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London – Celebrate with the Mayor!

Hurry, on September 13th and 14th, a must visit is to the annual Mayors Thames Festival in London. What better way to say goodbye to summer than with a large party to celebrate the event. With much to do between Westminster Bridge and Waterloo Tower, this spectacular, free celebration requests much participation by you, with dancing, live performances, making sculptures, listening to music and sailing on the Thames. Of course there will be plenty of food and beverages available to add to your enjoyment.

The street festival of all street festivals closes all roads and bridges, thus making the city a cultural event not to be forgotten. An unique highlight this year is the New European Village Stage, with performances of dance, music and folklore of the most recent members of the European Community such as Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania.

Ever wanted to be in the movies? It is possible at the Movieum tent, that takes you on a behind the scenes tour and discovering the film heritage in England. You can get involved in movie making and may even get a special role in a film as an extra or the one who yells “Action.

At County Hall, a Wizard School has been tailored as an interactive live children’s show. This show is just one of the various activities that families can enjoy together at this festival.

In the evening, dance the night away by the Tate. Tango along the vibrant riverside with instruction and star-performers leading the way.

On Victoria Embankment, there will be 2,500 participants lead by a specially commissioned dragon from China. The festival’s Fireworks Finale is fired from barges in the middle of the Thames and only will prove that the Mayors Thames Festival gets bigger and bolder every year. If you can not make it for this one, start planning for next year.

What better way to enjoy London’s celebration than with your own private flat. London, known to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe is now affordable with a place you can call your own right near all the festivities along the river. The Trafalgar is just one of many properties available that offers all the comfort and room one needs, yet at an affordable price.

Stay in your own flat at The Trafalgar in the center of London!

Stay in your own flat at The Trafalgar in the center of London!

London is a city of many distinctions all throughout the year, with an array of sightseeing opportunities, from having a glimpse of parliament, riding in a double decker bus, seeing great theater, to sitting in the back of a black cab having a conversation with the taxi driver on world events. Some of the most famous places in the city include Big Ben, Parliament, St. Paul´s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge and  Buckingham Palace and, in particular, the historical and highly singular changing of the guard ceremony.


If it is September, it Must be Maritime Festival!

This year in Great Yarmouth, England, the annual Maritime Festival will take place on September 6th to the 7th. Scores of fishing boats arrive in the harbour for this year’s colourful 2 day weekend festival.

The Maritime Festival has become a tradition is dedicated to the sea; the Great Yarmouth´s staple, which visitors will be astounded at the number of different ways fish can be served up. The Maritime Festival Feast of Fish Recipes is something to look forward to with demonstrations being held throughout the festival. So bring a pad and pen and discover a recipe to delight your guests back home. The top chefs from the region will be cooking up feasts.

The Port, which is divided into two parts by the River Yare as it goes out into the North Sea, was famous as a major player in the herring industry in medieval times. Herring was an essential part of this area of England’s economy, and it is still fished in great quantities Yarmouth was also an important maritime base because of its strategic location on the eastern shores.

Besides food, there will be theatre performances, arts & crafts, group singing and of course, Maritime Heritage,

The highlight of this festival will be the numerous vessels scheduled to visit, dating back to the early 20th century consisting of tall ships, shrimp boats, steamers and lifeboats. One to check out is the Wherry Hathor built in 1905 with her interior with inlaid Lotus flowers and hieroglyphics.

The festival will appeal to all with performances of Punch and Judy shows, the Jolly Roger and Horatio Herring.

Even if you are not a beer drinker; that wonderful malt rye bread baked fresh is a must to try.

Your cottage home in Great Yarmouth

Your cottage home in Great Yarmouth

Bells Cottage, as seen here, is a perfect 3 bedroom beach cottage to reside in during the festival. Having a rental home gives you the flexibility to be so close to enjoying each day’s activities and a private retreat to return to and unwind.

With all the amenities at hand in your comfy cottage, bring back some fish and try some of the new methods you picked up at the Maritime Festival Feast of Fish Recipes.

Even without a festival, Greater Yarmouth offers many historical museums, lush green terrain and modern day amusements that you will never run out of ideas on how to spend your time. The only problem you may run into is not enough time to do it all.

The Postcard Beauty of Wembury, England

vacation homes, england, rental homes, vacation homesIn the beautiful peaceful English countryside spotted with quaint cottages whistling a tune of English symphonies through the hills surround in the holiday villas covered in English roses that so identify the experience of England.  With history and culture floating through the atmosphere of your Wembury England vacation holiday home, from the local English pub to British tea houses that make every step down the streets near your vacation rental home in Wembury, England an exciting experience.

Noted for the magnificent beach views from beach front rentals, the cliffs around the coast of Plymouth, enjoying the sunny coastal slopes of Wembury England, bring relaxation of a beach-like escape to many beach rental visitors each year.  Providing the best setting of a beach vacation mixed with a pint at the local pub to start your trip to your vacation rental in Wembury England.  Whether you are ready shop the historical village streets for souvenir or take a tour of a stately country home, Wembury England vacation holiday homes will give you the perfect base for your exploration of the area.

Attractions near vacation rental homes Wembury, England:

  • The Wembury Marine Centre:  This wonderful Marine Centre, noted for graceful exhibits about the rock pools native to the Wembury area, educations thousands of wanders to the silver coast lines dotted with wildlife experiences for the whole family.vacation homes, england, rental homes, vacation homes
  • Mewstone:  The Mewstone, available for tours from local boat services, is visible from the coastline of Wembury.  The alluring island barely off the coast of Wembury has a notorious history of housing smugglers and prisoners from every decade.
  • Barbican:  This incredible city of ancient English architecture of the 14th century stands proudly among the streets.  A representation of Tudor style waits for each visitor to discover as if it were new.
  • Saltram House:  This wonderful collection of artwork and ceramic pieces in celebration of Reynolds, the notable artist, lends flavor to a architectural accomplish of design of John Parker and structural details Robert Adams.

vacation homes, england, rental homes, vacation homesWhile staying at your Wembury England vacation rental homes, the accommodations of the region vary from the beach homes with spectacular views of the coast to vacation holiday homes in Wembury England, the best part your vacation is the many adventures that await!

Enjoy your quest for rest or play at your vacation holiday home in Wembury, England by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.


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