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St John, Caribbean

Staying in St. John beach homes is a garden paradise vastly untouched by human hands.  With over two thirds of St. John designated as a United States National Park, beach house rentals are coveted in this island home of natural beauty.  With much of the landscape still the way it was hundreds of years ago, your vacation rental home in St. John will give you an old world feel with all the modern conveniences.  To the north, a lush rainforest exists near your vacation rental in St. John with snorkeling trails and scuba diving spots for the water explorers in your group.

As most of the land is a wildlife and nature preserve dedicated to a natural park, interaction with nature is the activity of the day while at your St. John vacation rental.  At beach rentals in St. John, events of lazy days watching the waves roll on the shore while reading or swimming contently in the azure waters of the ocean off the coast of your St. John vacation rental will fill your days with relaxation.  While shopping is available in the small villages that dot the coastline of St. John, the beach rentals are primary the home base for scuba, snorkeling, and hiking.  And, if you are drawn to the perfect romantic scene, the sunset at your beach front rentals provides the right backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

  • Star Clipper:  Stand on the deck of this 19th century pirates ship and experience the island of St. John like the very first sailors to see the beautiful blue waters of paradise.  From this vantage point, the tropical Caribbean island of St. Johns looks like an emerald green jewel of lush foliage set in the shining crystal white sand setting of powdered white sand.
  • Cathedral of St. John the Divine:  As the place where religion, history, and paradise meet, Cathedral of St. John the Divine holds services in this ancient testimony of beautiful architecture and antiquity.  The serenity of the religious services combined with the awe inspired surroundings and the historical preservation of unique artwork.
  • Catherineberg Ruins:  The center of historical presence for St. John, Catherineberg Ruins serves as the explosion of the sugar trade in the Caribbean islands that lead the well established Caribbean connection to rum.  The home to defector and rebellions through out history, Catherineberg Ruins are the best representation of the influences of sugar and rum in the Caribbean.

As the perfect mixture of many cuisines based on several cultural influences, every night at holiday villas can give you a new chance to treat your taste buds to temptation.  Of course, surrounded by a tropical paradise, seafood is prominent around your St. John vacation home.  However, a variety of cultures fuse together to bring you Asian, Mexican, and French inspired dishes with the tropical twist of St. John.  Every mouth full of each gourmet meal will inspire mouthwatering memories for days after you leave your vacation rental in St. John

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