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Sicily, Italy

Sicily Vacation RentalsSicily holiday villas encompass the region of Sicily shadowed by the awesome beauty of Mt. Etna.  The largest island of the Italian islands, Sicily vacation rentals have access to many different activities both in and out of the water.  Engulfed in the pink white blooms of the almond trees, travelers to vacation rentals in Sicily are treated to a natural display of swaying color that climbs up the hills to many landmarks.

With a history both spotted and colorful, vacation homes Sicily are surrounded with the remnants of hoards of invaders to the Italian coastline.  A short walk in any direction from your vacation rental in Sicily yields views of the remains of Greek temples and Norman churches.  Sicily vacation homes give you the ability to visit Norman castles with Roman ruins.  Not wanting to miss any piece of history available on the island, vacation rental homes Sicily provide the best sights for Byzantine domes.  Some many different invaders have tested the shores of Sicily without success that the island is literally surrounded by archeological significance at every step within the distance of your vacation rental Sicily.Sicily Home Rentals

What we love about Sicily:

  • Mt. Etna:  From the first moment, Mt. Etna stands as a majestic, natural beauty against the clear blue Sicilian sky.   Hardly able to remember the destructive power of this creation of Mother Nature due to the mixture of grandeur and historical significance, it brings quiet speculation of the region into full focus.
  • Tour of Castles:  Almost every province has a castle connected in various states of repair. From the regal, although in disrepair, Mussomeli Castle presenting a vivid understanding of a medieval architecture to the well preserved Pepoli Castle in Erice, a tour of castles throughout the region could easily become an obsession as well as a step back in history and occupation.
  • Temples and Churches:  After understanding the history of warfare and occupation of Sicily, an important sideline note for those interested are the plethora of ancient temples, like the Temple of Diana with an incredible view of the town, and the many medieval churches.  Almost dizzying from the mixture of ancient pagan practices and the medieval celebration of Christianity, the overall timeline of history completes the experience of Sicily.
  • Food!:  Without a doubt, to miss the delights of the foods and wines of Sicily is to miss Sicily!  As a culture steeped in the decadence of excellent food paired with fabulous wines, you wont want to miss a meal.

Sicily Vacation RentalsIf you are a history buff, then a vacation home in Sicily is the place for you to reconnect with a plethora of peoples each leaving a distinct mark upon the culture and the landscape. Each vacation holiday home in Sicily provides a unique glimpse into the way an island lived in its efforts to protect its mother country of Italy.  Whichever path you follow around the island from your Sicily vacation holiday home will lead you back with a better understanding of the mixture that is Sicily.

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