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Take a Bath in Virgin Gorda!

Along the south coast of the enchanting Caribbean Island of Virgin Gorda, a unique personality is in full view to visitors, known as the Baths. It is now a part of the designated National Park, which contains an awesome natural phenomenon and introduces the Caribbean perfection at its best.

The Baths are actually named for huge black granite boulders that tumbled down from the hillside onto the shore and into the sea. Originally they are the remnants of volcanic activity; whereas, successive volcanic eruptions caused the boulders to break up into smaller pieces.  In time, erosion from the sea, wind and occasional storms carved them into the fanciful forms that will stimulate the imagination. Some of the boulders are as wide and tall as 40 feet.

A little slice of paradise is waiting for you in Virgin Gorda.

A vacation villa affords you independence.

A vacation villa affords you independence.

Although Virgin Gorda is an easy day trip by ferry from neighboring islands, you deserve a more intimate and leisurely visit in a fabulous vacation rental retreat. Spend at least a few days here and enjoy the Baths and beaches without the crowds when the day-trippers sail away.

And after your departure from the Baths National Park, relax in the Sugar Mill Villa; a wonderful and fully equiped two bedroom with vistas of tropical gardens set among the natural terrain and and added bonus of panoramic water views of Virgin Gorda and neighboring islands. You have all the amenities of a luxurious home and more; the views worth a million.

It’s so fantastic to climb around in the maze formed by these bizarre boulders; you won’t want to hurry along. The boulders have formed scenic grottos, tunnels and mysterious warm pools formulated an opening to the sea. A cave with a sand bottom pool is in one area and is probably the most photographed cave in the world!

With such imperial presence, take note not to leave that disposable underwater camera and snorkeling gear behind.

You may never wish to leave Virgin Gorda

You may never wish to leave Virgin Gorda

The Baths National Park has a sister park on the east end of Virgin Gorda.  Spring Bay National Park also has granite boulders jutting out of the sea. The difference between Spring Bay and The Baths is that there are more fine sand beaches and areas to lounge on and soak up the rays here.

The Crawl is the highlight in the bright Spring Bay.  It has its own reef and tropical fish in its pool making it perfect for the wee ones to participate in discovering the underwater environment with safe snorkeling.

Allow the beauty of Virgin Gorda and its charm seduces you. Your villa by way of a vacation rental alone will do that.


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