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Get Physical in Trutnov, Czech Republic

A vacation rental in the mountains is the best bet no matter the season.

A vacation rental in the mountains is the best bet no matter the season.

Situated on surrounding hillsides, Trutnov, Czech Republic,  is a must for lovers of outdoor sports during the winter months as well as the summer ones. The area is prominent for plenty of outdoor activities and much history added in besides.

Many consider only Switzerland, Italy and France for skiing and snowboarding opportunities in Europe,  but switch your thoughts and try the Trutnov region instead. Ski enthusiasts seeking more affordability will instantly find Trutnov proves not to cost a kings ransom. 
Nothing could be better that having a vacation rental home in close proximity from the town of Trutnov and the nearby Giant Mountains (Krkonose Mountains); the highest mountains in all of the Czech Republic. Highly proficient skiers will relish the challenges but novices can do well as it is filled with many ski schools. Leave you skis at home because rental equipment is available.

Make it a whole family affair in a 3 bedroom vacation rental chalet sleeping seven. This one includes even a sauna to unwind in after a day on the slopes. The winter visitor will certainly value the cross-country skiing opportunities right near your own backyard.

Skiing in the Giant Mountains is nothing but excellent; having ski conditions available from December until April and downhill skiing with an altitude 700-1300 meters above sea level.

The Skipark Mlade Buky, located along the eastern portion of the Giant Mountains, has most of their ski slopes covered artificially with complete daily maintenance to make sure it stays in pristine condition. With so many areas for you to sweep down the wide runs in the Giant Mountains, this may be the only place to ski for you.

If skiing or winter does not appeal to you for a visit; you will find a treasure trove of cultural riches and other options throughout the Trutnov region. Take advantage of the idyllic conditions offered for walking, mountain bike rentals, horseback riding, water rafting or swimming in a modern water park.

As one can determine, the area affords more physical activities than imaginable. So much so, that it may be a good idea to visit a thermal spring spa in the small mountain town of Janske Lazne to ease those muscles.

Imagine a private sauna everyday with a vacation rental.

Imagine a private sauna everyday with a vacation rental.

In many of the villages in the Trutnov region, there are  art galleries and museum expositions, such as at the Museum of Podkrkonos. Since 1987, the Trutnov Open Air Music Festival is a summer highlight with international artists partaking. The festival can be compared to a mini Woodstock type of venue promoting tolerance. Other villages hold their own cultural festivals allowing a glimpse to the traditions of its people.

Inquisitive families can challenge themselves on summer hikes and throw in a portion of historical sightseeing in. There is a Franciscan monastery, dating from 1678, displaying a unique collection of antique statues within the Giant Mountains.

The Giant Mountains have 200 miles of foot trails for mountain hiking within it. This makes it suitable with ease for trekking in the gorgeous countryside. A trekking journey may not be like scaling the Himalayas but the sensation is no less. After all a healthy body equals a healthy mind and you will thank Trutnov, Czech Republic and the opportunity it offers.

Pssst, Wanna Stay in the Real Rome?

Yes, the real Rome. Italy, that is. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Testaccio. It’s one of those places you really can’t believe until you’ve been there.

It’s a section of Rome full of butchers. The stockyards used to be there. Workers were paid with the nasty bits, and that’s what folks eat here. Offal. It’s the real Roman cuisine.

And it’s not awful. Of course, that’s not all there is to eat in the Testaccio. Your food can be as trendy as you wish. Testaccio welcomes you while it’s getting gentrified. Go before they get a McDonalds.

The extraordinary thing about Testaccio, besides the pyramid, is the 20 meter high mountain of potsherds that is Testacchio’s landmark. Yes, this is also where Roman trading along the Tiber was done, and the heap of amphora bits represents the remains. The hill was once simply Il Monte dei Cocci, or the mountain of cocci, refering to amphora sherds, and was combined with the latin “testae,” refering to a pot sherd that was often inscribed and used for voting, to become Testaccio.

The hill of potsherds has been dug out in recent times to use the space for things like car repair. Today, trendy clubs have moved into the cave-like “guts” of the Testaccio hill.

Rome vacation rentalImagine if you had a place in the Testaccio for a week or two. You could do a club crawl and be back home in a jiff, or at least by the time the sun is rising. Then you could go to the Gastronomia E. Volpetti in the day time. The Volpetti is perhaps Rome’s best “deli.” Don’t want to picnic? You could eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Trattoria Checchino dal 1887.

You could also go to the Piramide (pyramid) while staying at a hip apartment called, oddly enough, Piramide, shown on the right over there.

And have the  Pajata. It’s the intestines of a young calf fed only on its mother’s milk. If you’re slightly squeamish, have the ox tails. Remember, there’s always eggplant.

Campania, Italy

Campania holiday villas are a ticket to an old world of charm and lost days.  With accommodations to attract the most discriminating tastes, the Campania vacation rentals are home to exploration and understanding of many lost cities.  An ancient Roman city, vacation rentals in Campania now expose visitors to interactions with nature, inspirations from Roman artwork, exploration of history, and infatuation with the foods of the region.
Through the vast differences in the natural topography of Campania, visitors can get a beach rental to enjoy the Amalfi coast near several fishing villages under the Italian sun.  If strolling through soft hilly country side to take in the view of Vesuvis, the volcano set in the distance with lush vegetation growing on the slopes, excites the adventure seeker in you, then your vacation rental in Campania is the perfect place.  A short drive from any Campania vacation rental will take you to the archeological digs at Pompeii and Herculaneum.  Buried for centuries by volcanic ash, it’s worth the drive from your Campania vacation home to see the cities that nature preserved with a late night blast of lava.
Places to go while at your Campania rental home in Italy:

  • Pompeii / Mount Vesuvius:  Sight of the beautiful and destructive power of Mother Nature, Mount Vesuvius and the city of Pompeii serve as a shocking reminder of times when man and nature have collided with thousands of causalities.  Walking through Pompeii is a stark reminder of the instant and deadly results to the of the precious city inhabitants that still risk their lives in the gigantic shadow of Mount Vesuvius
  • Certosa e Museo di San Martino:  A charming piece of history reaches out to you upon entering this 14th century monastery.  With a beautiful fresco depicting the “Triumph of Judith,” each turns presents a step into history as it spreads across decades of Italian development.
  • Capri:  Legend and lore places the coast of Capri as the place where Odysseus almost submitted to the fate of the Sirens, the view of the coastline is breath taking in its efforts to draw you into the postcard miracle that is the perfect Italian setting.  Caught off guard by the sparkling blue waters rolling out to sea, you can almost image the sirens song calling to you across the whispers winds.

With a region of Italy so packed with culture, it seems strange to suggest eating an American favorite while at your Campania vacation rental home.  However…when in Rome…or Italy as the case may be…ordering a pizza in one of the restaurants local to your Campania holiday home will bring happiness to your mouth.  In the home of pizza, the restaurants recommend their pizzas, made with real San Marzano tomatoes and fiordilatte mozzarella cheese with a good bottle of wine to travelers to Campania holiday homes

Find your perfect vacation home in Campania, Italy today.

Tuscany, Italy

From the first steps, the winds around your vacation rental in Tuscany whisper the historical secrets handed down since Roman times.  Strolling through the streets, every footstep from vacation homes in Tuscany piles period after period of architecture rivals the great artworks hanging in museums throughout the world.  As the natural center of artistic accomplishments, the vacation rental homes in Tuscany vacation are steeped in the cultural effect of artists that spurred the Renaissance period with magnificent sculptures, frescos, and paintings.  Tuscany vacation homes stand, as architectural masterpieces, giving homage to the lost periods of Roman and Renaissance history in holiday villas lining every street.

Tuscany vacation rentals are easily accessible to the finest food and wines in the region.  In the simple, yet elegant, street side cafes around your vacation rental home in Tuscany, the skillfully prepared foods are paired with wines speaking of generations of family tradition.  In the trendier, upscale restaurants within short commute from your Tuscany vacation rental home, the flavors of master chefs mix with regional wine pairings to provide bursts of Tuscany in every bit.

Attractions near your Tuscany home rental:

  • San Gimignano:  Steeped in historical significance that ranges from late BC through the Black Plague to the present, San Gimignano has seen every minute of history.  For the visitor and historical adventurer, San Gimignano is a fascinating find to explore.  Realizing the age and lifespan of San Gimignano brings great respect that balances against the ravages of time.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa:  Without a doubt, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has become such a top tourist spot that many people go to Tuscany just for this purpose.  Original construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa started in 1173 and spanned the next two centuries, it is the notable structural lean that makes the Leaning Tower of Pisa one of the most recognizable building on any continent.  Whether visiting Tuscany for to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa or any of the other fabulous places in Tuscany, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a must see before leaving Tuscany.
  • Volterra:  A short travel from Tuscany into the hillsides, Volterra stands as a reminder that Romans once owned the country of Italy.  Blessed with many of the influences of the Roman Empire during its occupation of Italy, Volterra still hold the mixture of flavors in the remaining architecture and shopping districts.

For enlightenment, a short walk from your vacation home in Tuscany yields world-class museums that house such once in a lifetime viewings of Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.  Surrounded by a country side of rolling hills capturing the essences of your trip to your vacation rental home in Tuscany, the majestic landscape almost calls to modern day cyclist, hikers, and artists to interact with Tuscany the way it must have hundreds of years ago.  Staying in Tuscany vacation rentals brings back the Renaissance of Italy to each vacationer.

Find your Tuscany Vacation Home at Vacapedia.

Rome, Italy

It’s hard to walk down the streets of Rome from your vacation rental in Rome without being swept up in the history, architecture, and religion of the region.   Dubbed the Eternal City for the long and often bloody history, Rome vacation rentals exist in the spiritual center for the Western World.  Vacation rentals in Rome gain access to a private world caught between the old and the new…the spiritual and the earthly…the expressive and the restrictive.  Hosting the widely noted Vatican, the vacation homes in Rome are an insight into the intertwined bloody history of Rome and the spiritual evolution of the Catholic Church. 

A short distance by cab or scooter from your vacation rental home Rome leads to the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano.  From many vacation rentals Rome, you can visit Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, the first Christian Basilica inside the city of Rome, where much of the architecture is a mixture of many periods and styles due to the constant rebuilding and obvious upkeep.  Of course, the largest attractions to visitors to vacation rental homes in Rome are not to Christian religious structures or in observance of the hordes of religious loot “collected” in the chapels of today.

Must see sights by your Rome vacation Rental:

  • Trevi Fountain:  Stroll by the Trevi Fountain, either alone or with the one you love, to see the largest Italian fountain immortalized in movies and art throughout the world.  A symbol of the romance of Italy, the Trevi Fountain has stood strong for over two hundred years as individuals pitch coins over their shoulder into the fountain to show their love of Rome and participate in the Roman tradition of love. 
  • Pantheon:  A celebration of dedication to the Gods, this Temple of the Gods is a glorious realization of the vitality of the city of Rome.  As the memorial burial place of several Italian Kings and the famed Italian artist Raphael, the Pantheon serves as a stunning intersection of history, religion, architecture, and art.
  • Coliseum:  Standing tall and proud as the very essence Roman history, visiting Rome without seeing the Coliseum is missing the point of the trip.  Steeped in the history of gladiators fighting exotic animals of all types, standing in the Coliseum is to hear the cheer of the crowds, feel the thrill of the massive battles, and visualize the emperor Nero standing high above the games. Considered one of the spectacular wonders of the historical world, Rome exists and thrives around this slice of a bygone day.

Most people to Rome vacation rental homes find their footsteps quickly drawn to one of two places.  On the trip from the airport to their vacation rental home Rome, the opposing views of the Coliseum and the Pantheon rise over the city.  Standing in the Coliseum, the ground literally vibrates with the ghostly cheers of the crowd as gladiators battled fierce animals.  

With so much to do and see, you might need to plan a few extra days in your Rome holiday home.

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Sicily, Italy

Sicily Vacation RentalsSicily holiday villas encompass the region of Sicily shadowed by the awesome beauty of Mt. Etna.  The largest island of the Italian islands, Sicily vacation rentals have access to many different activities both in and out of the water.  Engulfed in the pink white blooms of the almond trees, travelers to vacation rentals in Sicily are treated to a natural display of swaying color that climbs up the hills to many landmarks.

With a history both spotted and colorful, vacation homes Sicily are surrounded with the remnants of hoards of invaders to the Italian coastline.  A short walk in any direction from your vacation rental in Sicily yields views of the remains of Greek temples and Norman churches.  Sicily vacation homes give you the ability to visit Norman castles with Roman ruins.  Not wanting to miss any piece of history available on the island, vacation rental homes Sicily provide the best sights for Byzantine domes.  Some many different invaders have tested the shores of Sicily without success that the island is literally surrounded by archeological significance at every step within the distance of your vacation rental Sicily.Sicily Home Rentals

What we love about Sicily:

  • Mt. Etna:  From the first moment, Mt. Etna stands as a majestic, natural beauty against the clear blue Sicilian sky.   Hardly able to remember the destructive power of this creation of Mother Nature due to the mixture of grandeur and historical significance, it brings quiet speculation of the region into full focus.
  • Tour of Castles:  Almost every province has a castle connected in various states of repair. From the regal, although in disrepair, Mussomeli Castle presenting a vivid understanding of a medieval architecture to the well preserved Pepoli Castle in Erice, a tour of castles throughout the region could easily become an obsession as well as a step back in history and occupation.
  • Temples and Churches:  After understanding the history of warfare and occupation of Sicily, an important sideline note for those interested are the plethora of ancient temples, like the Temple of Diana with an incredible view of the town, and the many medieval churches.  Almost dizzying from the mixture of ancient pagan practices and the medieval celebration of Christianity, the overall timeline of history completes the experience of Sicily.
  • Food!:  Without a doubt, to miss the delights of the foods and wines of Sicily is to miss Sicily!  As a culture steeped in the decadence of excellent food paired with fabulous wines, you wont want to miss a meal.

Sicily Vacation RentalsIf you are a history buff, then a vacation home in Sicily is the place for you to reconnect with a plethora of peoples each leaving a distinct mark upon the culture and the landscape. Each vacation holiday home in Sicily provides a unique glimpse into the way an island lived in its efforts to protect its mother country of Italy.  Whichever path you follow around the island from your Sicily vacation holiday home will lead you back with a better understanding of the mixture that is Sicily.

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