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Ditch the City and Head to South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Traveling to the Czech Republic should demand some attention away from the delightful city of Prague.  After all, Prague is certainly worth a visit but it is not the entire country. Exploring the fairy-tale like South Bohemia region with its many assets will have you gain insight as to what makes the Czech Republic tick.

South Bohemia is plentiful in historical sights with numerous castles and untouched nature.  The perfect way to enrich yourself in everything it offers is to choose one town and use it as your base to explore the rest; whether by car, on foot or on a bicycle.
 A vacation rental affords you the flexibility in discovering the entire South Bohemia region or just settling in for a quiet retreat type of vacation. Either way, you certainly will have numerous choices to rent including this 3 bedroom, Haus Fürst, that sleeps eight and is just 200 meters from a lake. Not only that, it is close to some of the best historical sights and terrain around.

One of the most beautiful towns nearby should not be missed and it is a pinnacle of the area.  Known as Cesky Krumlov, near the Austrian border, its fortress is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Certainly considered a cultural destination town; it can boast, besides its heritage site, an international art gallery, seven museums and four private galleries.

The city’s castle is the second largest in the Czech Republic with the fortress and castle complex built over six centuries. There are 40 buildings concentrated around five courtyards and well maintain gardens that demand a visit. The oldest structures are the winter riding hall and Baroque Castle Theater. This theater is one of most preserved halls in Europe.

With so much to investigate, if walking is not your thing, then you could always rent a Segway to transport you around the town.

Whether villages, heritage sites or nature; it is all in South Bohemia.

Whether villages, heritage sites or nature; it is all in South Bohemia.

Another dominant feature of South Bohemia is the amazing geography of rolling hills, rivers and forests. If you are yearning for the countryside, you are surrounded by the best Mother Nature could present anyone. Day trips can be easily arranged or head out on your own to one of the largest National Parks, Sumava National Park, within easy reach from most anywhere in South Bohemia.

As active the park is in the summer with visitors who love to trek and partake in summer activities; the park is simply as popular in the winter with a winter sports center that offers a number of ski runs and cross-country trails, cable-cars and a ski jump bridge.

Your options are limitless in South Bohemia with such activities as medieval festivals, a graphite mine, parachute jumping, beer tasting in the local brewery and historical wooden rafting along the Vltava River. There is no doubt the there is something that will appeal to everyone in your family and you can be assured to see more than the average visitor to the Czech Republic.


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