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Palm Springs Days of Wine and Roses

Yeah, I usually write about Europe. But today we’re in Palm Springs. The weather is fabulous; we ate lunch outside and were perfectly comfortable in shirt sleeves (and pants, of course, and the uber-obligatory shoes…)

We’re not staying in a hotel; we’re in a vacation rental condo. There’s lots of ’em here in Palm Springs. You can’t launch a golf ball into the air without hitting a condo complex or a palm tree.

Staying at a vacation rental condo means I can get a cup of coffee as soon as I get up. I can reach into the stocked refrigerator and take out an egg or a bottle of champagne and do whatever I want with either. I can call anywhere I want on the phone without incurring additional charges. I can type into this blog using the supplied wireless broadband signal and I don’t have to worry about the maid looking longingly at my computer when I go out for lunch. Life is good.

Tonight we’ll stroll the downtown streets, which will be closed off to traffic for the legendary Palm Springs weekly market. The museum is free this evening as well.

It’s not so expensive as you might think to enjoy the winter good life in a place where the sun is out a healthy percentage of the year. Scuttlebutt over lunch included golf instead of snow shoveling, a good enough reason to come here and experience the winter sun for yourself.

I just wish the rat pack were still around. It would be nice to see Dean Martin sing “Tangerine, you stained my gabardine…” once again.

The Mesa Estate Palm Springs vacation rentalBut did you know you could rent the house that Henry Mancini used as his Palm Springs playground?

Yeah, your living room in The Mesa Estate is right over there to the left. Be sure you hire someone in a tux to throw another log on the fire. You wouldn’t want to do that yourself. How degrading! (Thinking like you think the rich think is fun, I can tell you! You should try it!)

Kidding aside, why not do something out of the ordinary on your vacation? Live like Henry Mancini. He wouldn’t have stayed at the Motel 6. (If he did, he’d probably have registered as Enrico Nicola Mancini, his real name, so he could be incognito.)

There are condos in all price ranges in Vacapedia’s Palm Springs Rental Listings.

Are you humming “Moon River” yet?

Palm Springs, CA

Often referred to the center of opulence and luxury, vacation rentals in Palm Springs are considered the height of fashion and pampering for people of all ages.  Separated from the Joshua Tree National Park by the Little San Bernardino Mountains, Palm Springs hosts beautiful suites of luxury vacation rentals.  Situated within driving distance from your vacation rental, the incredible scenery of Big Bear Lake combined with the flavorful slash of the food and wine of San Bernardino makes Palm Springs vacation rentals the perfect retreat to rejuvenate your mind. 

Whether relaxing during a therapeutic massage in a local spa or enjoying a local tour of the mountain scenery close to your Palm Springs vacation rental, your vacation is sure to be filled with spectacular pictures to share with family and friends.  Your luxury vacation rental centrally located to the finest restaurants, cultural events like playhouses or museums, and celebrity homes. Each luxury vacation rental in Palm Springs exudes the pleasures of pampered life with the pleasures of play in all activities from shopping the day away to dancing the night away after a 5 star dinner.

Our favorite Palm Springs Attractions near your vacation rental:

  • Indian Canyons:  With over 50 miles of natural, rustic beauty, Indian Canyons is a canvas of history painted against a background of the mountains.  From quiet streams calling out for summer play picnics, and discovery, the breath of past inhabitants whispers into your ears as they appear before your eyes.  Indian Canyons allows visitors to step back into history and experience a land that existed before the invention of a cars and the internet.
  • Palm Springs Aerial Tram:  The fantastic view from the Palm Springs Aerial Tram is just the beginning of the ride!  The various attractions surrounding the Palm Springs Aerial Tram include nature walks, hiking, fishing, and skiing (in the wintertime of course!).  Truly set into a natural paradise of the mountains, taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to a retreat of nature brings relaxation and the opportunity to create adventure for people of all ages.
  • Moorten Botanical Gardens:  For the minor price of $3 per adult and $1.50 for children, the Moorten Botanical Gardens contain a plethora of dazzling array over 3,000 of cactus species from all over the world.  Many times the backdrop for parties and weddings, the Moorten Botanical Gardens exhibits the wide away of flowering cactus that are displayed throughout the deserts homes and plains.  Most noted for their landscaped of famous celebrity homes, Moorten Botanical Gardens breath soul and beauty into a desert setting and bring the fun of discovery to the whole family.

Nestled in the comfortable grand scale mixture of historical districts, cultural events, and panoramic scenes, your vacation rental in Palm Springs is sure to exceed your standards and open your senses to the experiences of luxury.  While surrounded by the freedom to partake in the desert hot springs or simply relax by the pool of the vacation rentals, the most difficult decision you will make every day is to leave your luxury vacation rental in Palm Springs for the fun of the city or stay home to enjoy the quiet life! 

Find a Palm Springs vacation rental for your next holiday.


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