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Davenport, FL

Vacation rentals in Davenport are greeted by a sleepy town of bygone days where relaxation and peace is a way of life.  Without the hustle and bustle of busy streets, this tiny town, who inhabitants barely reach 2000 people, boasts of quality vacation rentals with a pleasant secret.  The truth is that Davenport vacation rentals are less than 10 miles from Walt Disney World and a few miles further to the thriving attractions of Orlando!  Unknown to many visitors to the Orlando area, luxury vacation rentals in Davenport are merely the beginning of enjoying a fun filled vacation to the area.

The peace and quiet of the charming Davenport community draws many travelers to their luxury vacation rentals because of the immediate small town calm that sits so closely with big city attractions.  Mingling with the family atmosphere of Disney World, the arts fairs and crafts festivals around your vacation rental in Davenport will provide a welcome reprieve for your weary vacationers.  Leaving your vacation rental to stroll down the tree lined streets free of traffic and congestion brings a new level of charm to this relaxed community. 

Attractions near Davenport Florida vacation rentals:

  • Golfers Paradise:  As the home of golf courses in the warm sun of Davenport Florida, golf lovers will be in heaven in this collection of world class golf courses.  Challenging the skills of experienced golfers or a novice enjoying a single game with friends, the courses of Davenport Florida welcome visitors of all golfing varieties to their greens.
  • Shopping for Fun:  The middle American town of Davenport Florida offers the quiet, easy going pace of a relaxed town basking in the Florida sunlight.  A quick stroll down main street USA of Davenport Florida gives visitors the opportunity to peruse the quaint shops and stop off at charming diners for a slow paced lunch before going back to your vacation rental to decide what to do next.
  • Trips with Themes:  Davenport Florida is the perfect mixture of hometown life and a short commute to the great Orlando theme parks of the area.  To spend a day at Disney or Epcot and the night unwinding in the slow paced existence of Davenport Florida is the best of both worlds.

Finding shopping and restaurants is a short walk from your vacation rental in Davenport, the surprise of great food and the warm acceptance of the local people bring more comforts of home to your vacation.  The contrast of vacation rentals in a quiet all American town with the vibrant opportunity for excitement in Orlando makes Davenport the perfect place to stay no matter what interests you!  Start by booking your Davenport vacation rental today and have the best of both worlds!

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Destin, FL

The well guarded secret of Destin is reflected in gradual sunsets dancing over cresting waves against white sugar beaches.  Add the perfect Destin vacation rental and you have found paradise!  Surrounded by clear, emerald green waters that bounce rays of light off of the oceans floor, Destin enjoys a reputation as a sleepy little fishing village full of quaint cottages and vacation rentals.  The right atmosphere for snorkeling, scuba diving, or lazy swimming in the surf, beach vacation rentals in Destin are a jewel to discover.  

Famous for their Destin Annual Seafood Festival, voted a top 20 event in the Southeast, attending is easy from the comfort of your vacation rental in Destin FloridaBeach vacation rentals in Destin provide access to all types of activities including a BBQ contest, a Navajo Indian art exhibit, a Greek Festival, and a Festival Latino.  From sitting in the pristine white sands while dolphin watching to playing around the sandy traps on a golf course, Destin Florida beach vacation rentals provide fun under the sunny skies.  Not just content to offer the standard fares of activities like boating and swimming, a short commute from your beach vacation rental can take you to outstanding adventures such as tubing, glass bottom boats, water adventure parks, gater beach, and parasailing. 

Things to do in Destin Florida near your rental home:

  • Gulfarium / Zoo:  The duo of a regular zoo filled with exotic animals and an aquarium starring all of the glorious animals of the Gulf coast.  The zoo features the best furry fun with a Safari tour.  The Gulfarium offers the several shows including the fun of drivers frolicking with sea lions and dolphins.  With the chance to interact with the animals to learn and have fun, this combination is the best of both worlds.
  • Gator Beach:  Gator Beach is the home of alligators in a place where alligators are loved and revered.  With Gator shows and even the adventure of feeding a live gator, Gator beach is the place to enjoy the natural habitat of the Gators.
  • Indian Temple Mound:  With an exploration into the past, visiting the Indian Temple Mound gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the Indian people who lived in the Destin area so long ago.  With a history that dates back long before the first settlers and the official discovery of Florida, learning about the area from first hand accounts and its inhabitants from the descendants.
  • Destin Dockside:  The best place to enjoy shopping in the area with quaint little shops to pick up the gifts that your loved ones will love to remind you of the beach.  When you are shopped out or ready for a little rest to continue your shopping adventure, there are great eateries along the boardwalk to get you back on your feet.

Combined with the excellent coast food in a place popular for its Annual Seafood Festival, your beach vacation rental in Destin Florida will become a family favorite destination for years to come.  Bring your bathing suit, camera, and creativity to your vacation rental to start having the vacation of a lifetime with events for everyone.

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South Walton, FL

If Florida had a home of beaches, the Emerald Coast of South Walton would be the vacation rental paradise.  With miles of beaches that stretch over 10 different locations, vacation rentals in South Walton have beaches caressing their front doors.  From the first moment you wiggle your toes in the sand and dip your feet in the surf, your South Walton vacation rental will feel like home.  Children building sandcastles in the warmth of the sun while adults sunbath or read among the calling sounds of seagulls make your beach vacation rental a welcome escape for your busy life.

From family oriented events close to beach vacation rentals in South Walton to lively couple events to add a little spice to your vacation, South Walton serves sun and fun for everyone.  With movies at the beach, a short walk from your beach vacation rental in South Walton, to nature exploration trips to engage the mind of children of all ages, South Walton is a slash of new experiences for families.  Events like wine tasting and open mic night at the local pub draw social groups from their beach vacation rentals to savor the beach music and atmosphere of a the South Walton Emerald coast. 

A few of the many attractions of rental homes in South Walton Florida:

  • Holiday Activities:  From unexpected holiday festivities to celebrate Halloween and the Fall to the Christmas fun of carnivals enjoying to the onset of Winter, South Walton Florida is the place to have the best of both worlds.  Make this holiday season special and memorable by experiencing your choice of holidays in the perfect beach front setting.
  • Beach Fun:  Among all of the opportunities to visit the perfect beaches of South Walton Florida, visitors find the relaxation of soaking up the sun near the gently rolling tide.  If you want to play in the water, swim, or build castles from the sand, then South Walton Florida is the right place for fun.
  • At Your Leisure:  The best of leisure activities exist at South Walton Florida.  With the thrill of seeking the gift or souvenir from your trip and the best places for seafood, you can shop all day and find incredible places for dinner while you listen the waves fall against the shore as a soundtrack to the magnificence of the setting sun over the Emerald coast.

Within short distances from your vacation rental are the restaurants serving savory coast seafood dishes amidst the sands and sunsets most noted in South Walton.  Each delectable offering better than the last, the food of South Walton serves as an excellent way to refuel and shift into the next gear while visiting beach vacation rentals.  Which gear….high or low…what will be next is completely up to you!

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