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St. Thomas, U.S.Virgin Island is Calling You!

With only 33 square miles in size, enjoy the fantasy of island life in St. Thomas, whether under water, in the air or on land. The style set on this island has no limits and is calling you to partake. Transport yourself where time slows down to match to the beat of the soothing rhythm of swaying palms and picturesque turquoise waters caressing pastel sand.

A Vacation Rental Overlooking Magens Bay

A Vacation Rental Overlooking Magens Bay

Open your eyes and feast upon Magens Bay in St. Thomas. National Geographic and many major travel authorities have listed Magens Bay as one of the top ten beaches in the world.  It has been imaged as one of the most beautiful sites in the world and should not be missed. 

Better yet, a villa vacation rental will assure you that view everyday during your stay. No need leave anyone behind as this luxurious three bedroom Villa Gardenia sleeps six comfortably. With such soothing surroundings, reassure yourself to leave the premises and enjoy what St. Thomas can offer. ´

Beyond Magens Bay, The Nature Conservancy oversees a 300 acre preserve. Put on your walking shoes and follow the trail that takes you through the tropical forest and mangroves in the preserve. The scenic botanical gardens are perched 1,000 feet above sea level and with another trail heads down towards the beach.

Spend a day in the signature Caribbean waters both above and below at Coral World Ocean Park. This is not the run of mill aquarium. You have a choice of staying dry while viewing marine life in their Undersea Observatory 15 feet below the water’s surface. Your other option is Coral World’s “moon walking,” in which you wear an underwater helmet reminisce of “Flash Gordon” for a actual visit in the reef with a guide.

Board the high-tech Atlantis Submarine and be a passenger exploring the depths of the Caribbean’s fauna and inhabitants. If a sub is too confining for you, this world renowned corporation also offers catamaran snorkel sailings, so you won´t miss a thing under the sea.

Live the life of luxury in St. Thomas

Live the life of luxury in St. Thomas

Aerial cable cars are not just in ski resorts. St. Thomas provides one carrying twenty four passengers and is known as the Skyride. Whisking you 700 feet above the town of Charlotte Amalie to Paradise Point is just that; paradise. The harbor view will be embedded in your mind for life for its majestic beauty. Taking a few photos from the observation deck will help, in case you do forget. At the top, stay a while, enjoy a drink and admire the charms of nature.

Hunt for St. Thomas’s Caribbean treasures. There are many more ranging from eco-tours of the mangroves to Bluebeard’s Castle. Plan out which you desire for the next day, while settling back in your vacation rental. Have you answered your call from St. Thomas yet?

Tortola is the New Zen!

Zen is all about relaxation and appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you. There are many private islands with villas abound in the Caribbean for those seeking their Zen, both with simplicity and splendor. Many believe that if you are not independently wealthy, the chances of a similar visit are null. Unless of course you consider this alternative solution; Tortola!

Live on a lush island with your own vacation rental

Live on a lush island with your own vacation rental

Appreciate much of its charm, rather than with a short visit, but by staying in a villa vacation rental instead. The beaches on the East End of the island are a lot less popular, not because they are any less beautiful, but they are developed to assure privacy. Have you independence and luxury with this wonderful two bedroom sleeping four. This villa allows you to have the convenience of a resort next door, if you hanker for some live entertainment or dining out.

There is never a long enough visit in Tortola to savor the beautiful scenery and get a feel of this lovely island. Here you can enjoy a fruity rum punch and lounge around in the ambiance of nature for awhile while listening to Calypso band playing in the distance. There are other things to see and do on this lush island.

The Sage Mountain Park

This is tallest mountain in the British Virgin Islands and a delight for hikers. There are remnants of the primary rainforest near its peak. You have numerous trails that will lead right to it. There are also placards that identify various vines, flowers, trees and several rare and endangered plant species that grow within Sage Mountain. If this your only chance to see a rainforest, visit it.

Dolphin Discovery

Yes, swimming and playing with the dolphins will create a fun and unforgettable experience. This is your opportunity to encounter these highly intelligent and friendly marine mammals.

Mount Healthy National Park

The sugar plantation era in Tortola was strong and the evidence was left behind of the windmill and old mill of this National Park. There are also other remains believed to be the Boiling House and the Overseer’s Quarters in the immediate area.

Now is the time for your visit.

Now is the time for your visit.

The Callwood Rum Distillery

Callwood is a historic rum manufacturer that has been in operation for over four centuries. Plan a visit while discovering the family behind the plant and how rum is manufactured. What’s more is that you get to sample the product. 

Fort Recovery

Fort Recovery was built by the Dutch colonists in 1648. The ruins are on the grounds of the Fort Recovery Estate. You are allowed to wander around the ruins and visit the lookout tower.

An open-air jitney bus is a great way to see most of the island’s beautiful beaches, coves, and bays. You will want to swim in them all and it is certain you can never choose a favorite.

Ride along a spiraling road down from the hills and the view as you approached magnificent scenery. Lots of small sailboats may be anchored in the bay making the view even more picturesque if that is possible. Often people sail around the island, anchoring for a night or two; but you have the advantage of a vacation rental villa in Tortola and can stay as long as you wish.

St John, Caribbean

Staying in St. John beach homes is a garden paradise vastly untouched by human hands.  With over two thirds of St. John designated as a United States National Park, beach house rentals are coveted in this island home of natural beauty.  With much of the landscape still the way it was hundreds of years ago, your vacation rental home in St. John will give you an old world feel with all the modern conveniences.  To the north, a lush rainforest exists near your vacation rental in St. John with snorkeling trails and scuba diving spots for the water explorers in your group.

As most of the land is a wildlife and nature preserve dedicated to a natural park, interaction with nature is the activity of the day while at your St. John vacation rental.  At beach rentals in St. John, events of lazy days watching the waves roll on the shore while reading or swimming contently in the azure waters of the ocean off the coast of your St. John vacation rental will fill your days with relaxation.  While shopping is available in the small villages that dot the coastline of St. John, the beach rentals are primary the home base for scuba, snorkeling, and hiking.  And, if you are drawn to the perfect romantic scene, the sunset at your beach front rentals provides the right backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

  • Star Clipper:  Stand on the deck of this 19th century pirates ship and experience the island of St. John like the very first sailors to see the beautiful blue waters of paradise.  From this vantage point, the tropical Caribbean island of St. Johns looks like an emerald green jewel of lush foliage set in the shining crystal white sand setting of powdered white sand.
  • Cathedral of St. John the Divine:  As the place where religion, history, and paradise meet, Cathedral of St. John the Divine holds services in this ancient testimony of beautiful architecture and antiquity.  The serenity of the religious services combined with the awe inspired surroundings and the historical preservation of unique artwork.
  • Catherineberg Ruins:  The center of historical presence for St. John, Catherineberg Ruins serves as the explosion of the sugar trade in the Caribbean islands that lead the well established Caribbean connection to rum.  The home to defector and rebellions through out history, Catherineberg Ruins are the best representation of the influences of sugar and rum in the Caribbean.

As the perfect mixture of many cuisines based on several cultural influences, every night at holiday villas can give you a new chance to treat your taste buds to temptation.  Of course, surrounded by a tropical paradise, seafood is prominent around your St. John vacation home.  However, a variety of cultures fuse together to bring you Asian, Mexican, and French inspired dishes with the tropical twist of St. John.  Every mouth full of each gourmet meal will inspire mouthwatering memories for days after you leave your vacation rental in St. John

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St Barts, Caribbean

As changing of ownership is reflected in other Caribbean islands, a beach vacation in St Barts is no exception.  With beach homes in St Barts, you immediately loose yourself in the beautiful, upscale surrounding of the finer French culture.  Those traded to Scandinavia by France for many years, the influences of Scandinavia is felt less in the area around the vacation rentals in St Barts.  The holiday villas in St Barts are built in the sheik, classical Caribbean style as common as the upscale boutiques and elegant French restaurants in their shadows.  Beach front rentals are blessed with beautiful white sand caressed by warm waters colored blue by the tropical environment.  If you choose to stay on the beach, the accommodations of one of the 14 powder sand beaches could not be better.

St Barts vacation rentals are close to every form of activity available.  Not far from your cottage are scooters for touring the terrific sights of St BartsSt Barts vacation homes also offer many water sport like fishing on chartered boats or scuba diving off the coast to visit the real natives of the island in their natural environment.  Vacation homes in St Barts offer the opportunity for novices to learn to sail or experienced sailors to enjoy the coastal waters.  From the incredible secluded beach of Anse du Gouverneur, you can see to several neighboring islands as well as search for pirates treasure before you leave your vacation rental St Barts.  If you are an explorer, then the beaches of Petite Anse de Galet are the perfect place to pick up shells to mark your visit to your vacation home in St Barts.

Activities around your St. Barts Vacation Home:

  • Hit the Beaches:  Surrounded by the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean, it would be hard not to envision yourself lying on the beach soaking up the sun while the waves roll gently in against the warm, white sand.  Whether you choose to indulge in a good book or make the most of the perfect sandy beach front to build sandcastles, the end of the day brings lovely sunsets sinking below the waterline as the steel drum plays in the background.
  • Water Sports:  Are you ready for the fun of every type of water sports you would imagine from snorkeling, swimming, surfing, boating, sailing, and scuba?  Its up to you which one makes you happy. 
  • Food, Wine, Song:  Having a strong French influence and still owned as French colony, St. Barts displays an amazing array of food and wines to provide the perfect melody of tastes to compliment your St. Barts vacation.

From the fine French restaurants dotting the country side near your St Barts vacation home to the trademark beaches allowing for rest and relaxation, the only things you have to bring to your vacation rental home St Barts is your appetite for food and fun!

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St Thomas, Caribbean

From home to pirates to beach homes for visitors from across the globe, St Thomas teams with excitement and energy.  The “must see” island of the Caribbean, beach houses in St Thomas spot the shores now where once Bluebeard, Blackbeard, and Captain Kidd onces dropped anchor.  Still standing in Charlotte Amalie, not far from vacation rentals in St Thomas, is the famed home of the notorious pirate Blackbeard.

With the unbelievable coastline of St Thomas, each vacation rental in St Thomas is treated to a spectacular view of crystal blue waters drinking up the pristine white sandy beaches.  A short trip from your vacation home in St Thomas to Magens Bay on the North Coast yields an unsurpassable view found only movies and on postcards.  Such an amazing view from above the waterline surrounding vacation homes in St Thomas that it is hard to believe that anything as beautiful could exist underwater as well.  A snorkeling or scuba diving trip quickly yields a treasure of underwater jewels swimming by leaving you with a new respect for the paradise that is your St Thomas holiday villa

Things to see around your St. Thomas vacation home:

  • Drake’s Seat:  Known as the point of watch for the famous British Officer Sir Francis Drake, the view of the island from this vantage point is breath taking.  Tourists in cars and buses have the ability to pull off to the side of the road for snapshots and the opportunity to enjoy one of the most incredible views in the Caribbean.  The sparkling blue Caribbean waters shine in the sunlight that enhances the view of the whole island and port below.
  • Magens Bay Beach:  Noted by National Geographic as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet, Magens Bay Beach does not disappoint.  With a long history of uses by the military, rum runners, and sugar plantations, the picturesque playground in the sand is now the best place to relax and enjoy sun filled activities.
  • Fort Christian:  As the oldest building still withstanding time and the tropical weather, Fort Christian stands in bright relief of red and green against the tropical atmosphere of St. Thomas.  Originally built to protect the island against invaders, the excellent condition of Fort Christian is due to its constant use as a military installation, a prison, and, most currently, a museum.  Don’t miss the fabulous port views from the roof of Fort Christian.
  • Blackbeard’s Castle:  Whether due to the statues of Blackbeard, Edward Teach, around the tower or the impressive view of the town of Charlotte Amalie, the legends and lore surrounding the pirates are built into the culture of St. Thomas.  A visit to Blackbeard’s Castle with a walk up the 99 steps (ok…there are 103…I counted…its true!) makes for a perfect way to put a little energy into a lazy day!

With over 44 beaches throughout the island, your beach vacation is sure to be a huge success.  But, if you are interested in some shopping adventures while you are at St Thomas vacation rental homes, then you are in luck!  With the largest duty free port in the world, St Thomas stands with open arms to welcome shoppers visiting from St Thomas vacation rentals.  Topped off with incredible dining experiences in each of the restaurants across the island, a vacation rental home in St Thomas is the only place to get your beach rental.

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Virgin Gorda, Caribbean

The ideal place to put your feet up and relax is Virgin Gorda beach rentals.  The easy going, watch the world go by attitude of the island and its locals make each day at holiday villas of your choice perfect for those who want a beach vacation.  Basking in the sunshine as it reflects off of the warm, electric blue waters off of the coast of beach front rentals in Virgin Gorda gives a new meaning to the lazy days of summer. 
With accommodations for couples wishing for the perfect romantic vacation rental in Virgin Gorda or the family seeking Virgin Gorda vacation rentals to enjoy the tropical location, the cottage to suit your needs is awaiting your reservation.  From golf and water sports like fishing or snorkeling, vacation rental Virgin Gorda seek to please every traveler.  With hidden beaches close to your vacation rental Virgin Gorda, there is sure to be plenty of white sparkling sand for everyone.

Things to see near your Virgin Gorda rental home:

  • Fallen Jerusalem:  As a natural habitat for many endangered species of Caribbean birds, Fallen Jerusalem is a bird lover’s paradise built of huge boulders and underground caverns.  As visitors to this sanctuary for birds not seen in other places on earth, Fallen Jerusalem surrounds each person with an appreciation of this home for perishing species of birds as they struggle to survive in this protected zone.
  • The Baths:  In these spectacular examples of Mother Nature at work, the Baths is a series of secluded nooks and crannies of pristine beaches and hidden coves perfect for romantic getaways and picnics.  A maze of large boulders carefully placed by time creates the ideal environment for exploration or simple relaxation in a world of your own. 
  • Devil’s Bay:  A hike to Devils Bay from the Baths makes for an incredible view of the bay and the ocean beyond.  With pristine white beaches of powdered sugar sand reaching out to the Caribbean blue waters illuminated by the sparkling sunlight, it is the ideal place for swimming, sunbathing, reading….or just relaxing.
  • Gorda Peak:  Hiking up to the top of the 1300 ft rise, Gorda Peak provides a stunning view of the island from the tower located high above sea level.  With a variety of plants and vegetations indigenous to the islands and this topical climate, the hike to Gorda Peak is enlightening, engaging, and inspiring, so be sure to bring your camera for this once in a lifetime opportunity to step into a postcard.

If adventure is in your soul, a short distance from beach houses in Virgin Gorda are the Baths, a collection of large stone boulders hiding caves and grottos for exploring.  Discretely secluding some beautiful stretches of beaches, the Baths near your Virgin Gorda vacation home can be the best place to seek the hidden or hide from the groups.  The convenience of restaurants and shopping of Spanishtown, the settlement of Virgin Gorda, makes your island paradise vacation home a place you will never want to leave!
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Jamaica, Caribbean

Offering beach vacation rentals with the best of both worlds, Jamaica shows a lush history of pirates and beautiful escape to an island with local as well as tropical color.  Vacation rentals in Jamaica bring visitors every year to see the famed white sand beaches of Dolphin Cove to swim with the dolphins or enjoy the fascinating gathers of Pelican Bay.  From the historical tours of old town Kingston Jamaica, your Jamaica vacation rental will never be far away from what you want to do!

Within in a short distance of beach rentals, Dunn’s River Falls presents a beautiful natural landscape of lush foliage folding around crisp cool waters as they cascade down.  Beach front rentals provide the perfect access for divers, swimmers, tanners, and loungers alike on the many shores of Jamaica.  Known for fabulous tropical rum based drinks and exquisite Blue Mountain coffee, your beach vacation to Jamaica coxes you to sit back and relax as you listen to the steel drums inviting you to become one of the natives during your visit.   Cultural and historical buffs will love the opportunity to explore the museum of Bob Marley, legendary reggae singer, tour 200 year old coffee plantation referred to as the Bloomfield house, or take a walking tour through St. Ann while staying at beach homes in Jamaica

Places we love to visit near our vacation rental home in Jamaica:

  • Emerald Rainforest:  The lush, green trees mix with the tropical atmosphere to provide a climate of a rainforest rarely experienced by visitors from other regions of the world. With a unexplained peaceful grace of the streams and waterfalls cascading through the tropical climate rolling over the surface of the landscape, the startling greens of the Emerald Rainforest glistens in the sunlight.
  • Port Royal: Famed in movies and legends throughout history, Port Royal has been the home of notorious pirates and shipping paths between countries.  If the your adventurous soul is seeking some fun and exploration, then the city of Port Royal is welcomes all would be pirates.
  • Montego Bay:  Nestled in the sloping hills that gently drop off into glorious picturesque beaches, Montego Bay is the crown jewel in an ideal setting.  Vast miles of pristine beaches meeting crystal Caribbean blue waters surrounded by coral reefs make the perfect playground for beach lovers and nature enthusiastic alike.  If you are seeking the day on the beach that will rival postcards, then Montego Bay is the place to go.  HINT:  While you are at it, don’t forget to do a little shopping on the main strip for souvenirs as you come through town!

No matter if your interests are the natural beauty of Jamaica, the historical significance of Jamaica, or the cultural aspects of the Jamaican people, your vacation rental Jamaica is waiting.  The hardest part might be deciding what to do once you get to the holiday villas.  Of course, you could always sit back, listen to the music wafting through the tropical air around your vacation rental in Jamaica, and take your time to decide!
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