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Marco Island – Florida’s Largest of the 10,000 Islands

marcoislandWhile you may not have time to visit Ten Thousand Islands on your next Florida vacation, making the largest of those Ten Thousand Islands your home base is an excellent way to explore the nearby islands. Today we want to highlight one place where you can hang your hat, on the vacation playground of Marco Island.

This Marco Island holiday getaway is wonderfully cozy, and the perfect place for a romantic holiday for two. Okay, sure – the place sleeps up to four, but it is not very romantic if the kids come along, is it? Anyway, this great little Florida vacation rental is just a short trip from the center of the island and surrounded by lush greenery. Plus, do not assume that just because the place is small that you have to sacrifice any of the amenities you might expect in a larger house or a condo. With this gem you get not only a lovely terrace, but also a private swimming pool. Yes, a private swimming pool. Whoever said good things come in small packages was right.

In addition to the island’s center being close, there is also a beach, golf course, tennis court, restaurant and supermarket within easy reach. Plus, Marco Island itself is a great place to base yourself if you want to visit some of the rest of Florida‘s Ten Thousand Islands. This island chain (in reality only several hundred islands, not ten thousand, but who’s counting?) is a wilderness area covered in mangroves, and in fact most of the islands are so small that not only is there no one living on them – it would be pretty tough to live there even if someone wanted to. Still, many are available for overnight stays, if you want to take a break from your Florida vacation rental – but these are mainly accessible only via water, and it is not an easy trip, so the U.S. Wildlife Department recommend that only experienced canoeists and kayakers try to make it out to those islands on their own.

If you are not interested in an overnight stay away from Marco Island, then consider a day trip spent snorkeling or some other water sport. It could be a nice way to get involved in a local activity without having to invest lots of time in training classes!

This Marco Island house is the perfect Florida vacation rental, and the perfect place to spend a romantic holiday.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

From the moment of arrival at the beach homes at Fort Walton Beach, you will ask yourself what there is to do here.  The short answer is everything….or nothing!  The beach front rentals in Fort Walton Beach have the air of a laid back, take it easy type of beach town that spots the coast of Florida.  But, the notorious powder white sand beaches giving way to the soft green sparkling waters of the ocean make the name Emerald Coast very suitable for these beach rentalsFort Walton Beach Vacation homes are famous for the beautiful sunsets that float just above the shimming water giving way to the horizon. 

Your vacation rental home in Fort Walton Beach presents you with an interesting dilemma.  Do you sit back in your Fort Walton Beach holiday home and prepare for long days of sunshine, relaxation, and catching up on a good beach book?  Or, do you leave your vacation rental home Fort Walton Beach for the fun of shopping for souvenirs to “beach up” your home or take in some of the magnificent seafood in the restaurants made famous in this one-time tiny fishing village. 

A few activities near your Fort Walton Beach vacation rental:

  • Dolphin Tours:  If you want the thrill of interacting with the natural beauty and grace of the dolphins to highlight your vacation, then Ft. Walton Beach is ready to accommodate you within a short drive from your Ft. Walton Beach rental home.  Get your camera ready and take the kids to the dock for the picturesque visions of magical dolphins dancing across the waves in the sunset.  Some tours in the Ft. Walton area include:  AJs Sea Blaster, Olin Marler’s Dolphin Cruise, Southern Star Dolphin and Sunset Cruises, and Boogies Water Cruises.
  • Scuba / Snorkeling:  Want to look below the surface at the wonderful of the marine life that make the ocean home?  Get ready to scuba and snorkel in the Emerald City of Ft Walton Beach.  Known for the crystal waters and perfect array of aquatic animals, an underwater wonderland is waiting to welcome you into the miracle of sea life with an adventure you will never forget.  A few skilled tours include:  Emerald Coast Scuba, Scuba Tech, Pelican Adventures, and the Scuba Shop.
  • Fishing Adventures:  Want to fight the big one and reel in the prize?  Always wanted to deep sea fish?  Many of the scuba and snorkeling shops also have deep sea adventures available to the sports person ready to cast a line into the water and fight for the big catch!

Your vacation holiday home in Fort Walton Beach will support any activity your care to enjoy!  Or, you could just sit back and enjoy the sunset from your vacation rental home in Fort Walton Beach for another day before making any decisions!

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