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It’s Chestnut Season in Moscenicka Draga, Croatia.

The natural environment that has been left intact, along with the rare charm of peaceful, coastal towns can be found in Moscenicka Draga. This area along the sea in Croatia is known for its mild climate and has been favorable among visitors the world over. Although especially popular in the summer, its surroundings are something that should not be overlooked in the fall.

Every year in October, the rolling terrain of the Moscenicka Draga region has a chestnut festival that everyone talks about. The Chestnut Festival takes place this year from October 10th to the 30th. During the harvest period, the festival is open to all and celebrated with a big market. This is a culinary festival with the emphasis being placed on a fall favorite; the chestnuts. These especially sweet chestnuts are grown locally and are known as maruni. The name of the festival is The Marunada, which will enlighten you in learning just how wide the choices of various delicacies can be made from this rare chestnut.

Wake up each morning to a view like this in your vacation rental home.

Wake up each morning to a view like this in your vacation rental home.

The Marunada, has been happening each year since 1973 and shows off its new season of chestnuts. During this twenty day fest, visitors can sample cooked and baked chestnuts and many chestnut sweetmeats. This much-appreciated type of chestnut highlighted in the festival grows only in the Moscenicka Draga area. Buy the preserves because they should last all the way to Christmas.

Purchase loose chestnuts also and roast them up and share a wonderful memory in the making in a 2 bedroom vacation home such as this one. Your home is guarantee to be bright, pleasing, friendly and most of all restful. Chestnuts may have been central to the diet in this region for centuries but fishing is also. A stop at the pier will also be in order to compliment any meal.

The beautiful beaches of Moscenicka Draga on the Adriatic Sea have been compared by many with its appearance, stone architecture and the typical Mediterranean environment of the Italian Riviera town Portofino of years gone by. Even residents from the other seaside village frequently travel to Moscenicka Draga.  The old town of Moscenicka Draga stretches towards the coast and is separated from the sea by a small port in which there are many fishing boats, small boats and, in the summer months, many tourist yachts. Come to the port in the early morning to meet the fishing boats, like back in the days when this town developed.

Explore, discover and relax in Moscenicka Draga

Explore, discover and relax in Moscenicka Draga

There are plenty of cultural tourism of historical importance, numerous churches, and countless forest and mountain tracks. The natural territory encompasses a large part of the nature park Ucka. The numerous hiking trails will take you through the forests of Ucka’s slope right to its highest peak Vojak at 1401 meter elevation. The biodiversity encourages nature-friendly visitation, with horseback riding, educational programs and caves to explore.

Moscenicka  Draga is the ideal destination for those wanting to become better acquainted with Croatia and their inhabitant’s lifestyle while on vacation. random acts of kindness are always well received no matter where they come from.


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