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The Night is White Until Daybreak in Madrid, Spain

For the past two years, Madrid, observed the Uno Noche en Blanco (one night in white) and due its amazing success it looks it though it has become a yearly tradition.

This year’s occasion will be celebrated on September 13th and can be defined as “the greatest expression of public art that has ever been organised” according to city officials. The influence of this interactive, artistic and alternative event is based upon the last full moon prior to autumn. A similar version is celebrated in many other European cities. What makes this happening even more exciting in Madrid is its inhabitants spend more time outdoors naturally even without an event of this magnitude. The mellow evening temperatures do not hurt either to walk around the many exhibits.

The best way to know a city like Madrid; with your own place in the center of it all.

The best way to know a city like Madrid; with your own place in the center of it all.

The event of the year begins at 9PM until 7AM the following morning. That gives you hours to discover some of the 150 great cultural activities planned throughout the city. There can be an opera concert on one street, a modern art exhibit on the next and even an acrobatic performance in the park. It is all there for you to discover with many surprises throughout. Just remember to take a nap during the day of the 13th, so you can enjoy the 10 full hours of a once in a lifetime memory.

Obtain a vacation rental to hang your hat, get some sleep and place on your walking shoes for this wonderful night or any other time in Madrid. With a loft 2 bedroom apartment, you have all the comforts of home for less than the price of a hotel room.

Be thrilled to know and experience that this lively metropolis and capitol of Spain is anything but boring even without Uno Noche en Blanco. Between theatres offering touring Broadway shows, an Opera house, great monuments, a Royal Palace  and multitude of renowned museums consisting of art, archaeology and history, Madrid proposes something for all. While the museums contribute both worldwide permanent and visiting collections; a visit to the green oasis, Retiro Park, affords some quality time with nature adjacent to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Take some time to explore the stylish architectural fine points along the Grand Via. These details will convince you that Madrid is a grand city not to be missed.

Holiday home in Madrid.

More room than a hotel can offer for less in price.

There are plenty of fine cafes and restaurants in Madrid that cater to all kinds of tastes or head to the Mercado (market) and obtain the fresh goodies and whip up something in your holiday home like this 2 bedroom duplex loft.

When should you visit Madrid? This is a city that is contemporary and on the go with a vibrant feel that draws you to her; so the perfect time is anytime.

Living “Mi Vida Loca” in Barcelona, Spain

rental homes, vacation homes, barcelona spainWhile wandering through the streets of Barcelona Spain during your visit to your Barcelona vacation rental, if you hear the faint sounds of Spanish music combined with the slow welcoming smile of the people, then you are in the right place!


Attractions near vacation rental homes Barcelona, Spain:

  • Sagrada Familia:  An incredible temple close to your vacation home Barcelona, Spain, the Sagrada Familia started building in 1882 without finishing.  As a living example of neo-gothic architecture, Barcelona has watched the development of this symbolic temple.  With columns built on sculptures of turtles (symbolic of order in chaos in Chinese mythology), Sagrada Familia is a crossroads of religious and structural importance.
    Ramblas:  Now as a beautiful cobble lines street with shops and quaint cottages in Barcelona, the rental homes, vacation homes, barcelona spainRamblas was the home of convents and religious orders surrounding the waterway of the Ramblas riverbed.  Minus the water running through the center, the lovely cobblestone streets offer eateries and vacation rentals in Barcelona, Spain for the visitors that meander through the history.
  • Tibidabo:  A fabulous mixture of scenery, entertainment, and history, the Tibidabo is the worlds oldest amusement park.  With many rides from modern day theme parks mixed with the older amusement rides, the view from many of the rides is breathtaking, so have your camera ready!  You might even be able to see your vacation holiday home Barcelona, Spain.
  • Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia:  Not only because the Catedral stands as the alter to the patron saint of Barcelona, Eulàlia, this Cathedral started in the first century is a standing work of art.  New portions started throughout history, as late as the 16th century, the spectacular combination of artwork and architecture will inspire you with the Crucifix of the Christ Lepanto and the crypt of Santa Eulàlia will make leaving vacation holiday homes Barcelona Spain worth the trip.

rental homes, vacation homes, barcelona spainBarcelona Spain holiday homes offer the best of old world escape and new world experiences for the adventurous traveler.  If you leave Barcelona vacation rentals to seek some fun shopping along the cobblestone streets for souvenirs, taking in some of the culture around vacation  holiday homes in Barcelona Spain, or stopping for a moment to enjoy the local food of the region of your vacation rental in Barcelona Spain, Barcelona will steal your heart with the warmth and exploration of an ancient land.

Enjoy your quest for rest or play at your vacation holiday home in Barcelona, Spain by booking your vacation today with iStopOver.

Magnificent Madrid

I first visited Madrid a year or so after Franco. It was cheap. The streets seemed deserted. The Prado, the world’s largest paintings museum, was a rather dark and dusty place.

But oh, the art! The exhibition that captured my fancy was about the symbolism in the court paintings of Spanish artists like Goya. It showed how Spain’s best painters made the sad, ignorant rulers look even worse (without, evidently, offending them) and added little touches to the pictures that told the careful observer what the painter really felt about the dingbats in office.

We ate in restaurants serving the most fantastic food I ever tasted in Europe. Elegance was cheap. The dollar was strong.

I remember fondly the “drunken chicken” happily doused in sherry and left to simmer for hours before becoming my dinner.

Across from us sat two prominent and elegantly dressed gentlemen richer than dirt who argued the whole time. Each time the waiter came over with his pad at the ready they shoved aside the menus and the first described a fantastic dish he wanted prepared especially for himself. Then the other had his go at describing an even more fantastic dish. As soon as the waiter turned to leave, the dynamic duo went at each other like dogs. They didn’t eat a thing, but did make the effort to order three extravagant courses before dessert.

When the waiter came to clear away the last of the final, uneaten food, man number one started to describe a fantastic dessert. It gets me hungry just thinking of it. Suddenly the waiter, the veins in his temples visibly throbbing, his cheeks warm with color, halted proceedings and lashed out at the dynamic duo. The food was valuable these lean days! There were people more deserving of it than them!

And thus, he announced, he would not be serving them desert. The two men looked at each other as if they had lost their dog and had no idea of where to look for it. As the waiter turned smartly to leave, I wanted to yell, “Bravo!” but stopped myself just in time. Who knew then what the political implications might have been?

Today, Madrid is a thriving city of people who have come to know the value of good food and good living. Madrid never sleeps. And these days you can get into the renovated Prado free in the evenings–from 6pm until 8pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 5pm until 8pm on Sundays. Thus you can go each night for a tapa-sized helping of art, so you don’t contract the dreaded Art Overload Disease.

And remember, because Madrid never sleeps it’s a great place to go when you’ve just gotten off the plane and your internal clock is all discombobulated anyway. You can party until the sun comes up. Or not.

Madrid vacation rental apartmentWhat you need, then, is a place to stay where you can sleep any time without suffering the embarrassment of having the maid waltz in to change the sheets while you’re sawing logs under them in the altogether. I suggest this charming city center apartment in Madrid.

You’ll have your own bed to sleep in when you want, without interruption. And you’ll have a washing machine to erase the evidence acquired from those long nights out on the town when you’re not in any shape to pay attention to the sherry dripping down your chin in a brown stream that drunkenly stripes the front of the white shirt you unfortunately chose to wear.

And for you women out there–this vacation rental has an independent shoe cupboard! You can go crazy shoe shopping in Madrid! (In the interest of journalistic gender neutrality I suppose I have to admit that men might also acquire an inordinate desire for obscene multiples of cow-based foot coverings for which there is no known treatment. I should know, my mother has this disease and is untreatable.)

Anyway, travel on. Shoeless or not.


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