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Vail, CO

For many, a luxury vacation rental in Vail would be the ideal retreat for skiing in the heart of snowy slopes and ice covered mountain scenery.  More than just a place to enjoy the best snow sports, vacation rentals in Vail are steeped in the traditional and modern flavors from around the country.  Sparking heat in the snow, Vail hosts a famous New Orleans style Mardi Gras sizzling with jazz and splashed with the tastes of crawfish boiling mixed in savory spices inviting you to leave your vacation rental to join the party.

The excitement of the annual Snowboarding Competition topped off by the explosive night time skylights of fireworks to dazzle the visual senses brings displays of awe to Vail vacation rentals.  Combined activities of a film festival celebrating the best creativity of filmmakers across the world and the exquisite experience of delectable gourmet foods from the finest chefs of Vail Valley, the luxury vacation rentals in Vail offers the best of the high life with the excitement of a fast paced night life.

Vail Colorado Attractions near your rental home:

  • Betty Ford Alpine Gardens:  The picturesque gardens of the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail Colorado bring flowers and branches of fragrance to your Vail Colorado vacation.  Experiencing the incredible calm and happiness of an Alpine Garden, many visitors to the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail Colorado brings bloom to your vacation.
  • Golfing Goodness:  Many of the golf courses in the area offer an escape of skills in the landscape backdrop of mountain and interaction with nature.  For many golfers, the fantastic golfing courses surrounding Vail Colorado are the reason for visiting the area.
  • Lake Trail:  With the surrounding areas of postcard beautiful mountains, the hiking and trails of Vail Colorado are one of the favorite outdoor activities of visitors from around the world.  Between the two twin locations of Fancy Pass Trail and Missouri Lake Trail, the scenery gives serenity and interaction with nature at its best.
  • Minturn Cellars:  A beautiful winery set against the backdrop of snowy mountain ranges, Minturn Cellars in Vail Colorado are a lovely way to experience your first winery or the relax in the comfort of a well established knowledge of wines.  Enjoying the perfect wine or attending a wine tasting at the Minturn Cellars in Vail Colorado could the ideal way to experience the sweet taste of life.

From snow school for kids to the adventure slopes for skiers, your Vail vacation rental is located in the home of a snowy fantasy wonderland full of activities for all ages.  Luxury vacation rentals bring your vacation into the center of activities in the Beaver Lake and Vail Valley areas.  Bring your appetite for food and fun to your luxury vacation rental to experience the best of Vail Valley.

Laissez les bons temps rouler (“Let the good times roll!”) with a vacation rental in Vail!

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Keystone, CO

The holiday villas in Keystone are home of the most popular ski slopes in the west.  From the morning snow fall creating freshly powdered white strips of snow ribbons to the sun setting to the back of picturesque mountain ranges at the end of the day, the view from your vacation rental in Keystone is the renewal of nature with every sparkling flake.  Whether enjoying a warm drink from the comfort of your vacation rental in Keystone or preparing to hit the slopes for a fast paced ride down the mountain slopes on a snowboard or skis, Keystone holiday homes provide the perfect setting to relax with a special loved one or enjoy a family gatherings.  Not far from your Keystone holiday home, children are learning to ski under the watchful eyes of instructors and proud parents.
Summer activities abound in vacation homes in Keystone.  With golf courses that call out to golfers of all skill levels to horseback riding to explore the mountainous terrain around your Keystone vacation home, there is never a dull moment.  Sitting back to watch the sunset spread rays of orange and red against the mountains, a spectacular show from your Keystone vacation rental home as nature pulls a colorful blanket over the mountains for the night.  Incredible flavors mix together in such events as the Wine, Jazz, and Arts Festival near your Keystone vacation rental

Great things to do in Keystone Colorado near your mountain vacation home rental:

  • Night Skiing:  Surpassing even veteran skiers in the awesome experience of enjoying a premium slope with perfect snow, the lighted slopes that illuminate the skiers as they whiz down the path of the only night slope in Colorado.  Beautifully encouraging the best of skiing and the crisp night air with the background of a mountain sunset, visitors are treated the best of both worlds in skiing and the thrill of the slopes.
  • Ski and Ride School:  Have you always wanted to learn to ski?  Ski and Ride school provides the learning for novices and the experienced skiers looking to upgrade their skills.  With Ski and Ride School, visitor are welcomed to achieve the skills they need to make the most of their vacation in Keystone Colorado.
  • Mountain Love:  With 3 gorgeous mountains of snow covered skiing fun, Keystone Colorado is the home of perfect powder with a dynamic view.  Enjoying the sunrise over the mountains of Keystone Colorado, over a 100 trails welcome visitors to the slopes of the three pristine adventures in skiing experience.

With the showcase of shopping and fine restaurants within a short commute of your cottage, your vacation rental home in Keystone will spoil you with activity and relaxation.  Both in the summer and in the winter, Keystone vacation rentals are the ideal place to plan a great mountain getaway.

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Breckenridge, CO

A fascinating combination of old versus new West, Breckenridge vacation rentals provide the ambiance of a ski town and the pleasures of a summer luxury vacation rental.  Not far off the beaten path, Breckenridge has the sights and sounds of an old, southern Victorian town with quaint vacation rentals to welcome each visitor to indulge in history of the Gold Rush.In the summer, located next to the Blue River, a Breckenridge vacation rental is the perfect place to catch up on some serious fishing or enjoy a picnic next to the cool waters.  With panoramic views awaiting each traveler from the moment they leave their vacation rental in Breckenridge, the Blue River against the tower mountains make a dazzling setting for some light hiking or intense biking.  In the wintertime, Breckenridge transforms from a quiet mining town into at skiers paradise within steps of vacation rentals in Breckenridge.  Whether you prefer the speed of skiing and snowboarding or relaxing in your luxury vacation rental and watching the snowfall with a cup of hot chocolate, Breckenridge is the ideal place for both activity and rest.
Fun in your Breckenridge Colorado rental home:

  • Winter:  Breckenridge Colorado is the perfect place to enjoy the winter sports of skiing, snowboarding, and playing in a winter wonderland.  Whether choosing a fast paced joyride down the slopes of Breckenridge or a lazy day with hot coca reading stories to the children next to the fire, the glorious picturesque setting against the beautiful mountains.

  • Summer:  From mountain theme parts to provide the thrill of the carnival against the mountain retreat backdrop to the outdoor fun of hiking, rafting, or fly fishing, the outdoor adventures of Breckenridge Colorado unfolds before visitors with the spirit of explorers.  While enjoying the fun of the great outdoors in its entire splendor, visitors can indulge in the opportunity to enjoy nature at its very best!

  • Year Round:  For a few luxurious moments alone, Breckenridge Colorado brings the best chances to take a few moments of well deserved…vacation!  With theaters and museums to entertain the mind and expand all cultural pursuits, Breckenridge gives all visitors most social interaction available.  For some extra pampering, spas, cooking classes, and shopping wait to slow even the busiest day.

When you visit Breckenridge, the town atmosphere is much as it historically existed when formed as a Gold Rush mining town in 1859 except for your luxury vacation rental in Breckenridge.  The shopping and restaurants cater to the flavor of an Old West town bringing further enjoyment to visitors.  With over 400 boutiques, restaurants, and shops within a short distance of your vacation rental, the hardest part will be deciding what you want to do FIRST.Find your perfect Breckenridge Colorado vacation home with Vacapedia.


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