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Tortola, Caribbean

Historically known throughout the Caribbean as the home of famous pirates, vacation rentals in Tortola present a vacation with much of the same adventure.  From the ports of the past, yields mystery, adventure, and fun close to every Tortola vacation rental.  Beautiful, tropical views cover the landscape from each cottage.  Like a postcard from far away, the crystal clear blue green waters roll up onto the white sandy shores of beach front rentals.

Originally founded by the Dutch, Tortola offers influences of its presence British owners to all visitors to Tortola vacation rentals.  Enjoying the sun and surf around the beach house rentals can be one relaxing venture, but for those ready to leave their holiday villas for exploration of the island…treasures await!  From the top of Mount Sage, the highest elevation in the British Virgin Islands at 1700 feet, an incredible view of the sugar cane plantations, the surrounding islands, and Cane Garden Bay provide a picture perfect shot lined with vacation homes in Tortola.  Close to your vacation rental home in Tortola heart is a trip of mystery and intrigue at Smugglers Cove.  Once a familiar docking station and meeting place for pirates seeking to divide treasures, Smugglers Cove is a short trip from your vacation rental in Tortola

Places to Visit while at your Tortola vacation home:

  • Centre for Applied Marine Studies at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College:  A cultural and scientific center for visitors and aquatic biologists alike, the Centre for Applied Marine Studies provides an excellent opportunity to appreciate the marine life of the Virgin Islands.    With a connection to all things natural, such as trials for hiking, marine life educational tours, and a museum, the Centre for Applied Marine Studies excites the natural explorer in everyone.
  • Josiah’s Bay Plantation:  Once a sugar plantation, this current rum distillery practices a mixture of old and new technology with the goal of turning the most popular cash crop, sugar cane, into the much sought after flavors of the Caribbean known as rum.
  • Zion Hill Chapel:  Battered by hurricanes and tropical storms over its illustrious 150 year old history, the Zion Hill Chapel was finally rebuilt at the bottom of Zion Hill to celebrate the Emancipation of Tortola in 1834.    Still an active church and school today, the Zion Hill Chapel is a step into history that reminds visitors of the strife of mother nature and the inhabitants of the paradise island of Tortola.
  • Sage Mountain National Park:  At over 1700 ft. above sea level, Sage Mountain National Park includes the highest point in all of the Virgin Islands.  Providing a spectacular view over the lush foliage leading down slopes into brilliant Caribbean blue waters, the high elevation treats visitors to a generous supply of tropical endangered plants species usually only present in rainforests.

From a lazy beach vacation to a trip full of potential pirates, Tortola has something to offer every family member.  With days of shopping for souvenirs and once in a lifetime sunsets across Cane Garden Bay, vacation rentals Tortola make an unforgettable holiday treat or couples retreat.  Don’t let another sunset on the beach homes in Tortola without you!

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Barbados, Caribbean

The mixture of cultures from around the Caribbean makes Barbados the contrast of Barbados vacation rentals.  With little doubt about its native heritage, Barbados cottages are sprinkled side by side with beach homes calling you to a beach vacation filled with the music of steel drums, the flavors of several nations, and the a fascination with the slow life.  A British colony since discovery, beach rentals in Barbados are colored with a smattering of cultural influences from Dutch to French to Spanish due to their long history with the surrounding West Indies islands. 

With picturesque sugar plantation houses and architecture that practically changes style at every block, the walk from holiday villas through town is a treat for every visitor.  A mired of celebrations year round make vacation rentals in Barbados a taste of international interaction. Festivities close to your vacation home in Barbados include the Crop-Over festival celebrating the sugar cane harvest, the Holetown Festival commemorating the founding of Barbados by English settlers, and Calypso Festival dancing through the streets in colorful costumes to the sounds of local music.  Beach houses and vacation rentals Barbados will quickly convenience you that the ownership might be British, but the culture is unique to the Barbados inhabitants. 

Fun things in Barbados near your vacation rental:

  • Harrison’s Cave:  Accentuated by a spectacular 40 foot waterfall that flows into a hidden lagoon worthy of a movie, Harrison’s Cave brings a whole new meaning to paradise.  With a network of underground streams creating a beautiful limestone canvas of natural formations carved by time and nature.  Left undiscovered until the early 1970s, much of the fabulous landscape is still undisturbed by human hands.
  • Taste of Barbados:  This festival of fine wines and foods has all the flavor of paradise with a splash of the steel drums against the backdrop of a Barbados sunset!  Although it only occurs once a year, Taste of Barbados Festival invites all to indulge in the mixture of incredible food prepared by top level chefs, attend once-in-a-lifetime cooking seminars, or site back with a cold rum drink to enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Sunbury Plantation House & Museum:  Set in the middle of a dazzling array of gardens and flowers, the Sunbury Plantation House & Museum provide an intimate look into the everyday workings of a Barbados plantation.  Although parts of the house have been rebuilt to do fire damage at different times in history, the house has been painfully restored for visitors.
  • St. John’s Parish Church:  Built in the early 1800s, St. John’s Parish Church has an unparallel view from the church yard of the oceans surrounding Barbados.  A notable burial in the St. John’s Parish Churchyard is Ferdinando Paleologus, a descendent of Emperor Constantine the Great.  St. John’s Parish Church is an amazing piece of history standing strong in the middle of paradise.

Vacation Rental homes in Barbados brings you into an inner world of people and flavors not experienced anywhere else in the Caribbean. The shining blue ocean greets you with smiles of sunlight dancing off of the water as the sunsets and invites you to start the night with a cool drink in your beach front rental before moving on to dinner.  Barbados welcomes you with music, fun, and laughter to your vacation rental home in Barbados today!

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St. Kitts and Nevis

St. KittsIn the past ten years, St. Kitts has gained the distinction of being an independent nation in the Caribbean.  Formally a British colony, St. Kitts vacation rentals still reflect the flavor of English hospitality and charm with a flair of the tropics.  Beach homes line the shores of St. Kitts with a picturesque view of the “Mother Colony.”  Called the “Mother Colony” because St. Kitts was the first island in the Caribbean chain discovered by English settlers, holiday villas offer visitors a unique combination of beach activities, historical sites, and beautiful sights.
Beach front rentals are treated to sugar white, powder fine beaches with crystal waters dancing with the reflection of sunlight as it rolls to the shore.  For the lazier days of sunbathing or playing in the surf, beach rentals stand close to supply food or supplies during the day.  Vacation rentals in St. Kitts surround the island in cozy, perfectly placed hideaways to plan each day of events.  From the water sports of fishing, boating, and snorkeling to exploring the natural terrain of mountainous, lush part of the islands by hiking, St. Kitts vacation homes are ready to accommodate every member of the family during your beach vacation.  

St. Kitts

With shopping and restaurants ready to meet your every need while away from your St. Kitts vacation rental, the only thing you will need when leaving your vacation rental home in St. Kitts is a larger suitcase to take home all of your new treasurers. 

Six sites not to miss near your St. Kitts vacation rental are:

  • Basseterre:  The historic small capital of St. Kitts is built to emphasize the beautiful style of Georgian architecture popular many years ago.  Stepping into the city of Basseterre will give you a new view of an old city.
  • Sandy Point:  Marking the site of the 1623 landing of Thomas Warner, Sandy Point is the second largest city in St. Kitts that thrived on the tobacco trade during the 17th century. 
  • Frigate Bay Peninsula:  The dynamic coastline dotted with small cottages basking in the fresh ocean air and glorious sunlight, the sugar beach sand dances against the emerald green waters to beckon relaxation and rest. 
  • St. Thomas Church:  Bathing in colonial history as a well preserved, 16th century church, the burial site of Thomas Warner highlights the churchyard.  On the side of a lush hill overlooking the Southeast Peninsula, the view from the church grounds overlooks the breath taking landscape that typifies the Caribbean experience.
  • Charlestown:  For browsing through the open market and square, Charlestown stands as the largest city in Nevis.  Situated in a quaint, quiet coastal town filled with flavor and local color, the sunrise and sunset provide a perfect beginning and end to each day.
  • The Alexander Hamilton House:  Dedicated to the accurate depiction of Alexander Hamilton’s life and contributions to American government, the Alexander Hamilton House stands against the gorgeous backdrop of the Caribbean and is accentuated by the Nevis historical input.

St. KittsWhile away from your St. Kitts vacation rental home, enjoy the island and atmosphere of the first independent nation in the Caribbean.  St. Kitts holiday homes give each visitor what come to  St. Kitts for their ideal vacation!

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