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Austria – Vacation in Rust

Perhaps you do not know Rust. Rust is not always something that gathers on a piece of metal when it gets wet, or a politician when he gets unused to real work. Rust is a seaside village in Austria.

Yes, the village of Rust sits on the western edge of Neusiedler lake (Neusiedlersee) in the Burgenland Wine Region. The “cultural landscape” around the lake is a UNESCO world heritage site, and there are many species of birds who inhabit the area. It’s a favorite spot with the Viennese for vacations. You go to Rust to get the rust out.

South of Rust is Mörbisch, which is just north of the Hungarian border. Mörbisch is known for its summer operetta festival on a floating stage near the shore of the lake. You can walk to Hungary.

There’s a lot to do in the area. What ever you do, try the wines. Austrian wines are some of the finest wines you’ve never heard of. Wine taverns abound in the area, which is only a short way from Vienna, if you need a city day trip.

A week in an apartment might be nice. Try Winzerhaus Rosenhof. Maybe you’ll need two.

You’ll at least have to try the wine soup: “Rieslingsuppe”. Restaurants abound in Rust, and the standards are high.

Now I’m hungry.



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