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Amazing Sites of Salzburg, Austria

vacation rentals, Salzburg, austria home rentals, vacation rentals homesFrom the purest of air crackling crisply around the spires reaching into the air toward the mountainous peaks with cottages and holiday villas dotting the Austrian landscape, the vacation rentals in Salzburg, Austria are filled with the warmest charm of religion mixed with culture and history.  From breweries owned by monks to breath-taking scenery of mountain views second to none, the Salzburg vacation rental home you rent will provide you a surreal place to relax and rejuvenate in the center of paradise.

Attractions near vacation rental homes Salzburg, Austria:

  • Salzburg Fortress (Festung Hohensalzburg):  The home of the first castle built on the southern side of the Mönchsberg Mountain was merely a wooden structure made to garrison Imperial Roman troops during the early 10th century.  No far from you Salzburg vacation rental home, Salzburg Fortress is worth the trip for the surrounding scenery as the historical aspect of modernization during the Thirty Years war.
  • Augustiner Braustubl:  If you love beer, this is the beer garden for you.  A once in a lifetime experience to enjoy the beers of the regions around your Salzburg vacation holiday homes bringsvacation homes salzburg, vacation rentals, austria, rental homes the ambiance of old world charm as the best beer is served in stone mugs harkening back to the bygone days when the monks of 16th century Salzburg ran the brewery as part of their monastery. 
  • Mozart Residence (Mozart Wohnhaus):  Without objection, a visit to the Mozart residence is a necessity for any music lover.  Surrounded by the culture and atmosphere that inspired one of the great classical composers of all time, the opportunity to see Mozarts residence while at your vacation rental in Salzburg cannot be missed.
  • Mirabell Palace and Gardens:  Want a piece of film history?  Get out of the comfy chair in your vacation home in Salzburg Austria and take the short walk to Mirabell Palace and Gardens.  Now the home of government offices, Mirabell Palace is most know for its appearance in the movie “The Sound of Music.”  With lovely fountains and ornate gardens, this stroll through the magnificent splendor of the gardens and palace are a contained example of the beauty that Hallmarks Salzburg.

vacation rentals salzburg, rental homes, vacation rental homes, austriaAgainst the spectacular backdrop of mountainous views on every side climbing surrounded by awesome spires so notable in Salzburg, the ornate beauty of Austria is reflected in every turn throughout the city set on the panoramic view sweeping across the horizon as far as you can see.

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Shagging on Saint Simons Island, Georgia

saint simons island, georgia, vacation rentalsSaint Simon Islands famous native resident Ghost Crabs waving claws of friendly welcome greet you as you enter this paradise of natural beauty and beach reserve around Saint Simons Island beach homes.  The beach front rentals on Saint Simons Island are surrounded with the flavor and culture of a series of inter connected quaint Georgia island holiday villa retreats mixed with cozy beach vacation cottages sure to make your stay a success.

The slow country atmosphere of this lazy beach community draws tons of visitors every year to Saint Simons Island vacation holiday homes.  Wading in the water to dancing on the beach to reading a book in a lounge chair, the slow paced day around Saint Simons Island vacation rental home matches the Georgia appreciation of life.saint simons island, georgia, vacation rentals

Fun attractions around your vacation rental in Saint Simons Island, Georgia:

  • Shopping:  Put on your souvenirs clothes and bring a beach bag because it is time to hunt for things to take home!  Large scale items, like antiques and furniture are available to add beach flair to your decorum.  As well, all types of beach wear, t-shirts, and beach themed gifts are here!
  • Exploring:  Whether you pick your way along the beach line looking for shells or pretending to play pirates, your footsteps ultimately lead you to the well known landmark of the towering lighthouse on the coast is as much of the flavor of Saint Simons Island as the residents.
  • Dining:  No matter what type of seafood you are interested in finding, the fresh taste of the coast mingles with the seasoning of Georgia to add a zing to your taste buds.
  • Events:  From shagging contests to beach music and seafood festivals, Saint Simons Island is a great place to enjoy the best of the beach with the celebration of a culture.

saint simons island, georgia, vacation rentalsIf you are ready to play in the sand near your vacation home Saint Simons Island, Georgia, then your vacation home in Saint Simons Island Georgia will be a great family favorite.  Or, if trekking down walkways around your vacation rental Saint Simons Island in your sandals and shorts to the nearest restaurant filled with delectable seafood treats is more your speed to watch the sunset over the ocean to a background of conversation, shagging music, and crashing waves is your idea of fun, then your vacation holiday home in Saint Simons Island Georgia will become a slice of heaven.

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