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Bake Your Bod in Miami Playa, Spain

Yes, you don’t have to go to Florida to go to Miami Beach, there’s one near Tarragona in Spain on the Costa Dorada.

Miami Playa, Spain - Miami BeachFull disclosure: I’m not a beach person. Still, you might be. But here’s the thing: you can go out and discover some old and scenic monasteries along The Cistercian Route. You don’t have to bake your bod all day.

And for those who like Roman ruins in towns with fine restaurants and some night life, there’s nearby Tarragona.

There are also miles and miles of beaches in Miami Playa. The area backs up to some mountains, so there’s a breeze on those hot, summer days–and mountains to escape to if you tire of the flat monotony of the beach.

When you’re brown as toast and you’re ready for a longer trip, everybody’s fave city awaits: Barcelona isn’t far away.

Did you know you can rent a place cheap that’s 100 meters away from the beach? Even I can walk that far with my rubber ducky and towel.

Meet me in Moraira, Spain

vacation rentals spain, rental homesFrom the spectacular rolling hills abreast of your holiday villa in Moraira, Spain, every vantage point of the landscape becomes a quest to enjoy the culture and history of Moraira, Spain.  With a variety of historical, religious, and cultural events throughout the year located around vacation holiday home in Moraira, Spain, anytime of the year is a wonderful escape from the regular tourist attractions.

Upon arrival, your perfect Moraira vacation rental home rises out of the hillside to welcome you with strains of majestic music flow through the restaurant beseeching visitors to take a siesta from exploring to indulge in a glass of sangria with authentic Spanish food of the region around your cottage accommodations local to Moraira, Spain. Vacation holiday homes Moraira are central to activities for those interested in leisurely strolls along quaint streets busting with old world charm for rarely found items to bring back to family.  However, if leaving your vacation rental home in Moraira requires a little more excitement in the agenda, then grab your tennis shoes and camera for a series of visits to local landmarks for breath taking views.

vacation rentals spain, rental homesAttractions near vacation homes Moraira, Spain:

  • Moraira Castle:  This rare example of architectural challenge is built in the shape of a horse shoe with sloped walls in the bend.  Built to protect the settlement during the late 18th century, the Moraira Castle boasts of a spectacular view of the coastline with access to the Platja de l`Ampolla beach for hours of swimming and sunbathing.
  • Church of Virgen de los Desamparados:  As 19th century church built from the remnants of the Moraira Castle, the Church of Virgen de los Despamparados is filled with amazing examples of stain glass murals.  This church, celebrating the patronage of La Virgen del Carmen, the Patron Saint of fishermen, is a unique flavor reflecting the culture of the region of Moraira, Spain.
  • Cap D`Or Lookout Tower:  This tower, over 35 feet in height and was only accessible through rope ladder, boasts the most phenomenal picturesque view of Moraira Spain and its surrounding area.  While there, don’t forget to visit the Iberian settlement from the 1st century AD.

vacation rentals spain, rental homesWhen you find your vacation rental home in Moraira, the activities are up to you.  No matter where you go around your vacation home Moraira, the best of the region opens up to welcome you into a timeless culture and history.

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Summer in Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca, Spain is one of my favorite places to go in the summer. Yes, it’s rather hot. But what I like is that after your (late) siesta you can wait for the searing, Spanish sun to set, then stroll over to the Plaza Major, sit down at a cafe and order something, anything–a drink, a plate of Jamon Iberico, some squid on a stick. Then you slowly sip and nibble as you watch the polished paving stones of the plaza start filling with people. Soon a band will come, and there will be glorious noise, then students will sit on the stones and play chess amidst the masses. It’s a togetherness thing.

For the best results (this is, after all, a university town with lots of night life) be sure you’ve rested well. This wild raucous togetherizing goes on all night. Food, music, conversation, noise.

salamanca vacation rentalYou won’t be able to handle it well if you’ve just come from France. You need to spend some time to get acclimated. Why not rent Casa de la Luz ? It’s an apartment 10 minutes away.

With a vacation rental apartment, you can sleep any time. You don’t have to worry about the maid barging in. You can make something to eat from the kitchen if Spain’s legendary late dinner time bothers you.

And go to the Salamanca public library. It’s decorated with conch shells, and is very, very cool inside and out–architecturally speaking I mean.

Friends of abstinence might wish to go during lent and leave before the Monday after Easter, the day Salmantinos call Lunes de Agua, when folks chow down on hornazo–a pie stuffed with local jamón and pork loin and chorizo–while awaiting the return of the prostitutes that have been led out of Salamanca in the charge of a priest given the title “El Padre Putas.” All this was started in the 16th century by Filippe II to ensure the villagers’ abstinence during lent. It worked…for a short time.

Fly Away to the Canary Islands, Spain

canary islands vacation rentalsThe incredible promise of Canary Islands, Spain vacation homes is the unique charm of the mixture of tourist attractions, great places to eat, quaint charm of fishing villages, and beach front rentals surrounding your cottage.  With the spicy flavor of the unbelievable ingrained with lovely beach house rentals and Canary Islands holiday homes, the eclectic atmosphere of many cultures and activities are perfect for the traveler wanting to be amused and entertained.  If you are seeking to kick your feet up and watch the sun melt into the ocean from the deck of beach houses, then you are in the right spot.  The hardest thing about visiting your Canary Islands vacation rental is the vast possibilities to do many things or do nothing as your heart desires.

As a beach vacation attraction, the pristine sand is a marvel considering the long forgotten volcanic activity of the area.  The warm, sunny climate is a natural friend to sunbathers and swimmers as each day the sun rises with a magnificence almost heralding a choir and sets with reluctance to leave another day of fun at your beach rentals.  For the explorers in your group, the Canary Islands, Spain are a smorgasbord of things to see and experience while away from your vacation homes in Canary Islands, Spainspain vacation rentals

Fun attractions around your vacation rental home in Canary Islands, Spain:

  • Timanfaya National Park:  This place marking the raw power of Mother Nature speaks to the long past eruptions of the volcanoes of the Canary Islands, Spain.  With the enormous sense of desolation and destruction of these volcanic eruptions, the beautiful and engaging sense of the Timanfaya National Park is startling to every visitor.
  • Parque Nacional Las Canadas del Teide:  As the home of Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain and an active volcano, Parque Nacional Las Canadas del Teide has spectacular views and wonderful history.
  • Piramides de Guimar:  For history and archeology buffs, Piramides de Guimar is the location of the 1991 archeological find of step pyramids in Spain.  Similar to the step pyramids in Peru and ancient Mesopotamia, Piramides de Guimar stands as an important turn in history.
  • Jameos del Agua:  Truly a site to behold just for the structure, the Jameos del Agua is amazing in the location…deep inside of a huge rock formation!  As the American equivalent of a small set of strip malls packed with great eateries and fabulous places to buy souvenirs, it is easy to loose track of the reality that you are really deep within the sheet of volcanic rock where the artist César Manrique first built his home and then a thriving mini-city.

spain vacation rental homesVacation holiday homes in Canary Islands, Spain is centrally located for easy access to the best attractions and fun of the area.  No matter what your interest or activities level, a beach cottage or a holiday villa nearer to the cities of the Canary Islands is waiting for your visit.  Steeped in history and the natural design of a creative hand, your Canary Islands holiday home will leave you looking for ways to extend your stay! 

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Magnificent Madrid

I first visited Madrid a year or so after Franco. It was cheap. The streets seemed deserted. The Prado, the world’s largest paintings museum, was a rather dark and dusty place.

But oh, the art! The exhibition that captured my fancy was about the symbolism in the court paintings of Spanish artists like Goya. It showed how Spain’s best painters made the sad, ignorant rulers look even worse (without, evidently, offending them) and added little touches to the pictures that told the careful observer what the painter really felt about the dingbats in office.

We ate in restaurants serving the most fantastic food I ever tasted in Europe. Elegance was cheap. The dollar was strong.

I remember fondly the “drunken chicken” happily doused in sherry and left to simmer for hours before becoming my dinner.

Across from us sat two prominent and elegantly dressed gentlemen richer than dirt who argued the whole time. Each time the waiter came over with his pad at the ready they shoved aside the menus and the first described a fantastic dish he wanted prepared especially for himself. Then the other had his go at describing an even more fantastic dish. As soon as the waiter turned to leave, the dynamic duo went at each other like dogs. They didn’t eat a thing, but did make the effort to order three extravagant courses before dessert.

When the waiter came to clear away the last of the final, uneaten food, man number one started to describe a fantastic dessert. It gets me hungry just thinking of it. Suddenly the waiter, the veins in his temples visibly throbbing, his cheeks warm with color, halted proceedings and lashed out at the dynamic duo. The food was valuable these lean days! There were people more deserving of it than them!

And thus, he announced, he would not be serving them desert. The two men looked at each other as if they had lost their dog and had no idea of where to look for it. As the waiter turned smartly to leave, I wanted to yell, “Bravo!” but stopped myself just in time. Who knew then what the political implications might have been?

Today, Madrid is a thriving city of people who have come to know the value of good food and good living. Madrid never sleeps. And these days you can get into the renovated Prado free in the evenings–from 6pm until 8pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 5pm until 8pm on Sundays. Thus you can go each night for a tapa-sized helping of art, so you don’t contract the dreaded Art Overload Disease.

And remember, because Madrid never sleeps it’s a great place to go when you’ve just gotten off the plane and your internal clock is all discombobulated anyway. You can party until the sun comes up. Or not.

Madrid vacation rental apartmentWhat you need, then, is a place to stay where you can sleep any time without suffering the embarrassment of having the maid waltz in to change the sheets while you’re sawing logs under them in the altogether. I suggest this charming city center apartment in Madrid.

You’ll have your own bed to sleep in when you want, without interruption. And you’ll have a washing machine to erase the evidence acquired from those long nights out on the town when you’re not in any shape to pay attention to the sherry dripping down your chin in a brown stream that drunkenly stripes the front of the white shirt you unfortunately chose to wear.

And for you women out there–this vacation rental has an independent shoe cupboard! You can go crazy shoe shopping in Madrid! (In the interest of journalistic gender neutrality I suppose I have to admit that men might also acquire an inordinate desire for obscene multiples of cow-based foot coverings for which there is no known treatment. I should know, my mother has this disease and is untreatable.)

Anyway, travel on. Shoeless or not.

Northern Spain – Cantabria and Asturias

Spain tends to be warm in the summer. Lots of people love to bask in the dry heat of the plains. I prefer the northern coast. It’s prehistoric painted cave country. Think Altimura, although there are other, smaller, and more easily visited caves as well. It’s lightly touristed, but one of my favorite Spanish places.

Vacation Rental in SpainSummer is the best time to visit. The weather is almost perfect, and the imperfections tend to be the best part. You see, on many summer afternoons, clouds move in to fill the sky, and the mystical light filtered through them (the one that calls for you to bring out your camera) flows over the verdant green of the countryside. Suddenly the sky darkens further and there is lightning. Soon you’re in the middle of one of those short thunderstorms the coast is noted for. The show is spectacular. If you were stuck in a hotel, perhaps you’d brave the weather and head for a cider house. But if you had rented a vacation house, you could choose your beverage of choice and sit on the veranda with it. The thunderstorms are nature’s best shows, and renting a warm and rustic house to enjoy it all from is the way to go. Maybe Casamaria in Cantabria will do.

Get yourself a loaf of peasant bread, slice up some of the local blue cheese called Cabrales, settle in with a glass of red wine and imagine yourself in Cantabria.

Of course, you can rent a vacation house anywhere in Spain. It’s all good.


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