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Makov, Slovakia Gears up for the Winter Season

 It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter every where;  especially in Makov, Slovakia; and that means winter sports time! As the season progresses the winter peaks become tipped with snow early on. You will appreciate Makov, Slovakia. As a small village it is situated 1900 feet above sea level.

A vacation cottage is the perfect solution to enjoy the countryside.

A vacation cottage is the perfect solution to enjoy the countryside.

One of the best hidden secrets is that Makov, Slovakia, located just south of Poland,  is on its way to become a top notched ski designation. For those who wish to ski but may be intimidated by larger mountain regions, this is a perfect place to begin. Makov’s skiing aspirations as a world class winter wonderland makes perfect sense. Here you will find snow-white blankets gradually rolling down mountainous swells creating a playground for winter sports for the novice and more experienced skier alike.

The ski slopes adheres to easy and medium difficulty and there are several lifts available.  The overall length of the longest run is approximately one mile and is regularly treated.  Most of the slopes are located in the 2000 to 3000 feet range above sea level. The average ski season lasts for 90 days from December thru March, but with the completion of building artificial snow guns, the season may last longer; well into April.

Cross-country skiing paths follow the ridge of the surrounding hills in the heart of the Kysuce Nature Reserve. What better way to be introduced to the most popular winter sport than in the country side of Makov, Slovakia?

Makov and the entire Zilina region are destined to become the most important centers of winter and summer tourism in Slovakia. Located in a pleasant and quiet environment by residing in a modern vacation rental sleeping eight, everyone in your group can have the opportunity learn to ski. Or if you are planning  to visit during the summer, take a dip in your private swimming pool or nature walks through the great raw beauty right outside your cottage. With a vacation rental you will experience first hand the potential Makov offers along with  its wonderful people.

There are several restaurants and shops available in the small village of Makov. If you are seeking  for some historical and cultural quality time away from the slopes and countryside, you will not be disappointed.

The nearby city of Bytca is only just 15 miles away and will appease your wanderlust. Its abundant historic and cultural monuments make for a very attractive day trip. The town features a manor house from the 13th century. It was rebuilt as a Renaissance castle in the 16th century featuring four buildings.  It is one of the few Renaissance manor houses in Slovakia, free from any alterations and has kept its original appearance.

Countryside, skiing, a vacation rental are yours in Makov, Slovakia

Countryside, skiing, a vacation rental are yours in Makov, Slovakia

Another village, Cadca, offers a festival in the summer of spiritual songs. Known as Magnificat, you can find the festivities outside the 18th century Baroque St. Bartholomew church.

The surroundings of Makov appear as though they were made for Renaissance dreams, country living and fairy tales. Groups of young adults, singles, couples and families with children, who desire to experience the atmosphere of outdoor life, are discovering that Makov adds up to the beauty and tranquil surroundings. It is possible for hiking trips in the mountain ranges during most seasons. But do not write off winter, as you take advantage of the snow and learn to ski.

Understanding the Glaciers of Fjærland, Norway

Here’s the scoop. For a place to reflect on the positive side of the world around you, than a visit to Fjærland, Norway is in order.  Revel in the rich and awe inspiring scenery back dropped with the mountains and Fjords. This area has been molded by glaciers through succeeding ice ages during several million years.

Between the majestic  mountains and valleys beneath them, surrounding glacier waterways creates amazing fishing. The small villages that dot throughout the Sogndal municipality bear historical churches. However, one of the most interesting museums, Norsk Bremuseum, is located right in Fjærland.

What makes the Norsk Bremuseum or Norwegian Glacier Museum so unique, is it is museum with “hands on” activities based upon snow, ice and glaciers. Since you are visiting a glacier area, it is nice to appease your curiosity and learn everything you need to know about glaciers but did not want to appear uninformed about. 

Norwegian Glacier Museum  is complimented by the newly opened exhibit, ‘Our fragile climate –  experience past and future climates’.

Your vacation cottage overlooks scenery that you will never see back home.

Your vacation cottage overlooks scenery that you will never see back home.

Having a fully equipped vacation cottage that sleeps 4 right along the waterway is a convenient way to visit all that the museum offers.  Not only that, you have a place in which you can cook the catch of the day! It only makes sense to totally immerse yourself within the beauty of the area in a holiday home that the whole family will enjoy, especially with the Jostedalsbreen Glacier within your reach.

The base of Jostedalsbreen Glacier is where the Norwegian Glacier Museum is located in Fjærland. The museum can arrange glacier walks with experienced guides from the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association. You can observe first hand, real time data from weather stations on the glacier and by the glacier river.

The museum is affilated with scientists from the International Glaciological Society, who monitor the surrounding glaciers as a climate record. The ice cores are of special interest, as they contain information on past climates.

Back indoors, the exhibits at the Norwegian Glacier Museum, are based upon the history of natural changes in the climate. Introducing the birth of Earth five billion years ago, the displays are highlighted by largest mammal that ever lived in Norway; the mammoth, whose tusk on display is 30 000 years old.

Live, learn and explore Fjærland, Norway

Live, learn and explore Fjærland, Norway

The exhibit follows with man’s appearance and how his entrance influenced the climate. Only your imagination will be the limit as different scenarios are created for the years 2040 and 2100 with the upcoming challenges.

“We still have time to act to make changes that will secure the life of this planet. This is the only home we have!” as quoted by Sir David Attenborough, who ends this demonstration of the potential future.

Once you have been enlightened on glaciers and climates, head back to your vacation rental and appreciate what nature offers any time of the year in Fjærland, Norway.


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