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Take a history lesson while you enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of Qawra on the island of Malta.

Cerulean waters, white sand beaches, hidden coves and bays, traditional villages, historic and megalithic sites are all to be found on the island of Malta which is one of the two inhabited islands that make up the Maltese archipelago that lies almost bang in the center of the Mediterranean and also includes the islands of Gozo, Comminotto, Filfla , Fungus Rock, Manoel Island, Commino and the Islands of St Paul.

Malta through the ages has been a strategic base for navigation as a result of which it has been visited by several civilizations the first of which existed here as early as the third millennium BC.  Subsequently the island was also visited and occupied by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and of course the British. In fact the Maltese secured their independence from the British only in 1964.

Recharge your batteries at your holiday home in Qawra

Recharge your batteries at your holiday home in Qawra

Having been exposed to these various civilizations all of whom managed to leave their mark on the island, Malta is often described to be one  big open-air museum as the island has tons of   historic megalithic and Neolithic sites  all of which enthrall and delight history buffs. However it is not history alone that draws the many summer visitors to Malta, the island is also renowned for its great natural beauty and is blessed with a warm and amiable climate. Moreover it is also well developed as a resort destination which is both alluring and fascinating to visitors who enjoy exploring this compact island and experiencing its many vibrant summer time fiestas which are held in honor of the patron saints in the many tiny traditional villages that dot the landscape of Malta. The island has several well developed tourist enclaves including its capital city of Valetta and other areas like Vittoriosa, Mdina, St Paul’s Bay, Bugibba, and Qawra.

The settlement of Qawra extends southwards from Bugibba and is part of the resort of St Paul’s Bay which is  located on the North East part of the island. St Paul’s Bay derives its name from the shipwreck of St Paul in AD60. St Paul is believed to have been shipwrecked on St Paul’s Isles which are located in this stunning bay.

Well equipped Qawra holiday homes are perfect for a much needed break

Well equipped Qawra holiday homes are perfect for a much needed break

The resort of Qawra is geared towards the pleasure seeking tourist and though it does not have its own white sand beach (the beach at Qawra is quite rocky) it has a well developed water front which is peppered with many hotels, restaurants and night clubs. The seafront at Qawra also offers many popular water sporting activities like banana boat and speed boat rides which are enjoyed immensely by its many sun-seeking visitors.

Your  holiday home in Qawra affords you easy acess to its waterfront

Your holiday home in Qawra affords you easy access to its waterfront

Qawra also has its own piece of Maltese history in the form of its Qawra Tower. The Qawra Tower which now houses a restaurant and a swimming pool was one of the fortifications built by the mediaeval order of the Knights of St John in 1637.  The Knights of St John reigned supreme on the island of Malta for 270 years from 1530 onwards during which they used the island to staunchly defend Christendom.
If you in fact choose to holiday in Qawra, you have a wide variety of holiday homes to choose from. Most of these holiday homes are located within easily accessible resorts which are equipped with all the necessary amenities like swimming pools, health clubs, restaurants and snack bars, children’s play areas, Jacuzzi’s/ saunas etc. Many of these picturesque holiday homes also afford gorgeous views of the Mediterranean and are located in close proximity to Qawra’s busy animated sea front promenade.
So next time if you are looking for an easy getaway which would be a no-brainer to plan why not give Qawra on Malta a try?

The Blues Won´t Get You Down in Kinsale, Ireland

Even if you are not Irish, your eyes will be smiling with a visit to Kinsale, Ireland. Just a stroll along the river, by the harbor, on the upper side of the town consisting of its charming shops and of course, Irish pubs will exhilarate you.

Besides the pubs, Kinsale is known as the “Gourmet Capitol of Ireland,” and you will find wonderful cuisines that will suit all palates. It is said by many that the best tasting meals you have ever had will be here! You can even learn some the specialites at the Kinsdale Cooking School, featuring guest chefs each week.

Desmond castle is a short walk uphill and was a 15th century Custom and Town House that has had a checkered past with many stories to tell. Besides serving as a Customs house from around 1500, it became a prison for French prisoners during the Napoleonic Wars and relief centre during the famine. It is now finally converted to The Irish Wine Museum, where you become a connoisseur or perhaps just a little more knowledgeable than you were before.

Kinsale can easily claim its place among being one of Ireland’s more historic locations, as the town with its castle, can boast two historical forts, Charles Fort, and James Fort.

Dating from 1677, Charles Fort  can give visitors a good chance to familiarize themselves with the history of the town. A wealth of information is supplied by the Exhibition Centre and do not miss the chance to view the fort from a vantage point at the mouth of the harbor.

The pentagonal shaped fort with a covered walkway leading to it, is James Fort, constructed between 1601 and 1603. Here, again, you will hear the tales behind the walls.

A vacation rental in Kinsale, Ireland is the way to go.

A vacation rental in Kinsale, Ireland is the way to go.

No wonder so many visitors head back year after year. With great food, wonderful shops, and amazing views, Kinsale will be one of your favorite places to vacation. Stay at a vacation rental overlooking the River Bandon, sleeping six, so bring the whole family to explore.

This little Irish village nestled between the hills and the shoreline hosts and coincides with Cork’s well-known jazz festival with one of their own. The best of Jazz and Blues takes place in Kinsale, Ireland featuring international acts from the US, UK and Ireland. The music spills out on October 24th to the 27th.

Among maze of narrow picturesque streets, never far from the water, Kinsale will resound to the sounds of this party during four days of live jazz performances. Live it up and then after the festival, enjoy this small quaint city when it returns back to its normal flavor.

Although Waterford reigns with its crystal, Kinsale Crystal is gaining fast. Take a peek inside and you will even find that you can watch some of this beautiful work being done on the premises and not mass produced. Kinsale Silver is another shop, where the craft is made with pride  as the silversmiths create one of a kind silver jewelry.

A visit to kinsale can be yours, with or without jazz. So when will go head there?

It’s Chestnut Season in Moscenicka Draga, Croatia.

The natural environment that has been left intact, along with the rare charm of peaceful, coastal towns can be found in Moscenicka Draga. This area along the sea in Croatia is known for its mild climate and has been favorable among visitors the world over. Although especially popular in the summer, its surroundings are something that should not be overlooked in the fall.

Every year in October, the rolling terrain of the Moscenicka Draga region has a chestnut festival that everyone talks about. The Chestnut Festival takes place this year from October 10th to the 30th. During the harvest period, the festival is open to all and celebrated with a big market. This is a culinary festival with the emphasis being placed on a fall favorite; the chestnuts. These especially sweet chestnuts are grown locally and are known as maruni. The name of the festival is The Marunada, which will enlighten you in learning just how wide the choices of various delicacies can be made from this rare chestnut.

Wake up each morning to a view like this in your vacation rental home.

Wake up each morning to a view like this in your vacation rental home.

The Marunada, has been happening each year since 1973 and shows off its new season of chestnuts. During this twenty day fest, visitors can sample cooked and baked chestnuts and many chestnut sweetmeats. This much-appreciated type of chestnut highlighted in the festival grows only in the Moscenicka Draga area. Buy the preserves because they should last all the way to Christmas.

Purchase loose chestnuts also and roast them up and share a wonderful memory in the making in a 2 bedroom vacation home such as this one. Your home is guarantee to be bright, pleasing, friendly and most of all restful. Chestnuts may have been central to the diet in this region for centuries but fishing is also. A stop at the pier will also be in order to compliment any meal.

The beautiful beaches of Moscenicka Draga on the Adriatic Sea have been compared by many with its appearance, stone architecture and the typical Mediterranean environment of the Italian Riviera town Portofino of years gone by. Even residents from the other seaside village frequently travel to Moscenicka Draga.  The old town of Moscenicka Draga stretches towards the coast and is separated from the sea by a small port in which there are many fishing boats, small boats and, in the summer months, many tourist yachts. Come to the port in the early morning to meet the fishing boats, like back in the days when this town developed.

Explore, discover and relax in Moscenicka Draga

Explore, discover and relax in Moscenicka Draga

There are plenty of cultural tourism of historical importance, numerous churches, and countless forest and mountain tracks. The natural territory encompasses a large part of the nature park Ucka. The numerous hiking trails will take you through the forests of Ucka’s slope right to its highest peak Vojak at 1401 meter elevation. The biodiversity encourages nature-friendly visitation, with horseback riding, educational programs and caves to explore.

Moscenicka  Draga is the ideal destination for those wanting to become better acquainted with Croatia and their inhabitant’s lifestyle while on vacation. random acts of kindness are always well received no matter where they come from.

Sognefjord/Nordfjord,Norway – No Matter What the Season.

It is not too late to take a fall vacation that can be as easy as finding a high-altitude lookout point in a heavily wooded area, a lake, hiking trails and plenty of eye catching scenery. The added bonus is the world’s longest and deepest fjord at your doorstep. The answer to all of the above is Sognefjord/Nordfjord.

Don’t let others try to convince you that a visit should be restricted only during the summer. You can see all the extraordinary beauty for yourself without the crowds. Visit to the most famous and scenery parts of the Sognefjord/Nordfjord by taking a day cruise. A day cruise offers both cultural and historical fjord cruises. The boats sail between Kaupanger, Lærdal and Ofredal and between Lærdal, Kaupanger, Flåm, Undredal and Styvi.

What’s more, the day cruises also carry fishing equipment on board, so you might just bring back to your vacation home a freshly caught fish for dinner.

That is truly the most efficient way of staying in this area, to discover nature’s wonder, with a holiday home in the Sognefjord/Nordfjord area at an affordable price and at a leisurely pace.

Wake up to this view each day with your vacation home

Wake up to this view each day with your vacation home

One such property is this home with panoramic views that can accommodate the whole family as it sleeps 7. The fjords and villages and more can be experienced at an affordable price and at a leisurely pace by having a vacation home. There are over 125 properties available, so your choice is waiting for you.

Autumn is a great time to walk the numerous nature paths. In autumn, the Sognefjord takes on its blanket of attractive red, orange and brown hues Many people consider this the best time for hiking with exhilaratingly clear air and the ground is dry and firm. 

Of course, December may bring on the snow, but don’t let that stop you for a visit, since the snow paints the landscape white adding a new dimension to the area. Besides, the fjord ski lifts and ski tows open during Christmas holidays for you are a ski buff. Not only that, they remain open until the Easter holidays.

After Easter, spring arrives with the landscape changing once more by cascading waterfalls, hillsides and meadows showing their green and the mountains with a cap of snow. The apple blossoms in the orchards add that touch of sweet fragrance in the air.

Summer brings long, sunny days and bright summer nights. This is the season that makes the fruit and berries unusually good and is a must to add to your grocery list. Summer does profess the most visitors and it is a good idea to book your holiday home for the summer season in advance.

A holdiay home is the best way to expereince Sognefjord/Nordfjord.

A holdiay home is the best way to expereince Sognefjord/Nordfjord.

So when should you venture to Sognefjord/Nordfjord? Think about picture taking, once in a lifetime opportunities, that will be available to you no matther the season.

Besides scenery, fishing, hiking and skiing, there are many special corners in the Sognefjord/Nordfjord region blessed with Stave churches dotted within small villages.

And no visitor should miss the Flam Railway, zig-zagging along the fjords from Flam to Myrdal. This service runs all year round, whereas, you can get off at any stop along the way and discover on your own what is not described in the travel guides.


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