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Barga – Stay on a Farm in Tuscany’s Garfagnana Region

If you think you know Tuscany, think again. There are two regions in the far north, the Lunigiana and the Garfagnana that are quite rural, and offer a different perspective on all things Tuscan. Tourists seldom go there.

The Garfagnana is just north of the town of Lucca. It is cooler in summer than southern Tuscany, especially at night.

Barga is the focal point of tourism in the Garfagnana. Lots of artists and craftspersons have settled there. In summer, you’ll find some sort of sagra or festival going on pretty much every evening. And, Barga has a Scottish connection. Yes, thousands of emigrants left this area in the last century to start a new life in Scotland. But now they’ve returned to Barga and the little villages that surround it, or at least come back for all the festivals in the summer, including biggies BargaJazz and OperaBarga.

Garfagnana vacation rentalLooking for a rural retreat for your vacation? Maybe travel around Italy for a week, then settle into an apartment or house in the Garfagnana, where you can catch your breath and wash your clothes.

The place over to the left is called La Fornace . There are two apartments and two houses on the property. You can mountain bike, horse ride, or walk around beautiful countryside. Ponte del Diavolo (the devil’s bridge) in Borgo a Mozzano is a mere 6 km away, Bagni di Lucca beaches 6 km, Barga approx 10 km, Lucca 31 km, Versilia beaches 55 km.

Imagine sitting down at one of those sagre. You’ll be at a communal dinner with all the folks around, many of whom speak English. In August you can celebrate the “Sagra delle pesce e Patate” (fish and chips dinner)  commemorating the Barga/Scottish connection. There’ll be music.  There’ll be inexpensive wine.

Now I wanna go.


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