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Sicily: Stay in Portopalo like Michael Schumacher

It’s sometimes hard for us earth-bound peasants to get a glimpse of the beautiful people, especially if they drive fast like Michael Schumacher–you know, the formula uno Ferrari guy. But…an opportunity might just be heading your way.

You see, Michael might be buying Castle Tafurilocated nearby Portopalo in Sicily, according to Sicily Guide.

Grecale, Sicily vacation rental

Grecale, Sicily vacation rental

So, if you’re a fan, maybe you’d like to be residing close by. Maybe in that rather nice Sicily vacation rental over there, called Grecale. It’s located on a hill behind the above referenced town of Portopalo. Hidden from view, with a pool and gardens.

But just imagine, If Michael Schumacher’s wife gets her way and Michael buys this castle of his, then maybe one day you get in the rental car and happen to pull up at a stop sign right next to Mr. Schumacher’s beast. You blip the throttle, then you speed off down the road toward the supermarket, with Schumacher in close pursuit. The cars touch lightly at the big right hander entering the parking lot, but you hold your ground and nurse the car into the best spot near the door of the super ahead of the exasperated Mr. Schumacher.

Can you imagine? I mean imagine the scenario as presented, rather than imagine the crap you’re gonna get from the wife and the guy at the rental car desk.

I’m pretty sure Michael will be cool with it.

But then, you better hide out for a bit, with or without the wife depending upon the amplitude of her ire. I’d try the island of Pantelleria, between Sicily and Tunisia. Nobody would come looking for you there, I’m sure.

Ragusa is a Town in Sicily, Not a Pasta Sauce

We’re planning a spring trip to Italy. Sicily is on the menu. Wife Martha insists on seeing Ragusa. Everyone she talks to says to go there. It’s in a UNESCO World Heritage Site valley. It’s one of those dramatically perched towns we don’t have in the US. It’s also near the Villa Romana del Casale, a luxurious Roman hunting villa with some of the best preserved mosaics in the world. We don’t have any of those, either.

There will be pictures, for sure.

Everything is Baroque around these parts it seems…or Roman. I go for the Roman, being a uomo vero, of course.

Ragusa Sicily Vacation RentalIn any case, I’m warming up to the idea of going to Ragusa. Did you know that you can stay right on a farm, in a cute farm building over there on the left called Herea, which is all gussied up for fussy tourists who wouldn’t think of harnessing the oxen and trudging off to work the fields. There’s satellite TV even. Farm workers in Sicily have come a long way.

And there’s a place in Ragusa that makes gelato outta Sicilian wines. Now that I can go for.

Have a look at Herea. And think of that ice cream. Perhaps you won’t want to tell your wife they make it out of wine. That’s ok, too.

Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples

One of the most interesting places in Sicily, for me at least, was the Valley of the Temples on Sicily’s southern coast. We took a hotel for a few nights in Agrigento, a place where you could take your cena outside on the terrace, where you looked up at the temples bathed in evenings final glow while eating your pasta with sardines. Later, the floodlights came on. Even when you planted yourself on the toilet in your room, the main temple was viewable through a carefully placed porthole. Sweet.

Author Luigi Pirandello’s birthplace is nearby, in Kaos. There’s inspiration in this place.

The Valley of the Temples is a rugged, yet hospitable landscape, The Temples sit on a dry, dusty plateau which invites you to sit and bath your throat with a white Sicilian wine as dry as dust.

Sicily vacation rental - AgrigentoSo I’m perusing the available houses to rent, and I come upon this restored railway keeper’s lodge. Stately, tall, blending in with the landscape. It doesn’t look all that big, but it’ll sleep more than 10 if you can find that many friends. They don’t all have to like the archaeology and asthetics of ancient temples, the sea is close–right down the “Scala dei Turchi” (Turkish steps) in fact–for which the house is named. The sea is but 200 meters away. Tell your friends. They’ll want to come. Scala dei Turchi waits for them.


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