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Sardinia, Italy

The hidden vacation rentals in Sardinia off the coast of Italy are protected by distance.  As a vastly undiscovered land, Sardinia is half way between Italy and Africa lending a great deal of peace and tranquility to its holiday villas.  In the way that most islands lay undisturbed by society, the cottages in Sardinia have been touched by history and connect visitors to a bygone era of culture.  Just now starting to excavate the island of Sardinia, vacationers to Sardinia holiday homes are greeted with Nora Archeological site revealing Roman baths, a theater, and several mosaics.
In comparison, a short distance from your Sardinia vacation rental, Cagliani, the Roman capital of Sardinia, stands as a welcoming reminder of day long past through small roadways leading to and from the port.  Completing the Roman influences that time can not erase, your Sardinia vacation home is near a Roman amphitheatre, a cathedral, and an archeological museum chronicling the heritage of Sardinia.  Even more impressive than the Roman flavors exhibited in the excavations and the architecture, vacation rentals Sardinia are privileged to connect with the past through the Nuraghi, prehistoric cone-shaped mystery shelters that cover the landscape.

Things to see around your vacation home in Sardinia Italy:

  • Citadel of Castelsardo:  This lovely little picturesque old town is centered between a beautiful bay staring at Corsica and an incredible hillside view down into the town.  Passed from century to century to prominent Italian families, Citadel of Castelsardo has been altered and added over history to an opportunity to walk through Sardinia Italy as it existed for years.
  • Nuraghe:  As majestic set of cylindrical center pieces standing in the middle of Sardina Italy, Nuraghe is believed to be the meeting place of wisemen of the times.  Thousands of years old, Nuraghe is remarkable well preserved as a historical, military, and government landmarks.  With a phenomenal reach into history of all types, visitors are treated to the power ways of Sardinia Italy.
  • Isola di San Pietro:  The postcard island of Isola di San Pietro has a falling coastline of rocks that gently cascade into the water with the amazing gracefulness of silently quiet waves whispering against the island.  With amazing tuna fishing in the chilly coast waters, Isola di San Pietro is perfect for leisurely strolls or focused fishing.

Sardinia vacation homes steep in the history and tradition that quickly becomes prohibited or protected once it falls into private hands.  With so many historical facets of Sardinia to explore, your Sardinia vacation rental is close to every piece of history located on the island.  If regional history is one of your fascinations, then your Sardinia vacation rental home is waiting for you to come and discover the magic of yesterday with the accommodations of today!

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Kissimmee, FL.

Kissimmee vacation rentals are located centrally to all activities that happen in Orlando.  Short steps from Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, your vacation rental in Kissimmee will give you options that you did not know you had!  When you don’t have to consider travel time across town from your vacation rental, you can take your family to all of the locations that make Orlando popular and exciting to children. 

With a few lively events for older children, such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training camp, the Friday night beach parties, and Jazz at Old Towne, luxury vacation rentals in Kissimmee are the hub all activity every day. Vacation rentals in Kissimmee are central to fabulous outdoor activities like fishing, boating, golfing, and nature tours.  Abounding with restaurants and niche shops within a short drive of vacation rentals, you can take in the nightlife and dance or go for ice cream on the boardwalk.

Things to do near your Kissimmee Florida vacation rental:

  • Golf and Games:  Kissimmee Florida is the home of golf courses for the skilled and novice visitors.  The beautiful fairways inspire serenity in each stroke of a club with the mastery of skills needed to perfect your game.  Under the warm Kissimmee Florida sun, you could have the best golf game of your life!  With several stadiums and sports teams that practice and train in the postcard setting of Kissimmee Florida, you can catch a game in the off season among some of the biggest names in sports.
  • Shopping and Specialties:  Whether looking for bargains in flea markets or seeking fun souvenirs to bring home to remind you of your fun in Kissimmee Florida, this is the right place to shop for the day and have a big coastal dinner while watching the sunset.  If choosing to shop or treat yourself to the taste of the coast, you will be glad that you visited Kissimmee Florida.
  • Parks and Adventures:  Surrounded by some of the most famous water and amusement parks in the United States, Kissimmee Florida is just waiting for you to pick from the long list of fun parks from zoos to aquariums to water parks to adventure parks.  Kissimmee Florida provides the most choice within a short drive while maintaining its hometown feel.

There will be two difficult parts of staying in a Kissimmee vacation rental.  First, as your vacation rental is so close to everything, you will have to decide what to do.  Second, when it is time to leave vacation rentals in Kissimmee, it will be hard to wait until your next trip to Kissimmee, but you will have the mounds of wonderful memories to keep you company. 

With everything so close to your luxury vacation rental in Kissimmee, where will you start your vacation?  Find your perfect Kissimmee vacation rental in Florida with Vacapedia.

Lincoln City, OR

Located at the edge of the beautiful Pacific coast, your Lincoln City vacation rental contrasts the enchanting natural forest and lakes normally found only inland.  The luxury vacation rentals in Lincoln City snuggle into the best of both worlds.  Beach vacation rentals central to the long scenic highways and sunset strolls across the sand and luxury vacation rentals nestled in the pathways of grand tree lined paths.  Whether leaving your vacation rental in Lincoln City to build sandcastles at the beach in the Annual Sandcastle Building Contest or communing with nature during a relaxing nature hike, your vacation and your vacation rental are made to fit your idea of perfect.

If more interested in indoor activities, a short trip from Lincoln City vacation rentals leads to quaint streets of antique shops, farmers markets, and crafters fairs.  From kite flying festivals to outdoor learning adventures for children, your vacation rental in Lincoln City will make a fun family get away or a romantic hideaway for two.  Outside of the average vacation, Lincoln City reaches out to each visitor with a luxury vacation rental located close to fine restaurants offering gourmet cooking classes, tours of historical museums, whale watching groups, and waterfall kayaking to Devils Lake.

The best parts of Lincoln City Oregon near your rental home:

  • Beach Activities:  From the unique art of blowing glass floats to remember your trip to Lincoln City Oregon to the swimming on the beautiful shores, there are tons of beach things to do and see.  Whether combing the beach for shells, enjoying a good book on the shore, or fishing in the surf, Lincoln City Oregon has something for every beach lover.
  • Outdoor Fun: As the home of Kite Flying enthusiasts, activities soar to new heights with fun adventures that range from bird watching to biking to crabbing of the coast.  Lovely gardens spot the coastline in contrast to the beaches and provide a variety of interaction with all types of wildlife.
  • Indoors:  Shopping with flare for what you love most…old and new…is the object of an afternoon of indoor activities in Lincoln City Oregon.  Antiquing for those who enjoy filling their homes with a taste of history and beach front shops for those seeking to bring the best of the beach home with their sandy shoes is an enjoyable way to pass the day.  If you love coastal food, then you can find the best cooking classes to bring the flavor of the coast to your culinary accomplishments.
  • History Tours:  Over and through the woods, the lovely covered bridge of Lincoln City Oregon gives visitors a quaint feeling of a perfect Thanksgiving in a cozy little cottage.  For those interested in the deep heritage of the Lincoln City Oregon area, the tribal location of the Siletz Oregon Indians.  Joining with the Lincoln City Oregon tribe of the Siletz Indians to celebrate life and their heritage, visitors gain a new perspective on the vacation to Lincoln City Oregon.

From relaxing on the beach to strolling through the woods to enjoying the flavors of the town, your vacation rental is ready to welcome you. Whatever you choose to do with your time, your luxury vacation rental in Lincoln City will provide with the ideal place to call home during your visit.

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Breckenridge, CO

A fascinating combination of old versus new West, Breckenridge vacation rentals provide the ambiance of a ski town and the pleasures of a summer luxury vacation rental.  Not far off the beaten path, Breckenridge has the sights and sounds of an old, southern Victorian town with quaint vacation rentals to welcome each visitor to indulge in history of the Gold Rush.In the summer, located next to the Blue River, a Breckenridge vacation rental is the perfect place to catch up on some serious fishing or enjoy a picnic next to the cool waters.  With panoramic views awaiting each traveler from the moment they leave their vacation rental in Breckenridge, the Blue River against the tower mountains make a dazzling setting for some light hiking or intense biking.  In the wintertime, Breckenridge transforms from a quiet mining town into at skiers paradise within steps of vacation rentals in Breckenridge.  Whether you prefer the speed of skiing and snowboarding or relaxing in your luxury vacation rental and watching the snowfall with a cup of hot chocolate, Breckenridge is the ideal place for both activity and rest.
Fun in your Breckenridge Colorado rental home:

  • Winter:  Breckenridge Colorado is the perfect place to enjoy the winter sports of skiing, snowboarding, and playing in a winter wonderland.  Whether choosing a fast paced joyride down the slopes of Breckenridge or a lazy day with hot coca reading stories to the children next to the fire, the glorious picturesque setting against the beautiful mountains.

  • Summer:  From mountain theme parts to provide the thrill of the carnival against the mountain retreat backdrop to the outdoor fun of hiking, rafting, or fly fishing, the outdoor adventures of Breckenridge Colorado unfolds before visitors with the spirit of explorers.  While enjoying the fun of the great outdoors in its entire splendor, visitors can indulge in the opportunity to enjoy nature at its very best!

  • Year Round:  For a few luxurious moments alone, Breckenridge Colorado brings the best chances to take a few moments of well deserved…vacation!  With theaters and museums to entertain the mind and expand all cultural pursuits, Breckenridge gives all visitors most social interaction available.  For some extra pampering, spas, cooking classes, and shopping wait to slow even the busiest day.

When you visit Breckenridge, the town atmosphere is much as it historically existed when formed as a Gold Rush mining town in 1859 except for your luxury vacation rental in Breckenridge.  The shopping and restaurants cater to the flavor of an Old West town bringing further enjoyment to visitors.  With over 400 boutiques, restaurants, and shops within a short distance of your vacation rental, the hardest part will be deciding what you want to do FIRST.Find your perfect Breckenridge Colorado vacation home with Vacapedia.

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe vacation rentals top the “10 Most Visited” list because of the beautiful, pristine location on the South Shore of America’s largest Alpine lake.  Often photographed and used as a backdrop for movies, Lake Tahoe has become a mecca for vacation rentals due to the encompassing scenery that seems to stretch farther than the eye can see.  With a grandeur that stretches natural beauty to its limits and surpasses all man-made contributions, luxury vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe offer the best of relaxation and accommodations in one place. 

The unrivaled beauty of Lake Tahoe provides an extravaganza of events for visitors in vacation rentals and locals to celebrate their existence in nature’s wonderland.  From Arts and Crafts festivals to strolling through the streets shopping for hand made goods to enjoying firework displays as they light up the night sky and reflect off of Lake Tahoe, vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe will become your favorite place to unwind.  While there are nature events like hiking, skiing, and biking, Lake Tahoe presents a calendar of events packed with things to entertain people of all ages when away from their luxury vacation rental.

Things to do while at your Lake Tahoe rental home:

  • Beaches:  When thinking of the fun events in Lake Tahoe, few people remember the gorgeous natural beaches that reach across the landscape to the serene lakes against the backdrop of an unbelievable mountain view.  The beaches of Lake Tahoe are the perfect setting for relaxing on the shore, strolling along the coast to enjoy the peaceful surrounding, or pursuing a great book.
  • Tours and Cruises:  Want to see the Lake Tahoe shoreline from the water?  Be sure to catch one of the many cruises out to get your perfect pictures.  Bring your camera and get ready to see the Lake Tahoe landscape from the middle of the water.
  • Day Spas:  The best day for you might be a day at the spa…literally.  While being pampered in the mountain paradise, the surrounding peace and happiness will ease your mind as the spa relaxes and caters to your every whim.
  • Shopping:  From antiques to clothes to souvenirs, the shops in Lake Tahoe roll out the red carpet to every visitor.  After a leisurely day of shopping for the right gift or the right addition to your home as a memento of your trip to Lake Tahoe, you can choose from the many sumptuous places to dine while you watch the golden hues of the sunset take over the skyline.

With over 300 sunny days last year, the weather is perfect at your Lake Tahoe vacation rental almost any day of the year.  You pick the days and your vacation rental will be ready to awe you with spectacular sights and sounds of Lake Tahoe.  Bring your camera and passion for beauty to your luxury vacation rental in Lake Tahoe today. You will want to return to your vacation rental in Lake Tahoe year after year!

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Aspen, CO

When most people think of Aspen holiday villas, they think of picturesque ski slopes covered in fresh drift.  Although the access to the activities and accommodations are mostly the same, Aspen cottages have more events than simply skiing.  With four beautiful mountains displaying arguable the best slopes in the world, Aspen vacation rentals are graced by celebrities and VIPs each year.  This fact alone draws more events and culture to vacation homes in Aspen than the sport of skiing.

In the summer, visitors to vacation rental homes Aspen enjoy all manners of outdoor activities like white water rafting, hiking, horseback riding, and biking.  The crisp mountain air joins with the dazzling mountain scenery to bring a new level of vacationing in your Aspen vacation rental to your trip.  Also a mecca of all things cultural and luxurious, Aspen vacation homes have access to the best spas and fashion on the West Coast.  With jazz shows, theaters, art galleries, and symphonies, your Aspen vacation home vacation experience will exceed its reputation of glitz and glamour.
Fun things to do while at your Aspen, CO rental home:

  • Adventure:  Whether you choose to visit Aspen Colorado during the summer or the winter, Aspen is a wonderland of activities to meet every interest.  Hot air ballooning is available to see Aspen from the breath taking heights providing a panoramic view.  Choose your sport, from the extreme or the enjoyable, all of the wintertime favorites like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing.
  • Nature:  Aspen covers all of the favorite ways enjoy nature.  If you want the first hand experience of the wooded areas around Aspen to seek out the wildlife on a long rustic hike or something a little faster such as biking riding, horse back riding, or ATVs is more your speed, nature awaits your visit to Aspen to join their daily routine.
  • Relaxation:  Not ready to run for fun?  Want to include leisure in your vacation?  The best worlds of golfing, boating, fishing, and shopping await your slightest command.  With pristine golf courses against the Aspen skyline, the beauty of 18 holes will enchant you at every hole.  Water sports, such as fishing or boating, await visitors wanting to unwind with to the gentle waves of the water against the boat.  If you need to pick up a few souvenirs or find the perfect reminder of your trip to Aspen, then shopping in Aspen is almost as much fun as finding a quant little café for a lunchtime break.

Whether shopping or trying to get a facial, your Aspen vacation rental is waiting for whatever you want to do.  From high brow arts and cultural events to simple evenings under the stars listening the crickets, a vacation rental home in Aspen bring just the right flavor to your vacation.  And…if you want to ski the beautiful pristine white slopes of Aspen while staying in your Aspen holiday home…you can do that too!

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San Francisco, CA

From the memorial, widely photographed Golden Gate Bridge to the looming foreboding of Alcatraz, the flavor of San Francisco vacation rentals speaks of the charm and eclectic vibe of the city.  With rolling streets graced by the famed red street cars, the well traveled path of luxury vacation rentals in San Francisco grant visitors access to the charm of an old world city mixed with the contemporary atmosphere of the center of pop culture.  Overflowing with sights and sounds of a vibrant, thriving city, vacation rentals in San Francisco offer an exciting mixture of places to eat, shop, and visit when away from their luxury vacation rental

The diversity of the San Francisco is evident in the streets of food ranging from everyday delights ranging from sushi to basic pizza to Thai food located a short distance from your luxury vacation rental in San Francisco.  Specializing in foods from across American and around the world, San Francisco invites visitors to leave their vacation rentals to sample the flavors of the world.  Topped only by the highlights of entertainment from talented street performers to festivals of arts and music available only in San Francisco, your San Francisco vacation rental will give you a pleasant place to rest from the fabulous energy of the town.

Fun around San Francisco close to your vacation home:

  • Winchester Mystery House:  This house of doors built into floors and windows that open into walls baffles the mind while the Winchester legend challenges the creative juices to imagine the suspicious foundation.   The Winchester Mystery House stands as the result of Sarah Winchester, after loosing both her husband and child, struggling with sanity and mysticism.  Either way, it is a fun place to indulge in the life of the Wild West legend of Winchester.
  • Alcatraz:  As the past home of famed criminals like Al Capone and the “Birdman of Alcatraz,” the Rock served as a prison off the coast of San Francisco for almost 30 years.  During its existence, Alcatraz has been an island enigma over the centuries as a nature preserve, a military fort for the defense of San Francisco, and a top penitentiary for the most violent criminals in America.
  • San Francisco Zoo:  As a world renowned zoo famous for its mixture of its animals representing the wildlife of the world, from lemurs to grizzly bears, visitors to the San Francisco Zoo are treated to an exceptional array of animals to welcome you to the area. 

As you walk through the streets of San Francisco from luxury vacation rentals on your way to eat, shop, or indulge in a few minutes of cultural fun, you will be infected by the beauty of the sloping streets, fascinated by the freedom of the community, and charmed by the acceptance of the people.  The luxury vacation rental in the heart of San Francisco is calling to you.  Indulge today!

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