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Sardinia, Italy

The hidden vacation rentals in Sardinia off the coast of Italy are protected by distance.  As a vastly undiscovered land, Sardinia is half way between Italy and Africa lending a great deal of peace and tranquility to its holiday villas.  In the way that most islands lay undisturbed by society, the cottages in Sardinia have been touched by history and connect visitors to a bygone era of culture.  Just now starting to excavate the island of Sardinia, vacationers to Sardinia holiday homes are greeted with Nora Archeological site revealing Roman baths, a theater, and several mosaics.
In comparison, a short distance from your Sardinia vacation rental, Cagliani, the Roman capital of Sardinia, stands as a welcoming reminder of day long past through small roadways leading to and from the port.  Completing the Roman influences that time can not erase, your Sardinia vacation home is near a Roman amphitheatre, a cathedral, and an archeological museum chronicling the heritage of Sardinia.  Even more impressive than the Roman flavors exhibited in the excavations and the architecture, vacation rentals Sardinia are privileged to connect with the past through the Nuraghi, prehistoric cone-shaped mystery shelters that cover the landscape.

Things to see around your vacation home in Sardinia Italy:

  • Citadel of Castelsardo:  This lovely little picturesque old town is centered between a beautiful bay staring at Corsica and an incredible hillside view down into the town.  Passed from century to century to prominent Italian families, Citadel of Castelsardo has been altered and added over history to an opportunity to walk through Sardinia Italy as it existed for years.
  • Nuraghe:  As majestic set of cylindrical center pieces standing in the middle of Sardina Italy, Nuraghe is believed to be the meeting place of wisemen of the times.  Thousands of years old, Nuraghe is remarkable well preserved as a historical, military, and government landmarks.  With a phenomenal reach into history of all types, visitors are treated to the power ways of Sardinia Italy.
  • Isola di San Pietro:  The postcard island of Isola di San Pietro has a falling coastline of rocks that gently cascade into the water with the amazing gracefulness of silently quiet waves whispering against the island.  With amazing tuna fishing in the chilly coast waters, Isola di San Pietro is perfect for leisurely strolls or focused fishing.

Sardinia vacation homes steep in the history and tradition that quickly becomes prohibited or protected once it falls into private hands.  With so many historical facets of Sardinia to explore, your Sardinia vacation rental is close to every piece of history located on the island.  If regional history is one of your fascinations, then your Sardinia vacation rental home is waiting for you to come and discover the magic of yesterday with the accommodations of today!

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Umbria, Italy

Vacation rentals in Umbria, a quaint town flushed with the local color of Venice and the some of the leftover flavor of Rome, stands in the center of Italy.  Holiday villas in Umbria are treated to a dynamic postcard view of Lake Transimeno at the heart of Umbria.  Steeped in historical significance, Lake Transimeno provides a spectacular view for vacation rentals in Umbria where Hannibal defeated the Roman Empire.   Speckled all over the landscape, the castles and fortresses of Umbria give a safe, serene atmosphere to the vacation rentals Umbria.

For a relatively unknown region of Italy, an Umbria vacation rental can show you a whole new side of Italy.  With a long, settled history of spiritual leaders and artists to the credit of Umbria, the streets surrounding your Italian cottage will no doubt please the most discriminating soul.  Filled with wineries to tempt the palette and foods to tantalize the taste buds, Umbria vacation homes give visitors a glimpse into the past when people valued the landscape and found inspiration in nature.  Still a representation of its medieval past, Umbria vacation rental homes range from the breath taking hill towns such as Gubbio to the Montefalico, named the “Balcony of Umbria.”
Fun around your Umbria, Italy vacation home:

  • Paolina Fortress:  The Paolina Fortress stands as an incredible representation of the mingling of military and civilian history down through every period of history from the Roman occupation of Italy to the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods.  Now a beautifully restored museum commemorating the changes in the historical landscape of the Umbria location, visitors can step through the historical building, uprising, destruction, and rebuilding of thousands of years.
  • Eremo della Carceri:  This serene monastery protected by the slopes and forests surrounding Assisi is a link with history and religion.  As a frequent home and place of worship for St. Francis, many of the notable works of St. Francis, from his sermon to the birds to causing water to rise from rocks, are given life in the Eremo della Carceri.  This piece of spiritual history calls to visitors of all faiths.
  • Basilica di San Francesco:  Although dedicated the man who preached that worldliness was a sin and poverty a blessing, Basilica di San Francesco, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, is a showplace perched on the top of a peak that is breath taking as the sunsets in the background.  Even as the burial place of St. Francis, the stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings are majestic to behold.  Inlays of gold and sets of marble welcome the physical sense to a deeply spiritual setting.

Whether shopping for the world’s finest ceramics, seeking cultural enlightenment through the artistic visions of Cimabue and Michelangelo, or the spiritual strength of the temples and monasteries erected to Saints, vacation rental homes in Umbria offer a full array of experiences to affect each traveler.  The beauty of the Umbria region invites travelers to stop, stay, and enjoy the vacation homes in Umbria.  With so much to see from Umbria vacation rentals, you might have to stay longer to experience it all.

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Campania, Italy

Campania holiday villas are a ticket to an old world of charm and lost days.  With accommodations to attract the most discriminating tastes, the Campania vacation rentals are home to exploration and understanding of many lost cities.  An ancient Roman city, vacation rentals in Campania now expose visitors to interactions with nature, inspirations from Roman artwork, exploration of history, and infatuation with the foods of the region.
Through the vast differences in the natural topography of Campania, visitors can get a beach rental to enjoy the Amalfi coast near several fishing villages under the Italian sun.  If strolling through soft hilly country side to take in the view of Vesuvis, the volcano set in the distance with lush vegetation growing on the slopes, excites the adventure seeker in you, then your vacation rental in Campania is the perfect place.  A short drive from any Campania vacation rental will take you to the archeological digs at Pompeii and Herculaneum.  Buried for centuries by volcanic ash, it’s worth the drive from your Campania vacation home to see the cities that nature preserved with a late night blast of lava.
Places to go while at your Campania rental home in Italy:

  • Pompeii / Mount Vesuvius:  Sight of the beautiful and destructive power of Mother Nature, Mount Vesuvius and the city of Pompeii serve as a shocking reminder of times when man and nature have collided with thousands of causalities.  Walking through Pompeii is a stark reminder of the instant and deadly results to the of the precious city inhabitants that still risk their lives in the gigantic shadow of Mount Vesuvius
  • Certosa e Museo di San Martino:  A charming piece of history reaches out to you upon entering this 14th century monastery.  With a beautiful fresco depicting the “Triumph of Judith,” each turns presents a step into history as it spreads across decades of Italian development.
  • Capri:  Legend and lore places the coast of Capri as the place where Odysseus almost submitted to the fate of the Sirens, the view of the coastline is breath taking in its efforts to draw you into the postcard miracle that is the perfect Italian setting.  Caught off guard by the sparkling blue waters rolling out to sea, you can almost image the sirens song calling to you across the whispers winds.

With a region of Italy so packed with culture, it seems strange to suggest eating an American favorite while at your Campania vacation rental home.  However…when in Rome…or Italy as the case may be…ordering a pizza in one of the restaurants local to your Campania holiday home will bring happiness to your mouth.  In the home of pizza, the restaurants recommend their pizzas, made with real San Marzano tomatoes and fiordilatte mozzarella cheese with a good bottle of wine to travelers to Campania holiday homes

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