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Get Physical in Trutnov, Czech Republic

A vacation rental in the mountains is the best bet no matter the season.

A vacation rental in the mountains is the best bet no matter the season.

Situated on surrounding hillsides, Trutnov, Czech Republic,  is a must for lovers of outdoor sports during the winter months as well as the summer ones. The area is prominent for plenty of outdoor activities and much history added in besides.

Many consider only Switzerland, Italy and France for skiing and snowboarding opportunities in Europe,  but switch your thoughts and try the Trutnov region instead. Ski enthusiasts seeking more affordability will instantly find Trutnov proves not to cost a kings ransom. 
Nothing could be better that having a vacation rental home in close proximity from the town of Trutnov and the nearby Giant Mountains (Krkonose Mountains); the highest mountains in all of the Czech Republic. Highly proficient skiers will relish the challenges but novices can do well as it is filled with many ski schools. Leave you skis at home because rental equipment is available.

Make it a whole family affair in a 3 bedroom vacation rental chalet sleeping seven. This one includes even a sauna to unwind in after a day on the slopes. The winter visitor will certainly value the cross-country skiing opportunities right near your own backyard.

Skiing in the Giant Mountains is nothing but excellent; having ski conditions available from December until April and downhill skiing with an altitude 700-1300 meters above sea level.

The Skipark Mlade Buky, located along the eastern portion of the Giant Mountains, has most of their ski slopes covered artificially with complete daily maintenance to make sure it stays in pristine condition. With so many areas for you to sweep down the wide runs in the Giant Mountains, this may be the only place to ski for you.

If skiing or winter does not appeal to you for a visit; you will find a treasure trove of cultural riches and other options throughout the Trutnov region. Take advantage of the idyllic conditions offered for walking, mountain bike rentals, horseback riding, water rafting or swimming in a modern water park.

As one can determine, the area affords more physical activities than imaginable. So much so, that it may be a good idea to visit a thermal spring spa in the small mountain town of Janske Lazne to ease those muscles.

Imagine a private sauna everyday with a vacation rental.

Imagine a private sauna everyday with a vacation rental.

In many of the villages in the Trutnov region, there are  art galleries and museum expositions, such as at the Museum of Podkrkonos. Since 1987, the Trutnov Open Air Music Festival is a summer highlight with international artists partaking. The festival can be compared to a mini Woodstock type of venue promoting tolerance. Other villages hold their own cultural festivals allowing a glimpse to the traditions of its people.

Inquisitive families can challenge themselves on summer hikes and throw in a portion of historical sightseeing in. There is a Franciscan monastery, dating from 1678, displaying a unique collection of antique statues within the Giant Mountains.

The Giant Mountains have 200 miles of foot trails for mountain hiking within it. This makes it suitable with ease for trekking in the gorgeous countryside. A trekking journey may not be like scaling the Himalayas but the sensation is no less. After all a healthy body equals a healthy mind and you will thank Trutnov, Czech Republic and the opportunity it offers.

Venice, Italy

Venice holiday villas bring an opportunity like no other in the world to visit the city of canal, waterway streets for shopping, eating, and living.  The classical Renaissance Italian architecture surrounding your Venice vacation rental surrounds you in history, art, and romance.   A short commute from your vacation rental Venice is the Museo del Settecento Veneziano, the baroque style mansion where famed poet Robert Browning lived until his death, now houses the worlds most extensive collection of fresco paintings.  This twist of history and art is not an exception in Venice.  Many vacation rentals Venice are placed around such exquisite entanglements and connections.  Several vacation home Venice are local to religious monuments unsurpassed in the world.  Close to your Venice vacation home stands St Mark’s Basilica.  Worth the trip from your vacation rental home Venice, the intertwined history of religion and war mix in this dynamic display of treasures that bespeak the value of Venice as a center for bygone days of Vatican control.  Displaying the Tesoro from the plunder of Constantinople, visitors from Venice vacation rental homes are treated to a rare opportunity to glimpse a throne from the crown at the crucifixion of Christ.  Wonders to see while at your Venice vacation home:

  • Saint Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco):  As the burial place of St. Mark, Saint Mark’s Basilica stands at the crossroads as an icon of religious, architectural, and artistic significance.  As hallowed ground due to the religious importance, Saint Mark’s Basilica stands as a beacon of the beautiful architecture of the time still well preserved and a home of artistic fascination of the period.

  • St. Mary of the Friars (Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari):  The incredible works of art, “Madonna and Child with Saints” and the “Pesaro Madonna,” are displayed in this home of natural and artistic beauty.  Built in the middle part of the 13th century, visitors are welcome to enjoy the works of magnificence in the presence of their creators.

  • Grand Canal:  The incredible wonder of the Italian world that sets travel and tourism apart from any other place in the world.  As the gondolas slide across the waters of the Grand Canal in the romantic setting of an Italian backdrop, every minute of your trip will bring a new opportunity for seeking postcard views such as Renaissance palaces and exotic old world shopping in the perfect setting of Venice.

So many more attraction call for your time while visiting your vacation holiday home in Venice.  While you are at your Venice vacation holiday home, be sure to markets for shopping and the restaurants for authentic Italian food and wine.  By the time you leave your Venice vacation home, you will be able to become accustomed to being surrounded by streets of water and hailing a gondola will be as second nature as hailing a cab.Find your vacation home rental for your trip to Venice at Vacapedia.

Rome, Italy

It’s hard to walk down the streets of Rome from your vacation rental in Rome without being swept up in the history, architecture, and religion of the region.   Dubbed the Eternal City for the long and often bloody history, Rome vacation rentals exist in the spiritual center for the Western World.  Vacation rentals in Rome gain access to a private world caught between the old and the new…the spiritual and the earthly…the expressive and the restrictive.  Hosting the widely noted Vatican, the vacation homes in Rome are an insight into the intertwined bloody history of Rome and the spiritual evolution of the Catholic Church. 

A short distance by cab or scooter from your vacation rental home Rome leads to the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano.  From many vacation rentals Rome, you can visit Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, the first Christian Basilica inside the city of Rome, where much of the architecture is a mixture of many periods and styles due to the constant rebuilding and obvious upkeep.  Of course, the largest attractions to visitors to vacation rental homes in Rome are not to Christian religious structures or in observance of the hordes of religious loot “collected” in the chapels of today.

Must see sights by your Rome vacation Rental:

  • Trevi Fountain:  Stroll by the Trevi Fountain, either alone or with the one you love, to see the largest Italian fountain immortalized in movies and art throughout the world.  A symbol of the romance of Italy, the Trevi Fountain has stood strong for over two hundred years as individuals pitch coins over their shoulder into the fountain to show their love of Rome and participate in the Roman tradition of love. 
  • Pantheon:  A celebration of dedication to the Gods, this Temple of the Gods is a glorious realization of the vitality of the city of Rome.  As the memorial burial place of several Italian Kings and the famed Italian artist Raphael, the Pantheon serves as a stunning intersection of history, religion, architecture, and art.
  • Coliseum:  Standing tall and proud as the very essence Roman history, visiting Rome without seeing the Coliseum is missing the point of the trip.  Steeped in the history of gladiators fighting exotic animals of all types, standing in the Coliseum is to hear the cheer of the crowds, feel the thrill of the massive battles, and visualize the emperor Nero standing high above the games. Considered one of the spectacular wonders of the historical world, Rome exists and thrives around this slice of a bygone day.

Most people to Rome vacation rental homes find their footsteps quickly drawn to one of two places.  On the trip from the airport to their vacation rental home Rome, the opposing views of the Coliseum and the Pantheon rise over the city.  Standing in the Coliseum, the ground literally vibrates with the ghostly cheers of the crowd as gladiators battled fierce animals.  

With so much to do and see, you might need to plan a few extra days in your Rome holiday home.

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Austria holiday villas are buzzing year round with the glories of nature set against the strands of Mozart, their native son.  Seeing Austria while staying in a cottage near the Alps gives every travel insight into the inspiration Mozart turned into music so many years ago.   Vacation rentals in Austria supply the best of winter sports, natural beauty, and cultural enlightenment all in one snow capped location. 

Within an accessible distance from your vacation rental in Austria is the Eisriesenwelt Caves.  The Eisriesenwelt Caves, at an elevation of over 5300 feet, are a primary attraction for visitors to Austria vacation rentals due to the shimmering ice palace like formations of these enchanting ice caves.  If something more structured is your idea of interesting, then Salzburg’s Baroque style architecture is worth the trip from Austria vacation homes.  Surrounding your vacation home in Austria, within a short walk down the lane, a plethora of plazas and buildings reflecting baroque flavor rise above the walkway to greet you.  As a history buff, your Austria vacation home in Vienna reflects the victorious power of the Habsburg Dynasty.  See history come alive in around your Austria vacation holiday home as you walk through the home of the Habsburgs.

Things to see near your vacation home in Austria:

  • Krimml Falls:  Three beautiful layers of cascading falls flow gentle down through the small town below.  During the winter, the falls provide a winter wonderland of sports and sights of a crystal palace.  In the warmer months, the climb up the pathways to over 1246ft to enjoy the views from the plateaus of the falls against the sunny lands below.
  • Schloss Hellbrunn:  This 17th century castle built by Markus Sittikus is dazzling with its amazing tricky fountains and water powered figures.  In every way that the water can be fun on land, Hellbrunn sends droplets of enjoyment spinning past elated visitors.  With a beautifully preserved baroque style castle with fabulously manicured grounds and gardens are experiences in history.
  • Kuenringerburg:  These incredible ruins of the famed castle which once imprisoned Richard the Lion Hearted (Richard I) stands as an important reminder of a cost of insulting a King.  Imprisoned by King Leopold V of Austria for over a year, Kuenringerburg stands apart in history with a spectacular view of the Danube River through the valley below.

The home of tempting chocolates, sensational food, and mouth watering liqueurs, your Austria vacation rental will become the place to find anything that pleasures your palette.  Whether your Austria vacation rental home is your base for is the base for your days of fun or nights out in town, you will be sure to enjoy the activities and events throughout Austria.   Austria vacation rental homes welcome you to the home of culture, music, food, and exploration!

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