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Knock on Wood In Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city of many images, such as romantic bridges, a magnificent waterway and elegant baroque buildings of old European allure.

A view along the Vltava River can be yours in Prague.

A view along the Vltava River can be yours in Prague.

In regards to the internal culture and tradition of Prague, the marionette is a favorite and admired among its residents. This is an age old craft that has been passed on by family members from generation to generation. The marionette was not only a way of making a living for many, but mainly the resource of pleasure and imagination even during the unhappy times in Prague. A visit to Prague would not be complete without a visit to one of the many craftsmen’s workshops and watch them develop a face out of wood.

Since the 18th century, Prague began its long history of marionettes and puppets. Between the smiles and tears of the past two centuries; the skill of puppetry captivated many to continue to survive and served as escapism during those troubled times.  Puppet-making and marionette shows developed into a well-regarded art form, with great care and detail being placed into the craft and still is today.

The worlds of adults and children are brought closer together in celebration at the Prague Theater during the month of October.  Each day, throughout the month, a variety of shows for the entire family, including the renown Marionette Theater, perform adorn in vibrant colorful costumes, special visual effects and classical music. These shows are a wonderful way to introduce younger children to classical music as they can relate to it with the movements of the puppets and entertainers. But even if you do not have any children, it is a perfect outing to be fanciful and child like yourself; so a visit to one these shows is a must!

Much of Prague retains its old world charm with the Vltava River running through the center, while the silkiness of the water illuminates the reflection of the bridges and skyline upon it. You need not imagine what it is like to be in a river view classic but instead part of it with a vacation apartment during your visit.

Totally modern in a 19th Century vacation home.

Totally modern in a 19th Century vacation home.

The best part, a holiday home such as this one, can accommodate the whole family by sleeping five comfortably. 19th Century charm is totally reformed with all the modern conveniences of home and less costly than a hotel.

If you can not get to the Prague Theater in October, stop by one of the many stores that sell marionettes and puppets made by the artisans of Prague. The variety of the marionette is immense ranging from super heroes, cinema stars and fairy tale favorites. Puppets are still being elaborately carved from wood but it is puppeteer’s job to infuse life, character and personality into the puppet in marionette shows throughout the world.

Autumn in Prague is Music to the Ears!

From September 12th to October 1st, a celebration in one of the most interesting Central European city takes place, known as the Prague Autumn International Music Festival. The festival devotes its attention to Classical music throughout the city. Take your choice between Beethoven, Brahms or Tchaikovsky, as there are concerts from all the greats represented here. Even the great American composers, George and Ira Gershwin, scores are in full force as symphonic arrangements of their jazz age pieces have since become a favorite in Prague.

Walk to the Old Square in Prague from your holiday home.

Walk to the Old Square in Prague from your holiday home.

The basis of the Prague Autumn Festival’s program does not only comprise of Classical orchestral works but innovated ways to bring the classics to the public. The festival, which is now in its seventeenth year, previously incorporated Charlie Chaplin’s famous film, City Lights, with live music. Other past venues included a complete performance of a Chinese opera brought in directly from China. The festival has continued to become an international favorite with worldwide performers and this year promised not to disappoint.

With such variety, there is no reason not to find a performance that will appeal to you, just as the city of Prague will. Prague is addressed as “Maticka Praha” by the Czech people which mean “little mother Prague”.

Prague, also being called the “City of the Hundred Towers,” with the River Vltavo running through the middle of it, is flourishing. The medieval beauty of its surroundings can be seen from Old Town Square, the hub with its painted facades. Prague is the heart of Europe and continues in its endeavour to integrate the works of the old with the new in harmony.

In fact, many of the holiday homes that are within the city are either renovated originals or brand new but match the city’s ambiance and texture.

Holiday Home in Prague

Right in the city of Prague your one bedroom apartment in a new modern apartment

With a vacation home in the city of Prague, such as the one to the left, you never know what architectural wonders you will encounter around the corner.

What is the general consensus on Prague? It offers so much to see and do and is one of the most romantic cities to visit. A visit to the weekend market of bric-a-bracs may find you, purchasing a relic from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is that unique in several of the artifacts for sale.

Prague Castle is currently the seat of government but has housed kings and emperors. The city offers a great variety of cafes and restaurants to enjoy local and international cuisine and to drink their famous Czech beer. Prague has an enchanting effect, that it will continue to maintain visitors, more than other cities in the world.

Don’t miss a chance to visit this newly discovered jewel emerging in Europe and remember the music it presents to you.


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