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Romans, Pirates and a Lady – Kalkan, Turkey

A vacation rental with views of where pirates and Romans fought.

A vacation rental with views of where pirates and Romans fought.

It is only speculative as to when Kalkan was founded and even the locals dispute the time frame and who arrived first. Many will point out that their version is correct but one thing is certain; it is apparent that “Old Town” of Kalkan exudes with both Greek and Turkish heritage. History states that the town was previously known as “Phoenicus.”  It is a labyrinth of small cobblestone streets winding down to a picturesque harbor. Today the former ambiance exists but is now lined with roof terrace restaurants, offering spectacular sunset views on the waterfront and trendy harbor side cafes with friendly locals.

The harbor is revered from its past as being the only safe haven for ships during rough weather along the entire coast and beyond. In fact, Kalkan is a Turkish word meaning ‘shield’. It is this cove that housed and hid pirates from the Romans, whom they fought up and down the coast and the nearby Island of Rhodes. The entire region obtains the reputation as belonging to the pirates and the harbor’s strategic location helped pirates seize merchant ships and the goods they contained while sailing through these waters.

The Ogan 3 is a wonderful option as a vacation rental which can accommodate the whole family or a group traveling together, affordable in price with the unobstructed views of the harbor and the Mediterranean Sea. Escape the urban or fast-paced environment of daily life and instead crossover for a total tranquil diversion. An added bonus is obtained of sharing quality time with those who surround you. With averaging 300 days of sunshine a year,  relax by your pool and let your imagination take off releasing thoughts of pirates of the past and their battles.

With its clear, clean aqua color water and beach facilities, Kalkan has been awarded the highly desired European “Blue Flag” year after year. With an honor like that, you can be assured that the beaches are ideal for all types of water sports, diving and swimming.

Take a side trip to visit the nearby villages offering ancient ruins, plenty of documented history and other points of interest. Becoming a popular beach holiday destination for travelers who seek privacy as well as exploration; Kalkan has the charm of a tranquil fishing village. 

Sunny days and delightful beaches await you.

Sunny days and delightful beaches await you.

And who is this unnamed lady the locals speak of? They claim she was instrumental in placing Kalkan on the map 150 to 200 years ago. As the legend begins, the unnamed lady from the Isle of Meis, the sponge capital of the world, took the initiative and arrive in Kalkan with goods from her hometown to sell. She became so successful with her venture, that other entrepreneurs from Meis heard the news of her new found fortune, immediately moved to Kalkan and set up their businesses. The town soon became a small flourishing port filled with a growing population.

Whether this story is fact or not is irrelevant. Today Kalkan is a delight that presents itself with beauty, sunny days and tradition. It is interesting to note though that Kalian’s architectural style closely resembles that of the houses in Meis. You decide when you visit this gem of the Mediterranean.

Understanding the Glaciers of Fjærland, Norway

Here’s the scoop. For a place to reflect on the positive side of the world around you, than a visit to Fjærland, Norway is in order.  Revel in the rich and awe inspiring scenery back dropped with the mountains and Fjords. This area has been molded by glaciers through succeeding ice ages during several million years.

Between the majestic  mountains and valleys beneath them, surrounding glacier waterways creates amazing fishing. The small villages that dot throughout the Sogndal municipality bear historical churches. However, one of the most interesting museums, Norsk Bremuseum, is located right in Fjærland.

What makes the Norsk Bremuseum or Norwegian Glacier Museum so unique, is it is museum with “hands on” activities based upon snow, ice and glaciers. Since you are visiting a glacier area, it is nice to appease your curiosity and learn everything you need to know about glaciers but did not want to appear uninformed about. 

Norwegian Glacier Museum  is complimented by the newly opened exhibit, ‘Our fragile climate –  experience past and future climates’.

Your vacation cottage overlooks scenery that you will never see back home.

Your vacation cottage overlooks scenery that you will never see back home.

Having a fully equipped vacation cottage that sleeps 4 right along the waterway is a convenient way to visit all that the museum offers.  Not only that, you have a place in which you can cook the catch of the day! It only makes sense to totally immerse yourself within the beauty of the area in a holiday home that the whole family will enjoy, especially with the Jostedalsbreen Glacier within your reach.

The base of Jostedalsbreen Glacier is where the Norwegian Glacier Museum is located in Fjærland. The museum can arrange glacier walks with experienced guides from the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association. You can observe first hand, real time data from weather stations on the glacier and by the glacier river.

The museum is affilated with scientists from the International Glaciological Society, who monitor the surrounding glaciers as a climate record. The ice cores are of special interest, as they contain information on past climates.

Back indoors, the exhibits at the Norwegian Glacier Museum, are based upon the history of natural changes in the climate. Introducing the birth of Earth five billion years ago, the displays are highlighted by largest mammal that ever lived in Norway; the mammoth, whose tusk on display is 30 000 years old.

Live, learn and explore Fjærland, Norway

Live, learn and explore Fjærland, Norway

The exhibit follows with man’s appearance and how his entrance influenced the climate. Only your imagination will be the limit as different scenarios are created for the years 2040 and 2100 with the upcoming challenges.

“We still have time to act to make changes that will secure the life of this planet. This is the only home we have!” as quoted by Sir David Attenborough, who ends this demonstration of the potential future.

Once you have been enlightened on glaciers and climates, head back to your vacation rental and appreciate what nature offers any time of the year in Fjærland, Norway.

Bicycles, Cheese, Windmills and Volendam! – Netherlands

Be close enough to enjoy all of what a great city has to offer, while maintaining the country and seaside lifestyle. Sounds impossible?

Traditional ways are strong in Volendam.

Traditional ways are strong in Volendam.

You can actually have both with a visit to Volendam. Being only 20 kilometers away from the capitol of the Netherlands, Amsterdam; Volendamis a fishing village with the picturesque traditional Dutch architecture along the waterfront.

Among its bridges and channels, known as Doolhof(similar to a Labyrinth), this small village is an ideal holiday choice. Amsterdam can boast many activities but Volendam can take you away from the far and maddening tourists within the city and let you experience Dutch rural life. It is here where many of the natives actually still don traditional Dutch attire. 

Volendam, from its humble beginnings in 1462, began as the small rural borough and gradually developed into a prosperous fishing-village. The old village is left intact near the harbor, but to view what life was really about, a visit to the Volendam Museum located near the old quarter and the Volendam dyke. This small building is built on stilts at the edge of the main harbor. The stilts are there to protect the building from frequent flooding that occurred before the Zuider Zee was cut off from the ocean in the early 20th century.

Within its confines, the Volendam Museum offers exhibitions that include a wonderful display of traditional Dutch clothing, gorgeous original Dutch genre paintings, furnishings and interesting historical displays. 

A modern vacation rental at a Marinapark Volendam rowhouse.

A modern vacation rental at a Marinapark Volendam rowhouse.

Your accommodations of a vacation rental is a modern row house in Volendam, where you can enjoy all of Holland at its best. It is a perfect location to share with the entire family in a 3 bedroom at the brand-new Marinapark Volendam, located right on the water with its own marina and views of windmills in the distance.

Broaden your knowledge of Volendamand its history, not only at the museum but along the countryside and waterfront.  At the harbor, view the long-established fishing boats leaving in the morning and returning with their catch later on in the day. Purchase some before the catch heads to the market. Much of the attraction of Volendam is to sample fresh seafood, such as salted herring and smoked eel. The outcome is reminiscing of past centuries fishing atmosphere that you can not easily find elsewhere anymore.

Sample the very best of Dutch cheese on a traditional farm, in Edam, located only 2 km away. Of course you can always rent a bicycle, as biking is the preferred mode of transport. Go on a trip of discovery along scenic routes and if you happen to arrive in the spring, the colorful bulb fields are in full bloom. Don’t forget to balance your time with a visit to Amsterdam; its bustling city centre offers an abundance of culture with an air of cosmopolitan and is easily accessable by train.

Afterwards, it will be pleasure to return to the wholesome and hearty Volendam; where time seems to have stood still, except in your vacation rental.

It’s Chestnut Season in Moscenicka Draga, Croatia.

The natural environment that has been left intact, along with the rare charm of peaceful, coastal towns can be found in Moscenicka Draga. This area along the sea in Croatia is known for its mild climate and has been favorable among visitors the world over. Although especially popular in the summer, its surroundings are something that should not be overlooked in the fall.

Every year in October, the rolling terrain of the Moscenicka Draga region has a chestnut festival that everyone talks about. The Chestnut Festival takes place this year from October 10th to the 30th. During the harvest period, the festival is open to all and celebrated with a big market. This is a culinary festival with the emphasis being placed on a fall favorite; the chestnuts. These especially sweet chestnuts are grown locally and are known as maruni. The name of the festival is The Marunada, which will enlighten you in learning just how wide the choices of various delicacies can be made from this rare chestnut.

Wake up each morning to a view like this in your vacation rental home.

Wake up each morning to a view like this in your vacation rental home.

The Marunada, has been happening each year since 1973 and shows off its new season of chestnuts. During this twenty day fest, visitors can sample cooked and baked chestnuts and many chestnut sweetmeats. This much-appreciated type of chestnut highlighted in the festival grows only in the Moscenicka Draga area. Buy the preserves because they should last all the way to Christmas.

Purchase loose chestnuts also and roast them up and share a wonderful memory in the making in a 2 bedroom vacation home such as this one. Your home is guarantee to be bright, pleasing, friendly and most of all restful. Chestnuts may have been central to the diet in this region for centuries but fishing is also. A stop at the pier will also be in order to compliment any meal.

The beautiful beaches of Moscenicka Draga on the Adriatic Sea have been compared by many with its appearance, stone architecture and the typical Mediterranean environment of the Italian Riviera town Portofino of years gone by. Even residents from the other seaside village frequently travel to Moscenicka Draga.  The old town of Moscenicka Draga stretches towards the coast and is separated from the sea by a small port in which there are many fishing boats, small boats and, in the summer months, many tourist yachts. Come to the port in the early morning to meet the fishing boats, like back in the days when this town developed.

Explore, discover and relax in Moscenicka Draga

Explore, discover and relax in Moscenicka Draga

There are plenty of cultural tourism of historical importance, numerous churches, and countless forest and mountain tracks. The natural territory encompasses a large part of the nature park Ucka. The numerous hiking trails will take you through the forests of Ucka’s slope right to its highest peak Vojak at 1401 meter elevation. The biodiversity encourages nature-friendly visitation, with horseback riding, educational programs and caves to explore.

Moscenicka  Draga is the ideal destination for those wanting to become better acquainted with Croatia and their inhabitant’s lifestyle while on vacation. random acts of kindness are always well received no matter where they come from.

Sognefjord/Nordfjord,Norway – No Matter What the Season.

It is not too late to take a fall vacation that can be as easy as finding a high-altitude lookout point in a heavily wooded area, a lake, hiking trails and plenty of eye catching scenery. The added bonus is the world’s longest and deepest fjord at your doorstep. The answer to all of the above is Sognefjord/Nordfjord.

Don’t let others try to convince you that a visit should be restricted only during the summer. You can see all the extraordinary beauty for yourself without the crowds. Visit to the most famous and scenery parts of the Sognefjord/Nordfjord by taking a day cruise. A day cruise offers both cultural and historical fjord cruises. The boats sail between Kaupanger, Lærdal and Ofredal and between Lærdal, Kaupanger, Flåm, Undredal and Styvi.

What’s more, the day cruises also carry fishing equipment on board, so you might just bring back to your vacation home a freshly caught fish for dinner.

That is truly the most efficient way of staying in this area, to discover nature’s wonder, with a holiday home in the Sognefjord/Nordfjord area at an affordable price and at a leisurely pace.

Wake up to this view each day with your vacation home

Wake up to this view each day with your vacation home

One such property is this home with panoramic views that can accommodate the whole family as it sleeps 7. The fjords and villages and more can be experienced at an affordable price and at a leisurely pace by having a vacation home. There are over 125 properties available, so your choice is waiting for you.

Autumn is a great time to walk the numerous nature paths. In autumn, the Sognefjord takes on its blanket of attractive red, orange and brown hues Many people consider this the best time for hiking with exhilaratingly clear air and the ground is dry and firm. 

Of course, December may bring on the snow, but don’t let that stop you for a visit, since the snow paints the landscape white adding a new dimension to the area. Besides, the fjord ski lifts and ski tows open during Christmas holidays for you are a ski buff. Not only that, they remain open until the Easter holidays.

After Easter, spring arrives with the landscape changing once more by cascading waterfalls, hillsides and meadows showing their green and the mountains with a cap of snow. The apple blossoms in the orchards add that touch of sweet fragrance in the air.

Summer brings long, sunny days and bright summer nights. This is the season that makes the fruit and berries unusually good and is a must to add to your grocery list. Summer does profess the most visitors and it is a good idea to book your holiday home for the summer season in advance.

A holdiay home is the best way to expereince Sognefjord/Nordfjord.

A holdiay home is the best way to expereince Sognefjord/Nordfjord.

So when should you venture to Sognefjord/Nordfjord? Think about picture taking, once in a lifetime opportunities, that will be available to you no matther the season.

Besides scenery, fishing, hiking and skiing, there are many special corners in the Sognefjord/Nordfjord region blessed with Stave churches dotted within small villages.

And no visitor should miss the Flam Railway, zig-zagging along the fjords from Flam to Myrdal. This service runs all year round, whereas, you can get off at any stop along the way and discover on your own what is not described in the travel guides.

Nazaré for Seafarers, Legends and More

One event that takes place yearly, in this quaint fishing port along the Atlantic Ocean located in Nazaré, Portugal, is the Our Lady of Nazaré Festival (Nossa Senhora da Nazre Romaria). The festival begins on September 8 and is the biggest celebration in Nazaré to include great food, wine, singing, bullfights and folk dancing.

The town derives its name from Nazareth, Palestine, where the origins of a statue of the Virgin Mary came from. It was brought back to this fishing village by a monk in the 4th century, according to legend. Because of her presence, the villagers felt the Virgin Mary bestowed good fortune for them with the sea. The main attraction on the 8th is the religious procession commencing from the 17th century Nossa Senhora da Nazare Church and carrying the image of Our Lady of Nazaré down to the sea for blessings.

What nicer way is there to witness this festival by its townspeople firsthand than staying at your own 2 bedroom holiday home overlooking the sea. Within walking distant to the town center you will be assured you will not miss a thing.

Overlook the sea in Nazaré in your 2 bedroom vacation home.

Overlook the sea in Nazaré in your 2 bedroom vacation home.

Being discovered to become a resort for those in the know; the area professes long sandy shorelines, considered to be among the best beaches of Portugal. 

It is possible to see the town’s traditional ways of daily life still in existence. It is here that the fishermen still sport the area’s traditional garb as their great grandfathers did and sail their brightly painted fishing boats moored right on the beach. Where else can you see the local women carrying immense loads on their heads or sitting with each other, sewing up fishing nets for their men wearing the traditional black? The narrow streets of the fishing area remind the visitor the daily lives of its inhabitant have gone unobstructed to the rigors of modern life.
You may notice woman wearing seven layers of brightly colored petticoats under their skirts, which are known as the “Seven Skirts of Nazare.” There are different theories, pertaining to this custom, as some are convinced that the petticoats relate to the seven days of the week; while others state it is the rainbow, matching their husband’s boats, thus, signifying good fortune and harvest at sea. Most likely it actually came about as way for fishermen’s wives to stay warm against the elements.

Needless to say, the waterfront is lined with some excellent seafood restaurants serving the fresh catch of the day and anytime is wonderful for a visit. Get an amazing panoramic view of Nazaré and the sea by taking a funicular that climbs 360ft above in the town of Sitio.


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