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Be a ‘burra sahib’ in scenic hill station Shimla, India

Shimla is a beautiful scenic town, covered in forests of pine,oak and rhododendron which is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India. This charming town is nestled in the north western Himalayas at an altitude of 6,988 ft( 2130 metres) and is an extremely popular summer and winter destination with both foreigners and locals alike.

Shimla like another Himalayan town, Darjeeling was designated as a ‘summer capital’ during the years of the British Rule in India as Shimla also enjoys a rather agreeable climate. The summer temperatures in Shimla range between a minimum of 14ºC and a maximum of 20ºC, though it does have quite a cold winter when temperatures can fall below freezing to -7ºC.

It was this agreeable summer climate and the natural beauty of this mountain town that drew the British to Shimla. Shimla came under British rule when they annexed it after the Gurkha war in 1819. The British then went about establishing it as one of their summer capitals, so that the British residents who were stationed in India at that time could enjoy its pleasant summers and escape from the scorching heat that roasted the plains during the summer months. Even today, there is much evidence of British rule in Shimla in the form of the many tudorbethan and neo-gothic structures that dot Shimla’s landscape. Some of these magnificent colonial buildings are the Viceregal Lodge, Auckland House, Gorton Castle, Peterhoff house, and the Gaiety Theatre.

To access Shimla easily, the British also constructed one of the longest narrow gauge railway routes which connected Shimla to the city of Kalka in 1906. The construction of this railway was an engineering marvel and the railway at that time was called the “British Jewel of the Orient”. The Shimla Kalka railway line operates until today and provides easy access to Shimla from the closest major city, Chandigarh which is located in the state of Punjab.

Your picturesque vacation rental at Shilon Bagh

Your picturesque vacation rental at Shilon Bagh

Your vacation rental in Shimla will enable you to enjoy the unique ambiance of this old-world town which is also known as the Orchard of India as much of India’s apple crop is grown here. You have a choice of two vacation rentals in Shimla, the first of which is located in the mountain village of Shilon Bagh which is located at height of 7200 ft in the Himalayan Mountain range. The Shilon Bagh resort is especially picturesque as it is set in the midst of a large apple orchard and offers gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Your vacation rental at this resort enables you to enjoy the various recreational facilities offered by the resort all year round as well. Your vacation rental at Shilon Bagh is ideally located and is easily accessible from the main city of Shimla and other popular locations like the winter sport destination, Kufri and the picturesque mountain village of Chail ,which was actually the summer residence of the Maharaja of the state of Patiala before independence and which today is home the highest cricket ground in the world.

In fact the second choice for your vacation rental is actually located on the road that connects Kufri to Chail and from your vacation rental located here you can easily access the many attractions of main Shimla City as well as its neighboring areas like Mashobra which is a popular picnic spot, Naldhera which is famous for its well maintained 9 hole golf course and Tatapani which is renowned for its natural sulfuric springs whose waters are believed to have medicinal values.

Your vacation rental on the Kufri Chail Road

Your luxurious vacation rental located on the Kufri Chail Road

No matter where you choose to have your vacation rental you will be able to explore the many attractions of the main town of Shimla, like The Mall which is Shimla’s main street on which many restaurants, clubs, banks, bars, Post Offices and tourist offices are located . The Mall which is the main meeting spot of the people of Shimla also has the historic Gaiety Theater located on it. Other attractions in Shimla include the Christ Church which is one of the oldest churches of North India, the Annandale recreation ground which is located at height of 6117 feet and is considered to be the playground of the people of Shimla, where picnics and polo matches are a regular occurance, the Shimla State Museum which has displays of miniature Pahari paintings which are native to Shimla and other displays of magnificent sculptures, bronzes wood-carvings and costumes, textiles and jewelry of the region.

The term ‘Burra Sahib’ was actually coined by the Indian people to describe the British colonists so when you choose to spend some time at your vacation rental in scenic Shimla, you will actually be able to experience how the ‘Burra Sahibs’ spent their summers at this summer capital all those years ago.



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