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San Diego, CA

While visiting your San Diego vacation rental, you will find a city of diverse events and attractions.  From the dazzling coastline of beaches edging off into the Pacific Ocean to the world famous San Diego Zoo, your vacation rental will become your hub of activities as you decide what you want to do in the second largest city in California.  Whether planning a few days or a few weeks at your vacation rental in San Diego, there will never be enough time to tackle all the city offers travelers.  The lively, bustling street parties welcoming visitors to revel in the people and atmosphere of San Diego and to the majestic beauty of the far away Laguna Mountain rising over the horizon of vacation rentals across the city, San Diego throws open its doors to welcome all.

The dining near San Diego vacation rentals is a varied and exquisitely tempting treat for the tongue.  From the hybrid creations, such as fish tacos, of the eateries local to vacation rentals in San Diego to the lively Spanish cuisine (and many flavors in between!), the food in San Diego is as varied as its activities.  From outdoor pubs near popular locations to upscale fine dining, your luxury vacation rental in San Diego is sure to please.

Three of our favorites within a short distance from your San Diego vacation rental:

  • La Jolla:  Bathing in sunshine, culture, and activities, La Jolla boasts a beautiful coastline of palm trees standing in dark relief against the orange skyline of the setting sun.  From the sparkling water washing against the sandy beaches to the pristine shopping areas filled with opportunities to buy the perfect souvenirs, La Jolla is the perfect place to spend a few hours or a few days.
  • San Diego Zoo:  From the thousands of plant species to the exotic animals seldom seen outside of television programs, visitors are treated the updated facilities reflecting the natural habitats of the animals.  In thus adding to the visual and educational interaction of the visitor, the San Diego Zoo is expansive in its facilities and its exhibits of the well recognized creatures as well as the unfamiliar species.
  • San Diego Wild Animal Park:  Known for their collection of animals facing extinction, the visions of the San Diego Wild Animal Park started off as a wild life preserve.  In their ability to breed species near-extinction and return them to the wild has helped preserve many whole generations of animals.  With habitats split apart into smaller areas representing origins like the Heart of Africa and the Nairobi Village, San Diego Wild Animal Park boasts a petting zoo and an animal nursery.

In a city given to the vibe and thrive of its people, luxury vacation rentals in San Diego provide every opportunity to relax at the local spa or golf on famed courses of pro golfers.   No matter what your reason for visiting San Diego, you won’t be disappointed in either the city or your luxury vacation rental.

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