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Time Traveling Through History of Provence, France

travel, provence, franceLocated at the virtual crossroads of historical and cultural thought and enjoyment surrounding Provence, France vacation rentals, the casual visitor has tons of exciting reasons to leave their vacation rental home in Provence, France.  While wondering down the shop lined streets around your Provence France vacation holiday home covered in cobblestones and buildings dating back to Roman times, adventurers step back into history mixed with the flavors of cultural significance bring a special spark of the feeling of traveling through time while at your Provence France vacation rental home

Attractions near vacation rental homes Provence, France:

  • Amphitheatre Les Arles:  This astounding Amphitheater seats over 25,000 during the summer bullfighting events.  Making the short trip from your vacation rental Provence France worth the effort is a historical site once a beautiful battling domain for warriors against raging bulls later turned into a fortress protecting the city of Provence, the ancient structure speaks volumes to all.
  • Les Alyscamps:  This ancient graveyard, built around Genesius, a Roman beheaded for refusing to pass a law forbidding Christianity, is noted for miracles.  A marvelous opportunity to visit a an infamous religious site of over 800 years where many requested burial for hundreds of years based on the belief that blessing occurred at this site, Les Alyscamps is a must do while at Provence France vacation rental, provence, france
  • Theatre Antique:  This Theater is the cultural representation of the Provence region.  Your vacation home in Provence is close enough to this Theater to see the phenomenal discovery of the Venus restored by Louis the XIV for its rightful place in the Louvre. 
  • Maison de la Sainte-Victoire:  Considered by many as the holy grail of Italian architecture, the trip to the Maison de la Sainte-Victoire from your vacation homes in Provence France is an experience in the grand structure of Italian Renaissance sculpture and artistry.
  • Ruins de Glanum:  With archways that date back to 20 BC and streets that held the armies of Ceasar, the Ruins of Glanum, close to vacation holiday homes Provence, France.  Your accommodations, close to the Ruins, make the trip to the oldest city to see and feel the deepest level of history a must.

travel, provence, franceNo matter what type of activity you pick to make the most of your stay at Provence France vacation holiday homes, every minute is sure to be a story that you recount over and over with picturesque descriptions and postcard worthy photos of your time at vacation rentals in Provence France.

Enjoy your quest for rest or play at your vacation holiday home in Provence, France by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.

Pondering Provence: Finding a Vacation Home in France

There are Places that just beg for the slow mode of travel. Provence is one of them.

Long the corner of France known for its light; a place that attracted artists and drunkards, wanderers and dreamers, Provence has thousands of houses to rent.

provence houseWhy? If you’ve been there the reasons are obvious. Besides the soft and endearing luminance, there are landscapes that beg you to dwell in them. This is picnic territory, big time.

The houses of Provence speak their own language. Shutters are a steely blue. Roof tiles are a range of light earth tones instead of the normal orange.

So lets say you’d like to be near Arles. It’s Van Gogh territory. You can walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps near the hospital where he spent time after threatening painter Paul Gauguin with a knife then later cutting off his ear in remorse. Much of the landscape he painted remains.

Provence guardian houseNature lovers might look directly to the south of Arles, where one of France’s premier wildlife area thrives: the Camargue, Europe’s largest river delta and home to more than 400 species of birds. It’s a photographer’s paradise. Bring your camera and a long lens (and your mosquito repellent), The Carmargue is home to a special type of house, the “guardian house.” You can rent a copy, newly constructed, like the one on the right (click the picture to see it).

Why rent a house in Provence? Well, with the value of the dollar these days, you’ll probably save money, you’ll have a place to prepare that picnic you need to take in the delightful countryside, and you’ll need a car to fully explore the area anyway, you might as well have a place to park it.

Consider Provence. There are over 1000 Provence Vacation Rentals available on Vacapedia.


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