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Davenport, FL

Vacation rentals in Davenport are greeted by a sleepy town of bygone days where relaxation and peace is a way of life.  Without the hustle and bustle of busy streets, this tiny town, who inhabitants barely reach 2000 people, boasts of quality vacation rentals with a pleasant secret.  The truth is that Davenport vacation rentals are less than 10 miles from Walt Disney World and a few miles further to the thriving attractions of Orlando!  Unknown to many visitors to the Orlando area, luxury vacation rentals in Davenport are merely the beginning of enjoying a fun filled vacation to the area.

The peace and quiet of the charming Davenport community draws many travelers to their luxury vacation rentals because of the immediate small town calm that sits so closely with big city attractions.  Mingling with the family atmosphere of Disney World, the arts fairs and crafts festivals around your vacation rental in Davenport will provide a welcome reprieve for your weary vacationers.  Leaving your vacation rental to stroll down the tree lined streets free of traffic and congestion brings a new level of charm to this relaxed community. 

Attractions near Davenport Florida vacation rentals:

  • Golfers Paradise:  As the home of golf courses in the warm sun of Davenport Florida, golf lovers will be in heaven in this collection of world class golf courses.  Challenging the skills of experienced golfers or a novice enjoying a single game with friends, the courses of Davenport Florida welcome visitors of all golfing varieties to their greens.
  • Shopping for Fun:  The middle American town of Davenport Florida offers the quiet, easy going pace of a relaxed town basking in the Florida sunlight.  A quick stroll down main street USA of Davenport Florida gives visitors the opportunity to peruse the quaint shops and stop off at charming diners for a slow paced lunch before going back to your vacation rental to decide what to do next.
  • Trips with Themes:  Davenport Florida is the perfect mixture of hometown life and a short commute to the great Orlando theme parks of the area.  To spend a day at Disney or Epcot and the night unwinding in the slow paced existence of Davenport Florida is the best of both worlds.

Finding shopping and restaurants is a short walk from your vacation rental in Davenport, the surprise of great food and the warm acceptance of the local people bring more comforts of home to your vacation.  The contrast of vacation rentals in a quiet all American town with the vibrant opportunity for excitement in Orlando makes Davenport the perfect place to stay no matter what interests you!  Start by booking your Davenport vacation rental today and have the best of both worlds!

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Disney Area, FL

In Florida, the hub of activity and fantasy revolves around the Orlando area vacation rentals.  With so many visitors traveling from all over the globe every year, vacation rentals are centrally located to all of the major attractions.  Surrounded by the wonder of Walt Disney World, the fantasy of Universal Studios, and the fascination of Sea World, kids of all ages revel in the fantastic fun associated with Disney vacation rentals

Not far from your vacation rental, the fast paced rides of Disney World and the learning experience of Epcot bring families and couples alike together to celebrate the wonder of childhood over and over again every year.  Sea World, known world over for rare aquatic sea life, is a short traveling distance from many fine vacation rentals in Orlando.  While visiting Orlando vacation rentals, many guests venture to Universal Studios to enjoy the mystery of movies and thrill at the excitement of dangerous stunts. 
Arguably the number one amusement vacation destination in the world, Orlando boasts of many attractions and events for everyone close to your vacation rental. Including the opportunity to spend a few days in a luxury vacation rental and relax with soothing massages at the local spa.  Refreshed after a few hours of relaxation, a short distance from your vacation rental in Orlando is fantastic shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Attractions near your Disney vacation rental:

  • Walt Disney World:  Walt Disney World is the ultimate mixture of several theme parks in one.  From the Animal Kingdom filled with every known animal of wild species from across the world to the Magic Kingdom that is filled with every fantastic dream a child can imagine, Walt Disney World has something for every visitors.  With a MGM park for the movie inclined and Epcot Center for the technologically interested, bringing the family to Walt Disney World brings fun to your vacation.
  • Sea World:  The premier sea life water park, home of famed Killer whale Shamu, Sea World has entertained and educated visitors for generations.  With acres of themed water parks and aquariums, visitors are treated to information about water based wild life in their interaction with trainers and audience members.  Part of the charm of Sea World is that audience is allowed to become a part of the experience with the varied of ocean creatures like dolphins, stingrays, and otters.
  • Universal Orlando:  With movie fun in all directions, Universal Orlando sets you down in the middle of a magical movie land.  With famous characters from Shriek to Jason, Universal Orlando challenges everyone to spend their vacation with their favorite movie character.

Whether children seeking the excitement of fantasy or adults seeking to relive the magical wonder of youth, every day spent in your vacation rental in Orlando will give you another chance to experience the special charge in the atmosphere that surround the greatest attractions in the US.  Your mouse ears are waiting for you at your Orlando vacation rental today!

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