational in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

vacation homes, rental homes, sugar loaf mountain, rio, brazil, vacation rental homesSurrounded by the mountains dancing over the horizon in the backdrop of vacation rental homes in Rio De Janeiro, the lush landscape provides the perfect scenic view pictures or relaxing in your cottage.  With white sand caressing the sun kissed shores to the rhythm of steel drum music around your vacation holiday home in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Everything in Brazil salsas to an internal sound of the heartbeat that is Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is an incredible opportunity to live and play while at your vacation home in Rio De Janeiro.

Vacation rental homes in Rio De Janeiro offer the spectacular view of the mountains that basks in the glow of crystal waters lapping against perfect white sand surrounding beach front rentals.  If you have the heart to go exploring while at your holiday villa, then Rio De Janeiro has adventures in sight seeing for those with cameras and a good pair of hiking shoes.  However, if you are ready to enjoy some spiritual serenity to one of the many inspirational points, Rio De Janeiro vacation holiday homes are center of your trip to Brazil.vacation homes, rental homes, sugar loaf mountain, rio, brazil, vacation rental homes

Here are my top recommendations for visiting your Rio De Janeiro, Brazil vacation holiday home:

  • Tijuca National Park: For history buffs, the Tijuca National Park is a wonderful place to explore to explore a historic chapel set in the lush landscape bordered by waterfalls.  When you leave your vacation rental Rio De Janeiro to visit the Tijuca National Park, you might want to find a guide.  Although the trip is worth the time, it is a little remote for those not knowledgeable about the terrain. 
  • Cristo Redentor (Statue of Christ the Redeemer): One of the most visited symbols in Brazil, watching the sunset against this breath taking statue mounted high on a hilltop is a photo opportunity in the making.  With a vacation rental in Rio De Janeiro, not seeing the Statue of Christ the Redeemer is like going to New York and not seeing the Statue of Liberty!
  • Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pao de Acucar): Perhaps the second most glorious site in Brazil is the welcoming outline of Sugar Loaf Mountain against the skyline over Rio De Janeiro vacation homes.  But…for an even better view, see Rio De Janeiro from Sugar Loaf.  Popular for the dynamic view of the city, the beaches, and the sunset that is so fabulous it will bring tears to your eyes, Sugar Loaf Mountain is unforgettable.

vacation homes, rental homes, sugar loaf mountain, rio, brazil, vacation rental homesThe only thing that would make your trip to Brazil better is the perfect Rio De Janeiro vacation home.  To experience the best of Rio De Janeiro holiday home for your spectacular trip to Brazil, book you vacation rental home in Rio De Janeiro today with Vacapedia and get ready to be greeted by the beauty of the exciting culture of Brazil.


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