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Burgundy in Fall

Right now the grapes hang heavy on the vines. It’s a perfect time to walk the vineyards of your favorite wine region. Burgundy should be one of them. After all, everyone in the know defaults to “Burgundy” when they want to refer to fine wine–or fine anything, really. You don’t hear people saying, “she aged well, like a fine Roero Arneis.”

I like the small villages of Burgundy. You can easily walk between them. Each has its own character. Beaune is one of my favorites. It’s large enough to have several fine restaurants.

Burgundy vacation rental (Beaune, France)

Burgundy vacation rental (Beaune, France)

If I had a car, I’d certainly want to stay in the Burgundian countryside, maybe near a lake. Then I’d go taste wine during the day, maybe stopping at a restaurant for a bit of pâté en croûte before coming home to sop up the view in my chalet. You (and up to 5 friends) can do that inexpensively in that Beaune holiday get away you see over there to the right.

Imagine, you and your glass of fine old Burgundy, pacing up and down your terrace, waiting for your princess, who is aging like a fine old Roero Arneis, to finish basting the duck in the oven so you can dig into you slab of foie gras together.

Now that’s living, eh?

Flailing Towards Figeac – A Stop on the Tour de France

It sounds slightly dirty, doesn’t it? Figeac. Well, it does if you’ve read Henry Miller.

No matter; Figeac is a delightful medieval town in the Lot department of the Midi-Pyrenees. It was once full of tanners, but now the river is quite a bit less toxic; you can sit along it at the Le Hotel Pont D’Or bar and nurse a kir or some such while thinking of life in medieval times without being bothered by even the slightest whiff of the serious pollution those skin-preparers dumped into the water.

It’s not all memories of the past in Figeac; the Tour de France passes here on the 12th of July on its way toward Toulouse.

Figiac Vacation Rental

Figeac Vacation Rental

If you were one of those planning types, you could have invited some friends to share the expense of the seven room vacation rental seen on the right at Lissac et Mouret, 5 km from Figeac. Then you could have waited for the tour on hillside with a bottle of one of my favorite wines from Cahors, a mere 70km or so away.

So if you like mountain scenery, small medieval towns, good wine and folks that delight in cooking up some waterfowl like duck and geese doused in some pretty sturdy red wines, consider this part of France for your vacation.

They even have a Museum of Ecriture in Figeac. Yes, a writing museum. You see, the guy who figured out the Rosetta Stone, Jean-François Champollion, was born in Figeac.

You should go.

Burgundy – Fine Wine, Fine Cuisine and Golf

If there’s a wine that can be called my favorite, it’s probably made from Pinot Noir grapes, the main component of the red wines of Burgundy.

Being one of France’s best know and expensive wine regions,  Burgundy exudes wealth and all the wonderful art and architecture that goes with having barrels of money to burn. It’s certainly my favorite wine region of France. Walking between the wine towns is a joy. You’ll find the famous vineyards of Burgundy are surprisingly small.

burgundy vacation rentalBut if you like to smack little balls around around the verdant countryside while you sip, you might be interested in staying on a golf course for a bit on your vacation. Yes, it’s possible. You can see the Golf Garden over there to the right. It’s near the town of Beaune, which is one of my favorites with lots of good restaurants and wine shops to visit. It’s just the right size to drive to (you’ll need a car to reach the Golf Garden).

Paris to Burgundy is a short trip. Hit Dijon while you’re in the area, or do it as a day trip from your vacation rental.


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