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The Postcard Beauty of Wembury, England

vacation homes, england, rental homes, vacation homesIn the beautiful peaceful English countryside spotted with quaint cottages whistling a tune of English symphonies through the hills surround in the holiday villas covered in English roses that so identify the experience of England.  With history and culture floating through the atmosphere of your Wembury England vacation holiday home, from the local English pub to British tea houses that make every step down the streets near your vacation rental home in Wembury, England an exciting experience.

Noted for the magnificent beach views from beach front rentals, the cliffs around the coast of Plymouth, enjoying the sunny coastal slopes of Wembury England, bring relaxation of a beach-like escape to many beach rental visitors each year.  Providing the best setting of a beach vacation mixed with a pint at the local pub to start your trip to your vacation rental in Wembury England.  Whether you are ready shop the historical village streets for souvenir or take a tour of a stately country home, Wembury England vacation holiday homes will give you the perfect base for your exploration of the area.

Attractions near vacation rental homes Wembury, England:

  • The Wembury Marine Centre:  This wonderful Marine Centre, noted for graceful exhibits about the rock pools native to the Wembury area, educations thousands of wanders to the silver coast lines dotted with wildlife experiences for the whole family.vacation homes, england, rental homes, vacation homes
  • Mewstone:  The Mewstone, available for tours from local boat services, is visible from the coastline of Wembury.  The alluring island barely off the coast of Wembury has a notorious history of housing smugglers and prisoners from every decade.
  • Barbican:  This incredible city of ancient English architecture of the 14th century stands proudly among the streets.  A representation of Tudor style waits for each visitor to discover as if it were new.
  • Saltram House:  This wonderful collection of artwork and ceramic pieces in celebration of Reynolds, the notable artist, lends flavor to a architectural accomplish of design of John Parker and structural details Robert Adams.

vacation homes, england, rental homes, vacation homesWhile staying at your Wembury England vacation rental homes, the accommodations of the region vary from the beach homes with spectacular views of the coast to vacation holiday homes in Wembury England, the best part your vacation is the many adventures that await!

Enjoy your quest for rest or play at your vacation holiday home in Wembury, England by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.

Viva French Rivera!

vacation homes, french rivera, rental homes, vacation homesFrom the notorious film festival at Cannes nears your French Rivera vacation rental to the warm sunny holiday villas, the shores of the French Rivera are calling to you with sun quenched vacation rentals in French Rivera and nights of dancing in tropical moonlight.  Whether reveling in the spectacular views surrounding your French Rivera vacation holiday home or enjoying the surf close to beach house rentals, get ready for to spice the beach vacation time of your life on the French Rivera!

Attractions near vacation rental homes French Rivera:

  • Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild:  This wonderful dwelling houses the collection of nine gardens and art collections of the Baroness Ephrussi de Rothschild.  Marveled by art lovers and botany appreciators alike, the gardens are covered by breath taking fountains, sculptures, and flowers domestic and exotic in nature.vacation homes, french rivera, rental homes, vacation homes
  • Old Town (Vieille Ville):  Dancing through the old world flavor of cobblestone streets with tile roof buildings, you almost expect to see a woman in 1900 dress skirt by to by vegetables at this open air market.  Whether searching for souvenirs to bring home or the best decorations of the region, Old Town is the best place to visit.
  • Pampelonne Beach:  A luxurious beach of white sands and sun glistening off of sparking water makes Pampelonne Beach a postcard vacation spot.  Noted as one of the top beach vacation destinations, Pampelonne Beach is an incredible location even for seasoned beach goers.
  • Iles de Lerins:  This literally translation of “two islands” comes with a short boat ride across the port from Cannes to this mixture of historical Fort Royal and a garden paradise covered in eucalyptus with pines.  A lovely stroll into a past garden haven set in tropical serenity.

vacation homes, french rivera, rental homes, vacation homesNo matter if you spend long days at beach house rentals getting a wonderful bronze tan or strolling along the marketplace near your French Rivera cottage, you can relax and absorb the one of a kind fiesta atmosphere about your French Rivera vacation home.  The beauty and style of French Rivera vacation holiday homes brings sparkle to your every second in your French Rivera vacation holiday home.

Enjoy your quest for rest or play at your vacation holiday home in French Rivera by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.

Time Traveling Through History of Provence, France

travel, provence, franceLocated at the virtual crossroads of historical and cultural thought and enjoyment surrounding Provence, France vacation rentals, the casual visitor has tons of exciting reasons to leave their vacation rental home in Provence, France.  While wondering down the shop lined streets around your Provence France vacation holiday home covered in cobblestones and buildings dating back to Roman times, adventurers step back into history mixed with the flavors of cultural significance bring a special spark of the feeling of traveling through time while at your Provence France vacation rental home

Attractions near vacation rental homes Provence, France:

  • Amphitheatre Les Arles:  This astounding Amphitheater seats over 25,000 during the summer bullfighting events.  Making the short trip from your vacation rental Provence France worth the effort is a historical site once a beautiful battling domain for warriors against raging bulls later turned into a fortress protecting the city of Provence, the ancient structure speaks volumes to all.
  • Les Alyscamps:  This ancient graveyard, built around Genesius, a Roman beheaded for refusing to pass a law forbidding Christianity, is noted for miracles.  A marvelous opportunity to visit a an infamous religious site of over 800 years where many requested burial for hundreds of years based on the belief that blessing occurred at this site, Les Alyscamps is a must do while at Provence France vacation rental, provence, france
  • Theatre Antique:  This Theater is the cultural representation of the Provence region.  Your vacation home in Provence is close enough to this Theater to see the phenomenal discovery of the Venus restored by Louis the XIV for its rightful place in the Louvre. 
  • Maison de la Sainte-Victoire:  Considered by many as the holy grail of Italian architecture, the trip to the Maison de la Sainte-Victoire from your vacation homes in Provence France is an experience in the grand structure of Italian Renaissance sculpture and artistry.
  • Ruins de Glanum:  With archways that date back to 20 BC and streets that held the armies of Ceasar, the Ruins of Glanum, close to vacation holiday homes Provence, France.  Your accommodations, close to the Ruins, make the trip to the oldest city to see and feel the deepest level of history a must.

travel, provence, franceNo matter what type of activity you pick to make the most of your stay at Provence France vacation holiday homes, every minute is sure to be a story that you recount over and over with picturesque descriptions and postcard worthy photos of your time at vacation rentals in Provence France.

Enjoy your quest for rest or play at your vacation holiday home in Provence, France by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.

Old World Charms of Nice, France

vacation rentals, nice france, rentals, rental homes

 From the sundrenched coast azure waters washing up on golden sand around the holiday villas and beach front rentals of Nice, France, paradise has found a new location on earth and it has a French accent.  With an atmosphere and climate resembling the palm lined coastal waters of Miami, a beach vacation in Nice France vacation homes has many other accommodations to entice the beach comer and the cultural seeker in every visitor.

The picturesque postcard setting of the vacation homes in Nice, France beacon to travelers to relax at beach homes to the waves dancing to the rhythm of French twang mixing with the splendor of fabulous dining and shopping experiences at every cobblestoned corner of your vacation rental home in Nice.

Attractions near vacation rental homes in Nice, France:

vacation rentals, nice france, rentals, rental homes

  • Cours Saleya Flower Market: The flower market is a bargain hunter’s haven bringing delight to those seeking fresh produce as well as antiques.  Enticing throngs of people to the market every day to claim such treasures including flowers and souvenirs, you will not go back to your vacation rental empty handed!
  • Matisse Museum:  Whether a fan of renowned artwork or the artwork of international famed artist from Nice, Henri Matisse, the expressive colors and swatches of life depicted on the canvasses of Matisse are representative of the very heartbeat of Nice.
  • Le Chateau:  Not to be missed, bring your camera and your hiking shoes to see the most panoramic view of Nice available from the ruins of this castle.  Sweeping skylines combined with the atmosphere will give you a view from the vantage point of angels.
  • Nice Archaeology and Roman Ruins:  The crossroads of archaeology of ancient ruins and history stand here for the visitors to Nice France.  Rich in Roman ruins and structures like bath houses and arenas, these ancient places transport visitors back in time.

vacation rentals, nice france, rentals, rental homes

No matter what even you pick to make your trip to your vacation rental home Nice France, you will surely come away with a beautiful bronzed tan if choosing beach rentals or a suitcase full of souvenirs collected in your strolls in the shopped lined streets around your Nice vacation holiday homes

Whether you start or end your European vacation in Nice, book your stay at your vacation holiday home in Nice, France today with Vacapedia.  Your vacation home in Nice is waiting for you.

Mixing It Up in Morocco

vacation rentals, morocco rental homes, africa rentalsWith a thriving culture echoed in the vacation rental homes in Morocco, every moment in your holiday villas will be a step into the succulent world of folklore and fantasy.  Whether wandering down the streets lined with Morocco vacation rental homes with incredible flavors of the local restaurants and the luxurious colors throughout vacation holiday homes in Morocco.

Attractions near vacation rental homes Morocco: vacation rentals, morocco rental homes, africa rentals

  • El Badi Palace: This beautiful 16th century palace near your Morocco vacation home is well worth the effort to see the Moroccan version of the Storks Club.  Is it a nightclub in an old palace?  Not quite.  What makes this a truly unique place to visit while at your vacation home in Morocco is that this 16th century palace is now the estuary to hundreds of storks who migrate there every year to build their home.
  • Koutoubia Mosque and Minaret:  This fabulous old world style mosque is noted for its view from every point in the city, including from the balcony of your vacation rental home Morocco, and legendary for awe inspiring brilliance in the night sky.  With many visitors choosing to pray or take pictures in this reverent place of worship, vacation homes in Morocco bring peace and serenity to a bustling vacation teeming with activity. 

vacation rentals, morocco rental homes, africa rentalsGet ready to see the best vacation rental home in Morocco.  Whether you’re seeking opulent accommodations fit for the king of Morocco or a quaint cottage mirroring the spicy flair of the region, Morocco vacation homes are calling your name! Indulge in your zest for life at your vacation holiday home in Morocco by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.

Exotic Tango in Tangier, Africa

vacation rentals, tangier rental homes, africa rentalsFrom the exotic flavors wafting through the air surrounding vacation rentals in Tangier, Africa to the beach rentals bathing in the warm surf, a visit to Tangier is an exciting adventure into another world.  Most commonly seen with the help of a seasoned guide trained to navigate the crowded streets and markets, most visitors to Tangier vacation rentals find a higher comfort level as well as a better experience in expressing their interests to a local guide for a safer, more effective tour during their stay at their vacation rental home Tangier.

Attractions near vacation rental homes in Tangier, Africa:

  • Tangier Casbah:  Get your shopping shoes on as you leave your vacation home in Tangier for the souvenir experience of a lifetime.  From each stand at the souk to the little side shops on the alley streets off of the main street, bargain hunters will proclaim this paradise for rugs, tapestries, pottery, and décor.  Each place better than the next for haggling over the prices of the perfect piece of pottery (haggling is expected and part of the fun!), your Tangier holiday home will soon fill with splendid treasures to keep or share as mementoes of your trip.
  • Hercules Cave (Grottes d’Hercules):  As a favorite destination for the mythology minded, the legend of Hercules vacation rentals, tangier rental homes, africa rentalslives strong in this caves as the “Washington Slept Here” version of folklore and legend.  Worth the slight travel from your vacation rental in Tangiers, the scenery is very beautiful and the opportunity to venture away from the city can be welcoming.
  • St. Andrews Church:  If architecture or religious journeys excite your sense of adventure, then a visit while at Tangier holiday homes to St. Andrews church, a religious center for Anglican worship in the area of Tangiers, will contrast the traditional architecture of Tangiers with notable Anglican architecture.  With land donated by Hassan l in 1880, St. Andrews church has lasted over 100 years in a primarily non-Christian setting.  Renowned for the burial of several semi-famous people, St. Andrews currently houses the remains of Emily Kean, the woman who introduced the concept of vaccination to Morocco. 

vacation rentals, tangier rental homes, africa rentalsAs the historical and cultural crossroads of many different societies, your stay in your Tangier holiday villa or beach house rental is sure to make for an exciting tour with a mixed opportunity to relax on a beach vacation, tour the city while at your luxurious Tangier vacation rental home, or simply enjoy the best restaurants in the area of your Tangier vacation holiday home

No matter which type of activity you pick to make your trip to Tangiers perfect, you can find the erotic spice of Tangier in your vacation holiday home in Tangier by booking your Tangiers vacation today with Vacapedia.

Wine and Dine in Napa Valley

napa valley, napa, vacation rentals, rental homesOnce welcomed by the rolling hills tempting all to partake of the best California grapes have to offer, vacation rental homes in Napa Valley California give family and friends the chance to bask in the warm California.

Attractions near vacation rental homes Napa Valley, California:

  • Winery / Vineyards:  No visit to the official wine country of the United States famous the world over for producing award winning wines.  From the beautiful rows of vines pull of pump grapes reaching toward the warm California sun to the taste bud tempting flavors of finely produced wines, the infamous wineries and vineyards of Napa Valley have made the region one of the most visited to Napa Valley vacation rental homes.napa valley, napa, vacation rentals, rental homes
  • Spas:  Mingling the luxurious relaxation of special treatments pampering from head to toe with the natural landscape of rolling hills of grape filled vines dancing in the breeze of the sunset, the spa rich community of Napa Valley is ready to cater to your every whim to make your vacation at holiday villas in Napa Valley, California.
  • Antiquing:  Finding the perfect accessories for every room in vacation holiday home is easy in Napa Valley, California due to the combination of traditional cultures of a western California community and a welcoming invitation to a rustic old world Italian vineyard.  With every sight and sound covered in the old world tradition mingled with the modern way to bottle wine, your cottage in Napa Valley California will showcase the style of Napa.
  • Adventures:  Whether you would like to balloon high above your Napa Valley California vacation home, bike your way through the vineyards surrounding vacation holiday homes in Napa Valley, or beach house rentals on the coast, fun awaits at for every spirit in the heart of wine country in vacation rental homes in Napa Valley California.
  • Restaurants:  The perfect compliment to any incredibly flavorful wine is gourmet foods sizzling with the flare of Napa.  Close to Napa vacation rentals, restaurants fill the areas with the opportunity for visitors to sample the finest foods and wines the world has to offer.

napa valley, napa, vacation rentals, rental homesIndulge in your vacation holiday home in Napa Valley, California by booking your vacation today with Vacapedia.


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